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Last Of The Great Pretenders Tour, or The Best Week Ever, part 1.

26 Dec
The formatting on this post keeps messing itself up, and won’t allow spaces between paragraphs. I apologize. It bugs me too. Now onto a belated blog. 
Oh man. Where do I even begin? I had a string of Matt Nathanson and Maroon 5 shows falling all within a week period of one another. I dubbed it to become “the best week ever”. It lived up to it’s name.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Show numero uno.

First up on the list was Matt playing at Ace of Spades in Sacramento.

A radio station put together a show benefiting Breast Cancer, and the show was only announced about three weeks before the date. Let’s say I was excited to start the party off sooner, and went ahead and treated myself to a “VIP” ticket. The VIP tickets were sold in limited quantities, and it allowed you to have early entry and get to attend sound check and a m&g before the show. It was only $20 more, but I contemplated it for awhile (awhile, as in, probably 15 minutes) before I said, “Ah, screw it!” and caved.

Early entry is awesome. I got there about 15 minutes or so before they told us to arrive via email. There was a 30 minute delay due to someone getting stuck in traffic *coughNathansoncough* but I won’t name names. 😉
It was hot while waiting. I got sunburned. But eventually we were let in and Matt played 3 songs and it all became worth it, because I realized “This is it. Tour is STARTING!” After the sound check we were all cattle called into a single file line to take pictures with Matt.
Of course, since there were many of us, the conversations were rushed. But since I was the only one who caved to the VIP ticket, I got to talk to Matt solo, while my other friends were still outside in the general admission line. (Or as one of the radio station guys said, “You’re so lucky! You get to take a solo picture! You can wrap your leg around him!” Yeah no, he’d freak if I attempted that…) I’m always greeted with open arms. “Are you ready to see my face A LOT the next few days?” I asked him.
“UM, YEAH. Shit. We’re going to have to change up the set list for you, aren’t we?”
“Ohhh…I want to hear All Been Said Before!”
“Ohhhh! That’s a good one.”
“Do it!”
“Oh, I will. Just tweet me, because I won’t remember.”
Remember this conversation. It has importance over the next week.
After we took photos, we were then made to go back outside to wait in line only to be let back in an less than an hour later. Dumb.20130926_165538
I saved a spot for Tara, so once the GA line was let in, she squeezed in up front with me.20130926_173131
There was no opener, so Matt came right out and got down to the rocking. I loved the shit out of this tour. So good.
After the show Tara and I met up with DawnL and Tracy for a bit to say hi, and then the two of us headed back to Tara’s place a few miles away to crash since the next day we were headed to Reno.
Tara went to work the next morning for a few hours, and I hung out at her place with her man friend until she was off. We made lunch, then we headed out on our way to Reno.
Every time I go to Reno it’s…interesting. This visit, there was some sort of motorcycle convention or something going on, and there were just people EVERYWHERE.
I had tweeted Matt a long the drive to not forget to play my song, and he replied back with, “Wait, tonight?!” so I don’t think he knew I was coming to Reno. As Tara and I waited in line, Matt and Shiben passed us, and he cutely went, “OH oh, hiiii.” and Shiben waved like an excited kid. I’m pretty sure that made me love them more.
We were let in, and Tara and I immediately got alcohol. I got some rough news while waiting in line, and I definitely needed a little buzz. Except they are HEAVY HANDED in Reno, and I might have been slightly, okay definitely, intoxicated before the show started. Which was awesome, because no offense but, Joshua Radin should not be Matt’s opener. Snooze-a-palooza.
Matt came out, and it was an even longer and awesome set than the night before. I can’t get enough of that man. So good.
After the show we ran into Shiben and chatted for a bit (“You’ve seen Matt Nathanson 94 times?!”) before heading back on the road to Sacramento to sleep.  I hung out with Tara the next morning for a bit, before driving back home…for only 16 hours. Oh, my life.
The following morning I woke up at 5am to head to the airport to catch a flight to San Diego. Except, that all went down the drain when the plane was SMOKING, and we all had to get off. I got impatient playing the “wait for multiple hours” game. I called my boyfriend who had dropped me off and had my car and the keys, took a taxi his way since he was at work, and picked up my car and drove the 7 hours. The fuck. Hasty decision.
The whole drive I went about 85mph. I think I shaved an hour off of the ETA. I was tired and delirious and had no food or coffee in my system by the time I arrived to San Diego around 5pm.
I met up with my best friend Nicole at House of Blues and immediately sat down to ate. Note for future reference: don’t eat cheese loaded entrees when you have a completely empty stomach. No bueno.
The waitress was taking FOREVER (and it wasn’t even busy) so I left Nicole inside to pay and I hopped into the forever long line. Matt walked by a few minutes later and said, “Hey! All Been Said Before or something tonight, right?” and I was so delirious that I think I just smiled. Haha. I mean, YES please.
Once let inside we actually weren’t far back. Second row center. But we are old and sat on the floor while we waited for the show to start. Then we suffered through Josh. Nicole actually played a game or two of Candy Crush during his set. Ha.
Before Matt came out, the setlist was taped onstage and All Been Said Before was on the list! And I was totally stoked the entire set leading up to it. And then the jerk skipped right over it. He gave me a “Omg, please don’t kill me I’m so sorry” look, but I’m pretty sure I still gave him the stink eye through the next two songs. Then I got over it. At least he attempted by putting it on the setlist.
Fabulous show, as always. As soon as it was over we booked it, because Nicole had to work at 6am the next morning and I had to leave at 4:30am. I know, what? Since I drove instead of flew, I had to leave when it was still pitch black out because I was working that evening. Great things about planes, they get you to places quickly. Sob.
So, I drove home, stopped off at my boyfriend’s place since I had an extra hour, zombie’d around while he took me to lunch, and then headed to work for 6 hours. Cry.
The things I do for you Nathanson…to be continued.

Ruling the most.

5 Dec

Woah, throw back Thursday! Here’s a blog that’s been waiting to be posted since July. Sorry. Hopefully Santa brings me a laptop for Christmas so I can get back into the swing of things!

A week and a half after Matt Nathanson had his CD release show, he played not one, but TWO sets at the fair in Paso Robles. Yes, this is the fair where I danced  and sang onstage with Train for the first time a few summers ago.

My lovely wife Beth came out from STL to celebrate her birthday and to visit. We had originally planned on her staying with me for a few days, but then I was lame and got myself a second job who only gave me one day off. Boo, second job, you whore.

So we made the best of it. The evening Beth arrived I worked a double. A big fat 12.5 hour double.  Then I drove 2 hours to Walnut Creek to DawnL and Tracy’s place, because they were nice enough to pick Beth up at the airport so she wasn’t left in San Francisco all alone. (Closing at a restaurant you never know when you’ll get out. For example, that night I left 45 minutes after I was scheduled to be off. Lame.)

By that time it was 2am-ish? We stayed awake chatting for another hour or so, and then I had a nap…aka I hardly slept that night and then woke extremely early. Ugh.

DawnL had gone to work early that morning, and the remaining 3 of us went to meet her during her lunch hour before Beth and I headed back to Monterey.

After highly caffeinating and feeding, we trekked it down home. Literally walked into my house, changed clothes, then headed back out the door to show Beth around and go to the Aquarium for a short time before it closed. *There would be photos of fish, jellyfish & penguins here if I wasn’t too lazy to upload. Google “Monterey Bay Aquarium” :p

After acting like a tourist in my own town, I made my boyfriend meet up with us, because come on. My “wife” has to meet the dude I’d been cheating on her with! 😉


We drove around some more to show Beth some other cool things (who “OOOHHHH the OCEAN!” every 5 minutes…) before going to dinner. I caffeinated myself again. If I looked exhausted to you here, it’s because I WAS.

2013-08-07 20.53.32
After dinner I dropped the boy off at home, and Beth and I headed back to try to get a somewhat long sleep.

The next morning I tweeted about it being my 90th show, and got the cutest reply back.

2013-12-05 13.06.59

I fucking adore you, Nathanson.  Stop.

Cheryl and Kim picked us up from my place, and we caffeinated once again before headed down the 101 to Paso Robles. I should rename my blog to “Coffee and Concerts”.

It. Was. HOT. 103 degrees of torture.

We walked around a bit. Ate gross fair food. Hid in shade. Watched Matt sound check. Then we toughed it out in the sun to watch Matt’s set.



I loved hearing the new songs for the first time. I loved sharing the moment with one of my favorite people.

After the show, we were on our way out to head home when I heard a bit of a commotion. I turned around and there was Matt, signing some stuff. Beth was talking to him and said something about me, to where he turned and got all excited when he saw my face and gave me a high five. (Sorry, wifey.)

“Happy 90th time you’ve seen me!” I joked.
“I KNOW. I got so excited when I saw that. At 95 let’s get cake.”
“95? Why not 100?”
“I don’t know…”

He’s weird.


We chatted for another short moment, and then it was time for us to leave. I contemplated a cinnamon roll I had been eying all day, then decided against it. I had CHEESECAKE for breakfast that morning. True story. Fat kid-ness at it’s finest, folks.

Then, I sadly had to give Beth up to her other friends who were taking her to the airport the following day, Cheryl, Kim & I drove back home, and I was thrown into a weekend of long, busy, waitressing. Sigh.

Driving down the 101, California here we come, right back where we started from.

24 Sep

Back to playing catch up on my crazy life. This picks up the end of March/early April:

7 states in a five week period of time. What is wrong with me?!

I don’t know how to stay home. Correction, I don’t know how to stay in California for that matter! But finally, after 5 weeks of planes, and buses, and vans, there was a string of shows in my own state. Good old California, how I missed you.

The first stop was Bakersfield. It was just a few days after getting home from Seattle, and I was still exhausted. I was playing the solo game for this show, but started chatting to the girl sitting next to me, Katie, who was at the show alone as well. We became fast friends, and talked for the whole hour before the show started and between sets. We’re both Kelly nerds, and Matt totally won her over. Hi, Katie!! 😀

During Kelly’s encore I headed out to talk to Matt, because I had a long drive, and had to be at work extra early the next morning. Gag.

Kelly was still playing when Matt came out. When it was my turn I walked up, singing. He was laughing and then happily was like, “HI!!!”

I told him Happy Birthday, (it was the day before) and then we got to the small chat. How are you’s? Good. We’re both tired. I told him I had a long day, I worked that morning, then drove to the show, and I was about to drive back.

He asked, “Where IS home?” and when I said Monterey, his eyes went huge. “MONTEREY? Monterey?! Oh man. We’re driving back to my house tonight, in San Francisco, and then I fly to Reno. Oh man. Now I feel bad. Monterey. You should just drive with us.” (Um, yes please?) I tell him if he can hook my car up to the back of his bus he has a deal. HA.

So then out of nowhere, I get a little sappy, and just say what on my mind. “Matt, I just want to thank you real quick. This tour has been amazing. And you know, not a lot of bands appreciate their fans, or what I do…the whole following thing…but I feel like you’ve been giving me, and my group, a lot of love in return.”

His eyes go wide.

“Well YEAH. You guys are bad ass!” He gives me a double high five, then locks his fingers with mine. We stand like this the remainder of our conversation. “You’re the most bad ass of them all. You just keep SHOWING UP PLACES.”

I laugh, tell him if it gets too much to tell me stop going. He gives me an EYE, and says, “I sang you Lifehouse.” HAHAHA. I guess that means STFU I love you?

By then Kelly is over, and I needed to get going, so we wrapped up. We go to take our picture, and Matt says, “Come over here and hold me.” Hence my “I’ll squeeze you to death” grip in this photo.

Before I leave, Matt asks “Am I seeing you in Anaheim?” I literally stand there for a few seconds because I can’t even think of where I’m currently at, or where I’m going next. “Yeah! Anaheim. LA. Oh and San Francisco!”

“SAN FRANCISCO IS GOING TO BE FUN!” he says with the most excited look on his face, and grabs my hands again. He’s so adorable at times. Scratch that. All the time.

“LA is going to be so fun, I have a fucking front row ticket, and I’m just going to…”
“Get ready to beat down some Kelly fans!” he interjects. (What?)

Then I guess we said goodbye. I was exhausted at this point. The drive home was a blur of loud music, a energy drink & birthday cake Oreo’s.

I had a few days off (re: 2) to sleep in and go to work like a normal person. Then, it was back on the road for a few days. I made California my bitch. From Bakersfield to LA to San Francisco to Anaheim to Indio, I was all over the place in a short period of time.

The morning of the LA show, I drove down early to Redondo Beach. I was staying with my friends Steve and Charity that night, who were also going to the show. Steve took me out to lunch while we waited for Charity to get off of work, and then we headed to the Nokia Live.

Oh hey, everyone behind me. Oh my god. My seat was so so close. I had somehow scored a front row ticket during the pre-sale and I think I about peed myself for 3 straight hours.

I was the only person standing during Matt, and that probably wasn’t even necessary because the stage came to about my hips and I could see perfectly fine. But who sits during their favorite bands?! Not I! The guy next to me was obviously gay, and asked me after his set, “Oh honey, you like that guy? He just does nothing for me.” (HAHAHA. Love it.)

Matt gave me his typical, “Oh hey, there you are.” grins while playing. Then it was Kelly time. Oh em gee. Ms. Clarkson up close. There were points where I could literally extend my arm out and I’d hit her. But I’m not one of those “touchy” people, so I kept my hands to myself.

Seeing as the show was in Los Angeles, we got blessed with a 2 hour long set and lots of special guests! Out came Tamara Grey, Michelle Branch, Blake Shelton & Reba to sing duets with Kelly. Holy shizballs.

I jumped up and down. I sang my heart out. Then I met back up with Steve and Charity and I gushed about how I jumped and sang. Then we made a late night In N Out run before crashing.

The next morning I woke up, got my stuff together and jumped in my car to drive to San Francisco. 6 hour drives by yourself are long and sad. I finally arrived to the city and grabbed a much needed cup of coffee, and then met up with my friends in line.

Once inside we defrosted and I ate a GIANT Fillmore apple. I should have taken a picture of it. It was a meal in itself.

Seeing Rachel and Craig in my own state for once made me happy. Both of their faces lit up when they saw me, and that made me even more happy. I adore them.

Matt gave me lots of love during the show. When he was playing Amazing Again, he gave me the “hmmm, whatcha think about that?” face where he had been adding in Lifehouse, then gave me a smirk and shook his head and sang a bit of something else. Jerk.

Someone yelled, “Welcome home Matt” and Matt thanked him. He then added, “We were supposed to be in San Jose last week with Kelly…I know some of you bought tickets to that, sorry…” and then quickly guiltily glanced at me. HA.

(I had bought a 6th row ticket for the show. I was excited. Then Matt got the offer to perform on Dancing With The Stars with Sugarland, so he had to cancel. I playfully gave him shit for it, he apologized, then I sold my ticket for $98 and I was happy as well.)

After the show, I was standing around chatting with some friends, when Craig appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards me. “HEEEY!” he said, high fiving me. We then got into a lengthy conversation about a ton of random things. He flew in that morning at 4:30am from NY, and he had played a show the night prior and got home at 3:30am. He said he felt like he was on crack, and if I could tell that him and Rachel were really giddy and sleep deprived onstage. I joked about how that’s the way I had been feeling the past few weeks of my life.

When I introduced my people to him, and they were all like, “What the hell, does everyone know you?” Hmmm…yes. I was going to say hi to Rachel but she had a line of people wanting to talk to her, and it was 11:30 and I had to drive 2 hours home. And then work at 9am the next morning. Ouch. I ended up only getting 5 hours of sleep and dragging my feet through the 8 hour day at work.

My friend Tara arrived the last hour I was working, and walked around downtown until I got off. We met up with a mutual friend for dinner and then headed home to try to sleep early. We had a extremely early morning, as we were headed down to Anaheim for the last show on the All Night Noise tour leg.

The next morning we woke early, and headed the 6.5 hour trek to Anaheim.

When we finally arrived, we met up with Lisa and a old friend of Tara’s for lunch. After lunch we wandered around Downtown Disney, and I heavily caffeinated myself (as always.)

A few more of my awesome people met up with us, and we were loud and obnoxious and laughed a lot in line.

Since it was the last show of the tour, Matt and crew messed around with Rachel while she opened. They kept turning her keyboard off and on. I felt so bad. She kept laughing and looked at me like HELP! Poor girl. Shiben came out to play bass on the last song, and Andy Grammer came out soon after to have a rap battle with Rachel. It was bomb!

I was sad that it was the last show. To make it worse, before Matt introduced the band during his set, he talked about how he’s never felt so bummed to be going home. Usually he looks forward to getting back to San Francisco, but he’s never been more sad to leave a group of people behind. He said it was like high school on a bus. How he hoped that when he tours again for the next record, he hoped they could all regroup and play together again.

Break my heart! That’s also when I realized I couldn’t go home yet. I knew I had to go to Indio the next day, where he was opening for Kelly Clarkson somehow, despite the fact it was sold out.

After the show I talked to Rachel and Craig for a bit. Rachel is the cutest thing on the planet, plus she hugs people more than I do, which is ridiculous, because I’m all about hugs. “HIIII busy girl!” she exclaimed when I saw her. Too cute.

Lisa and I reunited with an old friend we met when Matt opened for Lifehouse back in 2008. We chatted it up, and didn’t leave until security literally yelled at us for the third time.

Tara and I stayed at her aunt’s house that night, and as we got ready for bed, we schemed ways to get into the show the next night.

In the morning, we woke up and called the box office to see if they were going to release more tickets. They didn’t have any at the moment, but we got wait listed in case some were. In other words, we were shit out of luck. We then checked StubHub, ticket brokers, Craigslist. Everywhere was sold out. We. Were. Screwed.We decide to say fuck it and to just take our chances and go. We were talking to Tara’s aunt, and Tara was telling her how the band knows me and pretty much loves me, and she was like, “Why don’t you just ask them for tickets?” I explained how I’ve never asked for ANYTHING because that’s not my style. I’ll never ask. Ever. But then I did. Sorta. No. Yes?I sent a DM to James, asking to let us know if he heard of any tickets being released, because we were in search of some, and I was trying to not make tour end. Ha. I got a message a few hours later saying he knew how important it is to avoid reality (ha) , and he’d see if he could do anything. I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it at all, so we stopped to caffeinate, and stop at the bank to get money in case we ran into scalpers outside the venue.We headed to Indio, which is a little less than a two hour drive from Tara’s aunts place. At this point we had the mindset of if we didn’t find tickets, we had a bunch of cash and we’d just get some drinks and gamble, since the show was at a casino. We’d make it fun no matter what.

Then the unthinkable happened and I got another message asking if I still needed a ticket. I replied yes, and soon after I get a reply that my name +1 would be at will call. James Farrell, you are my hero! Or I think I replied that I loved him and thanked him over and over, to be correct. Haha. Sorry.

“What’s a show without you?” was another reply. OK fine. I’m spoiled and its possible they do love me. He joked around that I owed him a drink, and I told him that we’d BOTH buy him drinks, and to just find us before the show starts.

When we got to the venue, it was like Christmas when Will Call handed over the envelope with the tickets.
I had to control myself from not ripping it open to see where the seats were. Row 7? I’ll take it!
There was a bar outside of the venue, and it was 75 degrees, so we grabbed a drink and were hanging out on a little grassy hill nearby. James came out and as promised, we bought him a drink.

He probably graced us with his presence for a good 45 minutes or so, before he had to go do his job and get ready to rock. He is a good dude. I enjoy his company.

The doors were opened at this point, so we headed in, got another drink, and found our seats.

During Matt’s set, we were of course the only 2 standing. The crowd was really lame the entire show really, and hardly even anyone stood during Kelly’s set as well. Boo, Indio, boo.

Some asshat yelled at Matt, “Where’s Kelly? Bring her out!” and Matt just FLIPPED. He literally walked to the end of the stage and said, ‘Who said that? You? You’re going to be a douche bag? What the fuck do you do for a living? You’re bald. You’re probably 60. You should know better. Do I come into your work place and heckle you?” and at this point I’m basically drunk off my ass and I’m grabbing Tara like HOLY HELL WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Lets just say….the next few songs were played with extra angst. Poor Matt. I fully support your bad temper in this situation. Haha.

Sometime during Matt’s set I guess I had set my phone on the floor. And I guess someone stepped on it. And I guess its 5 months later and I’m still too cheap to buy a new phone, because that crack is still there. Drunkness at its finest, folks.

During Kelly’s set, I sang extra loud thanks to the cocktails, and I had a serious lack of voice for 2 days after. It happens every Kelly tour. I’ll never learn.

After the set, as we’re walking out, and I see James and Konrad walking right past us. I stop to say hi, and then I realize I haven’t talked to Konrad in eons. I say something to Konrad like, “I haven’t talked to you this whole tour. I don’t think I’ve talked to you in like 3 years! What the fuck have you been up to?” Oh dear do not drink.

I’m saying ridiculous things that I can’t control. I asked what happened with the dude in the crowd. James asks what happened to my phone. We talk about Kelly. I’m pretty sure I imitate how I dance during her sets. Alcohol, nooo.

Konrad leaves soon after. He kept laughing at me because I know he could tell I was drunk. James chats for a little while longer and then has to go. I hug him goodbye, and then we’re off to shove pizza and coffee in our drunk faces and walk around to sober up.

An hour or so later we’re ready to drive back to Tara’s aunt’s, and it felt like the longest 2 hours of life. We were so exhausted! I think we finally went to sleep at 3am, and woke up at 8am to drive the 6 hours home. I had a perma-grin on my face the entire drive back. It’s amazing how happy these people and their music makes me. It’s a feeling I hope never dims.

Beauty’s Running Wild.

24 Feb
The date is February 24th, and I’ve only gone to two shows this calendar year. But don’t worry. By the time you’re reading this, I will either be on a plane headed towards Chicago, or already beginning a Matt Nathanson weekend, followed by The Rock Boat.I. Am. So. Stoked.

Both of my 2012 adventures so far have been shows of the ever so wonderful Scars on 45.
If you don’t remember who Scars are, they are the lil British band that opened for Matt Nathanson on his last tour that I fell head over heels in lusty love with. Accents? Amazing music? Done deal.They were also the band I shared a flight with on the way home from Nashville. So, you know, we go way back. Multiple states. Thousands of miles up in the air. Yeah.
The first show was on January 25. This happened to be Scars’ first headlining tour, and San Francisco was their first stop! So proud to have been a part of that, and to say I was there.
I met up with Dawn L, Tara & Megan at one of my all time favorite venues in the city, Cafe du Nord. I have seen multiple artists perform here. Its small, and intimate, and a perfect little nook for music lovers like myself.
Seeing as I had only seen Scars play as an opener, it was quite amazing hearing a full set. Some songs I had never heard live yet were played (including some songs that they played live for the first time ever!). At one point several songs into the set, Danny said, “Ok. I think its time to introduce everyone. So, what’s your name?” and points at Tara jokingly. “Tara. Nice to meet you.” he looks at me. “I know your name, we’ve seen you before.” HAHAHA. I literally hid behind my hands. Sometimes being called out is embarrassing. And that wasn’t even the only calling out I got that night!
The morning of the show, I had requested a song that I absolutely adore (Change My Needs) to be played via Twitter. Nova had said something to the likes of, “So, someone requested this on Twitter today…” and I was right up-front (duh) so I raised my hand and he exclaimed “I KNEW IT WAS YOU!” “Of course it was Joslyn!” Aimee replied back to him. Oh, god. They all know me, and by name apparently, and I’m right up front…I just set myself up for these things to happen, don’t I?
After the show, we hung around for a bit to say hello to everyone. Aimee joked around saying, “Well, hello. I’m not sick of seeing YOUR face! I’m kidding!” Cute.
Both Stu & Christopher both gave me the “How do I know you…?” looks when I said, “Hey! Nice seeing you again!” but as soon as I said, “Matt Nathanson. Ton of shows. Same flight from Nashville?” they both went “OH MY GOD, you! I knew you looked familiar!” Haha.
Stu and I had a really long conversation about all things Northern California. Seems the band had 10 days off in San Francisco a few months back, and they had ventured down to my city and he was telling me how beautiful it was and how lucky I was to live here. Truth. He also told me about how Aimee had gotten my tweet and basically told everyone an hour and a half before sound check that they were playing Change My Needs, thus causing him to freak out. It was such short notice, and they hadn’t played it in a long time, so it hardly gave him time to practice or prepare. Whoops?
Christopher was hilarious. This is pretty much how our conversation went, once he realized who I was. “OK. So this is going to sound creepy, and I’m not creepy, but I remember exactly what you were wearing at our last gig.” “Oh, you do?” “Yes. Green.” “Um. I was wearing black, actually…” then I sort of poked fun of him and asked what him what color my pants were (red) to which he replied, “Nice purple trousers.” Oh little Charlie Bucket…
We ran in Nova around this time, and Chris said, “Do you remember her?” and Nova was like, “Yes! She went to 4 Matt shows, and we were only the same Southwest flight from Nashville to San Francisco!” (Good memory, despite the fact that I went to SEVEN Matt shows…) Nova was astonished by the fact that I’m “always in the front row! And you know the words to all our songs!”
When I finally found Danny he exclaimed, “THERE you are!” and I swooned a little, because well let’s face it: I secretly have a crush on him. It began when he came to talk to me during our layover in Denver, and he gave me this little shoulder squeeze…it’s like he squeezed the crush into me?! I don’t even remember what we talked about really, besides him exclaiming, “YOU’RE A LIBRARIAN!” after he asked where I worked. Haha…
After chatting it up, I dropped Megan off at home and proceeded to get home at 3 am. Not so good, considering I had to be at work 5 hours later. Ouch. But, lack of sleep will always be worth an amazing show!

The second show of the year was just this past Monday. Luckily it was a holiday (‘sup, President’s Day!), so I had the day off to venture to Oakland to see the show.

The typical crew met up with me at The Fox Theater: Dawn L, Tara, Tracy & Megan.

It was a frenzy of people when doors opened to get to the front row, but as always, we were right up front. We actually only stayed in the front for Scars, then headed to the back to watch The Fray. While I like The Fray, I didn’t want to stay up front and take an actual fans’ spot, you know? I’m nice like that.

The set was about 40 minutes long. I had been spoiled with the headlining show last month, so it seemed much too short this time around. I’m pretty sure our little group was the only one singing. We represented well, though. Almost instantly I was spotted by the band, and I’ll always have the instinct to hide once I’m gawked at, or pointed out from onstage. Ha…

After our loves played, we rocked it in the back to The Fray. Some of the Scars kids came up to say hello, and after the show was over we headed out to the lobby to say I proper hi and not yell over loud music.

Typical shenanigans, happened.

Nova was his normal entertainingly hilarious self. He told Chris’ girlfriend we were “special fans, record them!” & we ended up being recorded on the spot for their tour diaries they put up on youtube. Pretty sure we all stood there like deer in the headlights going, “Uh…yay Scars on 45?!” I will not be sharing that video if it makes the light of day

Chris yelled “GREEN!” at me when I said hello (hahaha). Danny is still amazed I keep driving to shows. “How far did you drive for this show? 2 hours? I wouldn’t drive 2 hours to see us…you don’t work tomorrow morning, do you?!”

Aimee was talking about how she doesn’t understand sometime why people keep coming to see them. She’s totally appreciative, but I’d get where she’s coming from too, if I was in a band. She gave me this extra long hug, and I decided we are going to be home girls. Love that little lady!

After we said our goodbyes, the group parted way, and I was home late, let again. I’m good at going to bed at 2am. Its the 6:45am wake up call that hurts…speaking of, my flight today left at 5:35am. AH. Early bird, I am not.

What happens in Vegas…

1 Oct

…stays in Vegas.

So, end of blog.

KIDDING. I’m not one of those crazy girls gone wild types. Even though I did tackle Heather on the bed. And consumed almost an entire bottle of chocolate wine to myself. And wore a short skirt…

After arriving in Vegas after out horrendous drive through the night, Heather, Sahra and I were luckily checked into our hotel room 5 hours early. (Thank you, Palms!!!) I took what I thought seemed to be the best shower of my life, due to the fact that it was hot, and I was disgustingly gross from the drive. Life on tour isn’t all glamorous, kids!

We met up with Joy, Morgan & Kim awhile later, who were all sharing the room with us. Party at the Palms, what!

We all split to do our separate lunch things, then met up later and started getting pretty for the evening. I may or may not have started drinking at 3:30pm. The bottle of wine may have been empty by 5…

After prepping, we headed down to the lobby to get in line because it was a general admission show, and I live by the “front row or no row” motto, and I was determined to fulfill it that evening. Success.

The show was being filmed (in 3-D!) for MTV, so there were HUGE cameras everywhere. It was a bit of a trip to watch it being taped. Or having the camera shoved in my face as well. Like, EXTREMELY CLOSE. I swear the dude was going to poke my eye out with his lens a few times. Hopefully I look good in 3-D? 😉

When Matt started his set it was bittersweet. The last show of tour is always sad. I never wanted him to end, but alas, it had to happen. Heather says we “eye sexed” half his set, ha! I blame this on the fact that I told him I’d be drunk (semi-joking…) and I think he was just trying to figure out if I really was or not! Or he just loves me and he’ll miss seeing my face every night. Yeah. Lets go with the latter 😉


After Matt, Maroon 5 played. I’m pretty sure once they got to “She Will Be Loved” Heather and I were about to cry, so I grabbed her and we had a hug/sway fest during the entire song. Pretty sure the camera men loved us during that song. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or not…oh wait: not.

Sadly, the show eventually ended. We waited in line to say goodbye to Matt, and I’m pretty sure I pouted once I walked up to him.

“Its over Matt! My dream tour is over!”

“It’s not over, its just beginning. I made this happen, just for you!”

We chatted for a moment, said our “See you in October!” and then were on a mission for food.

Have you ever had cheese fries from Nathan’s? OMG. I hadn’t. I wish there was a Nathan’s near me. It’s probably good that there is not, because those were the best damn fries I’ve ever had.

After food we were off to use our $20 credit towards drinks & gambling we had from booking our room through Groupon. Sweet. Thanks, Groupon!

I hit a wall around 1:30am, and had to go to sleep.

The next morning we had 2 free buffets as well (Free $18.95 buffet? Hells yes!) So I ate as much as humanly possible so I wouldn’t be hungry on the 10 hour drive that loomed ahead of me & Joy.

After saying our sad goodbyes to Heather, we were off. The drive way long, and hot, and miserable, but somehow I got through it. I promptly showered and crawled into bed as soon as I walked through my apartment door.

This tour was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. I had SO MUCH FUN. Not just because my two favorites of all time were touring together, but because of everyone who I hung out with as well. I know some amazing ladies, and I am thankful that these bands have brought us together! I love all of you. Thanks for the memories! Until the next tour! 🙂