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The Top 5 Albums of 2013 you really should have been listening to.

30 Dec

Welcome to my third annual Top 5 albums of the year post! Third. Hot damn this blog is getting old.

I’m gonna get right to it. Here we go!

5.  Paramore – Paramore


I should listen to my own advice and have had listened to this album more throughout the year. When this album was first released, I didn’t attach myself to it. It was so different from the last Paramore albums, which threw me off a bit. I was used to pop rock, this was so much more POP.

Then I saw Paramore perform on The Voice a few weeks ago, and it made me take another listen. And now I can’t stop listening to it. So, boo, I missed out on months of great tracks. Don’t make my mistake. Go listen now.

Personal favorite tracks: Hate To See Your Heart Break, Still Into You, Interlude: Moving On, Anklebiters

Kelly Red
4. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red

I don’t care that I added a Christmas album to the list. Nope. Plus, it came out at the end of October, so you had plenty of time to fa la la along to it.

I love this album because not only does Kelly sing some of the holiday classics, but she covers other songs that aren’t necessarily considered “Christmas”. Add in a few original tracks, and you have an album I want to listen to year round. I just might.

Personal favorite tracks:  Just for Now, 4 Karats, Underneath the Tree

Hanson Anthem
3. Hanson – Anthem

Hanson has the ability to always make me feel 12 years old. They were my first favorite band, and my walls were PLASTERED with Taylor’s face back in middle school. I had major love for the band then, and I still have major love for them now.The night this album came out, I was laying in bed with my ipod, earbuds in, and just bed danced. Wait, that sounds dirty. I danced while laying down. Better? Uh, moving along…

I. Love. This. Album. All of it. Completely.

Hanson apparently wondered if they should continue as a band and release this album. No pulling a Jo Bros and breaking up on me, dudes. I am glad they recorded this album, because it has some songs on it that definitely raised to the top my favorite Hanson songs list. I’m super upset that they decided to skip over Northern California this year on their tour, because if I dance around my room to these jams, I’m sure I’d dance around a venue even more.

Personal favorite tracks: Save Me From Myself, Fired Up, Lost Without Youparachute overnight2. Parachute – Overnight

Oh, Parachute. I just want to hug you.

Considering these are my boys, I counted down the days until this album was released. And then I was a bit…surprised. It takes a different approach from their first albums, and it took me a moment to adjust.

It’s interesting. It’s a much more pop/radio friendly album, vs. a softer rock the past two were headed in. I felt like the first two albums complimented each other in telling a story, and this album was told in a different perspective.

I get it. Record labels want hits. They want fun. I like fun. There were definitely songs I fell in instant love with and put on reapeat for days, and some I just went “eh” about. After I saw these songs performed live, I continually played the entire album for weeks because I couldn’t get any of them out of my head. So maybe it is different, but Parachute made it a point to make an album that stays with you.

Personal favorite tracks: Drive You Home, Hurricane, Disappear, Overnight


1. Matt Nathanson – Last of the Great Pretenders

Well, duh.If you’re surprised at all then you don’t know me. You knew this was coming. I remember the first listen; freaking out over the greatness of certain lines of lyrics. By the second and third listen, I was hooked. It’s rarely left my car stereo since it came out in July, and if it does, I default back to it within a few days. (Kelly’s Christmas album just left me stereo, and guess what went back in? Ding, ding, ding…)

Matt has the ability to just…be brilliant. And then he executes that brilliance even more by performing the songs live. I can talk about it longer, but my boyfriend once told me I talk about Matt too much (he also said he has to “share me” with Matt, ha! But then I kinda proved him correct, as I ditched my boyfriend at a Matt show for a half hour a few weeks ago when someone gave me their extra Matt m&g so…) so I’ll stop now while I’m ahead.
Love, love, love, love, LOVE.

Personal favorite tracks: Heart Starts, Earthquake Weather, Annie’s Always Waiting, Kill the Lights, Farewell December


That time I got pulled onstage and danced with Parachute.

9 Dec
So we all know I have a crush on Parachute. I adore those kids, and have loved watching them grow as a band over the years.It had been almost a year and a half since the last time I had seen them (!!!), and I was in a desperate need to get a fix. I made sure to buy a ticket to their San Francisco show the day it went on sale. And then I (im)patiently waited until show day.

My friend Kelly was going to the show as well, and she is halfway along the drive to SF, so we decided to carpool it into the city together. We also both decided to also purchased the “VIP” upgrade, which allowed early entry, a performance of an acoustic song by the band, and a meet and greet.

When the band walked out, Nate saw me almost instantly and came over and grabbed my hand as they walked by. Which was basically like grabbing an icicle, because it was freezing outside that day. Sorry, Nate.

They performed “Overnight” acoustic, and then we were allowed to say hi and take pictures with the band.

When I walked up to them, I jokingly said, “You don’t know me…” as I was greeted with “JOSLYN!!!” all around. Will said, “I dunno. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you…” and I apologized. “I do like your shirt though. Is that a pug?” “No. It’s a french bulldog.” “Please tell me you have one.” “No…my friend does though. I have a cat though?” “Well, I guess a pet counts…” (What?)Nate and I always blab about books every tour so at this point he totally interrupts and practically yells, “Have you read Gone Girl?!” to which I reply. “YES.” “I knew if anyone had read it, you would. I’m halfway through” “Shit’s about to get crazy!” We are nerds.154476_10151842698428518_369272444_n
The meet and greet was upstairs, and afterward every one had talked to the band, they let us free downstairs to grab a spot up front before the doors opened to the general public. Kelly and I stood stage left, and we were really, super close to Nate once the boys came out. Oh hi, guitar in face.
Before Parachute, there were first two openers. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the name of the first opening band because I couldn’t hear a word that they were singing, and they looked to be about 12 years old, and I don’t think I payed much attention…
Matt Hires played next, and I have seen him many times in the past opening for miscellaneous bands. I forgot how much I love him.
Next came Parachute, and probably one of the best performances I’ve seen them play. I can’t express how much I have enjoyed watching them over the years. They just get better and better. About halfway through the set, Matt Hires came out to cover Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” with the boys. AND THEN I GOT PULLED ONSTAGE. One moment, I was dancing along, minding my own business, and the next thing I know Will came right over and pointed directly at me, and then did the “come here” finger gesture.
I gave him a, “uh, what?” look, and he did the gesture again. I had no clue what was happening, and some girls behind me started pushing me onstage, so I grabbed Will’s extended hand and then…we 80’s danced.
I was cracking up the entire time I was onstage. There was one point I looked behind me because I felt Nate close by, and he was laughing as well.
Will never let go of my hand the entire time. I actually let go of his first. Then I jumped off the stage and for the next three songs, kept saying to myself, what the heck just happened?!The guys rocked the rest of the set, and then Kelly and I headed out since I was working a dreaded 12 hour double the following day. Which I felt like death. Which was all worth it. Cause, you know, I got to be Courtney Cox for the night.

Parachute in my backyard.

25 Jan

It’s not everyday that one of your favorite bands plays less than a mile from your apartment.

But, a few weeks ago, that was the case when Parachute came to town!
Technically, it was just Johnny and Will, but any variation of those boys could have shown up and I’d take it!

Lisa drove up from down south the previous night to visit for the weekend, and to come to see the show. She arrived on Friday night, and we chatted and hung out for a bit catching up, then headed to bed somewhat early.

The next day we had a full plate on our schedule. After we woke up and had breakfast, we headed out to have a little “photo shoot”.

Lisa is an amazing photographer, and it seems every year or so we do a shoot when she’s in town, just for fun. I had been wanting to do some pictures on a railroad tracks someways on the other side of town, so we headed over and snapped away. It was close to a Costco, and people kept staring, but whatever. I’m cool. You can watch me work it. 😉

After embracing my inner model, we headed back home for lunch, before heading over to the venue. We met up with my friends Kelly, Jessica, Matt, and Megan. I froze in line for a little bit as the temperatures dropped because I never changed out of my dress, and hello it was December, before we were let inside.

I didn’t realize how many teenagers lived in my town until this show. Oh, wow. And they were all dressed…I won’t even finish that sentence. Let’s just say I wouldn’t let my kid out of the house looking like that.

It was a cute little acoustic set. Even though there were only 2 of the Parachute kids, my heart still was happy.

After we said hello and goodbye (“Wait, you live HERE? I knew we were close to your hometown, but I didn’t realized it was HERE, Joslyn!”) Lisa, Matt & I headed back to my apartment to meet up with my other friend Cheryl to have a Wii dance party. I kicked everyone’s ass, FYI. I am a dancing machine.

After we got our workouts for the night & said goodbye to friends, Lisa and I were old maids again and went to sleep pretty early. Before she was leaving to go home the following afternoon, I was taking her to the aquarium and we wanted a good nights sleep.

Sadly after our visit to the jelly fish and seahorses, Lisa had to leave me and my perfect stay-cation was over. I need more weekends like that. I just need to find a way to make all of my favorite bands come to me…hmmm. I am seeing Scars on 45 again tonight in San Francisco, so maybe I can talk them into it sometime soon! 😉 Ha. Blog on that, soon!

Parachute, San Francisco.

26 Dec

To break up the Matt shows to not getting sick of him (HA!) I threw a Parachute show into the mix.

I got home from Arizona on a Tuesday. I went to work Wednesday, and a half day Thursday. “You’re leaving again ALREADY?” my roommate asked me. Yes. She and my cat were having Joslyn withdraws, I’m pretty certain.

Thursday afternoon I drove up to San Francisco and picked Megan up from work. She was going to baby sit my car for the weekend while I took one last little adventure. We’ll get to that soon. But first we were off to see my loves in Parachute.

Parachute played at one of my favorite little venues in the city, Slim’s. Let me just tell you though. The short 2 hours we waited in line felt excruciating. It was COLD and raining. Seeing as I just sweat half my body weight driving home a few days earlier, it seemed even colder.  A temperature drop of about 50 degrees is NOT fun. I’m not a fan of winter.

Once inside we barely had time to defrost before the show started. I can’t tell you who opened the show, because the band was honestly so terrible, and it seemed like the longest 20 minute waste of life. They were young, so I give them the benefit of the doubt of just needing more practice, but seriously how did they score the opening gig? I don’t know. To prove my point: “This song is call “XES”. It’s sex, backwards.” Save me. Although…the drummer and bassist who were twins named Fred and George, no shit, had such amazing curly hair I had to get a photo…

Kate Voegel played next. I’ve seen her live before. She’s adorable. I’m not afraid to admit I own every season of One Tree Hill on DVD (she plays the character Mia on the show) so I didn’t mind watching her. She did give Megan and I really annoyed looks through out her set though. I’m sorry we don’t know any of your lyrics? Give me your cute skirt you were wearing and I’ll forgive you.

Then, Parachute! You’ve probably figured out how much I adore them, by now, seeing as I’ve written about them on my blog a few times.

They have grown so much as a band in the past 2.5 years of me attending their shows. These boys are definitely going somewhere, and I’m glad I can say I’ve been there since the beginning. Please go see them live if you have the chance. They are amazing. Despite the fact that over half of their fan base is under-aged girls, I promise you it’s not “girl music”. I know a dude in his 30’s who digs them live. Parachute. Check ’em.

Their set was sadly cut short due to time curfew, but I dealt with what I got. Afterwards I stuck around to say hi to the guys because it had been awhile.

I had overheard Will talking to someone about holiday shows the following month, and how they were playing one in my town, so I pretty much jumped on him when he came to say hi. “What is this I overheard about you playing in my city, Will?!” Oh, happiness.

After chatting it up with all the guys, Megan and I got crepes from the crepe truck across the street (nutella, coconut & banana, yes fatness please!) and headed home.

The next morning I was off to Nashville!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 5

11 Sep

I honestly adore these kids.

I got to attend two shows in one week. Between dates on their tour with Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch, they played a free radio show in San Jose & a headlining show in Fresno. Sadly, I couldn’t attend the GGD shows because of steeeep ticket prices, so I was thankful for these two!

Mix106.5 is probably my favorite radio station, ever. They know how to put on a good, free show. They always pick my favorite artists. I am always happy. #endshamlesspromo

I went to the show with my friend Jaelynn, who pretty much knew nothing about the band, but was won over by the end (or by Kit’s good looks! Ha!)

We got to say a short hello, and was told by Nate, “I stayed up reading the book you recommended to me until 3am this morning!” Gotta love it.

Afterwards, we met up with Jaelynn’s roommate/my “twinsie” Cindy Lou for some hang time.

We had lunch together, and then we headed back to their place for what ended up being a couple of hours of Wii playing time. Before that, I do what I do every single time I’m in San Jose/Bay Area…took a trip to Philz Coffee. (Honestly, it’s the best coffee in the whole entire world and I wish there was one in my city! Gah! An hour and a half away is not cutting it for me!)

Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. Mmmm…

I had to work the next day, so I couldn’t stay very late, but it was fun seeing (the boys &) girls for the day! 🙂

A few days later, the kids were back in my parts of CA (sorta…it was a 2.5 hour drive…) Fresno is a little ghetto and I prefer to never go there but…where good music is, so am I!

This was my idea of a perfect show, though. Small, intimate crowd. Cute venue. Good opening act. Got to hang out with one of my BFF’s, Lisa ❤

All was well until a very obnoxious whoo-ing drunk girl got in front of me and proceeded to harass the band during their set, and continually bring one more drunk friend up at a time. It killed the mood for me for a while, and I had to separate her in my mind away from the show so I could continue watching the boys and not punch anyone in their face.

After the show we chatted it up with the boys for a bit, and then I got all geeky on them and pulled out my Harry Potter notepad and asked them to participate in my Rock N Read segment. They were totally down for it, so I’m glad! I think it’s going to be awesome 🙂

Afterwards, I headed back home, and then talked to Lisa for a bit because her drive was almost twice as long as mine! Yowsa! I think I went to sleep close to 3am?!

I cannot wait to see these boys again come November! 🙂

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 2.

2 Sep

The Scene:
San Francisco
Golden Gate Park
Alice’s Summerthing

Free Concert, with some of my favorite bands:

Andrew Allen


Michelle Branch

Matt Nathanson


Plus, I had the company of some of my ladies (who I met all through different concerts, in different cities, on different days…I love tour life!)

Liz, who I met at a Parachute show in San Francisco in 2010

Molly & Eliza. I met Eliza in 2003 at a Maroon 5 show in LA. I met her sister years later.

Lois, who I also met at a Parachute  concert, sometime in 2010 in LA.

It was an AWESOME day. We were front row center, in front of 15,000 fans.

Rock N Read: Parachute

28 Aug

Rock N Read: Parachute

Welcome to the first feature of Rock N Read! This is something that I am very excited to start, as it combines two of my favorite things: music & books.

More importantly, it involves asking my favorite musicians three questions: What is the last book you read? What is the current book you’re reading? And, what is your all time favorite book?

So, lets talk about Parachute for a sec! I stumbled across this little band from Charlottesville, Virgina back in 2008. I was automatically charmed by their first single, “She Is Love” and fell in love with their debut album “Loosing Sleep” pretty much after my first listen.

Old photo from 2008. But, you get the gist. That’s us.
P.S. We’re all still just as cute, years later! 😉

Fast forward to 2011. I’ve seen the boys live a few dozen times. We’ve chatted it up several times. We’ve had sing-a-longs in cars. Fashion shows in Urban Outfitter dressing rooms. They’ve toured on their own, and they’ve also scored some awesome opening act slots for big named musicians like Kelly Clarkson. I’m a proud mama.

Their second album, “The Way It Was” was released a few months ago, and it is as fabulous as their first. Friday night I saw them headline a show in Fresno at Fulton 55, and I asked them to participate in my geek-tastic blog feature. They were into it.

Here’s what the boys had to say:

Will Anderson: Lead vocals, guitar, keyboard

Last book read: East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Currently reading: James Cook
Favorite: The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Nate McFarland: Lead guitar, back-up vocals

Last book read: Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry
Currently reading: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (Recommended by yours truly! Years ago. Re-recommended a few weeks ago and he finally listened, and is loving it. That’s right. 😉 )
Favorite: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens or Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

Alex Hargrave: Bass

Last book read: The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Currently reading: n/a
Favorite: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Johnny Stubblefield: Drums

Last book read: Flight of Passage: A Memoir by Rinker Buck
Currently reading: When Giants Walked The Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin by Mick Wall
Favorite: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Kit French: Keyboard, Saxophone, Tambourine, backing vocals

Last book read: Reality Hunger: A Manifesto by David Shields
Currently reading: Across the Great Divide
Favorite: Anything by Jorge Luis Borges

I loved hearing what the guys were into, and definitely can’t wait to do another feature!

Ah, see! Still cute in 2011!