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Run right into you.

3 Jan

So there was a weekend back in October, where unintentionally, the WCM girls and I went to see Scars on 45 and pretty much got them to ourselves.

At this point of our fandom, we are well know and appreciated. Long story short (wait, do I ever tell short stories? No. Grab a snack, you’re in for a read), Scars was playing a pretty expensive benefit show in Glen Ellen, which we lucked out and were guest listed for, thanks to their manager. Booyah! Thanks, Steve! You’re the bomb dot com!

Comp tickets.

The show started pretty early, so the night before the show I planned to head up to DawnL and Tracy’s place to have a sleep over. I stopped in San Jose first, because I was running a race 2 days later and had to pick up my race packet at the expo. I got hooked up with a TON of free stuff, and I nerded out at all the fitness stuff.

From the expo, I drove to Fremont to drop my car off at my friend’s house, and after hanging and catching up for a bit, she took me to the Bart Station which I rode to Walnut Creek. DawnL and Tracy picked me up, and Tara arrived at the house not too long after I, so the four of us hung out for a bit before going to sleep.

The next morning we woke up early and hit up Starbucks, before heading up to Glen Ellen. Glen Ellen is near Sonoma, so it is wine county. It is beautiful there! We parked and were shuttled into the winery the show was being held at. In a yellow school bus. Awesome.


Scars played first, so we didn’t have to wait long for them to begin after doors opened.

Scars Glen Ellen
They played an acoustic set, which seemed much too short, but lucky for us, we were seeing them again later in the evening. We headed to the merch area to say our hello’s, and chatted up the band for a bit.

Scars & WCM
I. love. this. photo. It’s just missing Stu!

We went to talk to Steve after the band dispersed, and we thanked him a few dozen times for getting us on the list. (He listed us without us even asking, what a nice guy!) He told us they were playing another benefit type show the following weekend in Pasadena for his son’s school. And lucky again, I was already going to be down south the day before for a Matty Nay show, so it worked in my favor! I was stoked.

He asked us to help him take the merchandise to their van, and we happily did, seeing as he saved us each around $90. Will work for concert ticket! Haha. We ran into Aimee while back there, who was with Steve’s wife, and Aimee told her, “This is our fan club. We love them.” Awww. Then we were left in the backstage area and we frolicked around the vineyards. So pretty!

Joslyn in vineyard
There was a TON of stuff happening in the bay area that weekend, so we didn’t stick around for much longer, as we were afraid of getting stuck in the traffic of it all. It was another beautiful drive down into the city, including a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (which I had just traveled UNDER the weekend before with the TMC ladies) and through the hilly areas of SF.


Scars was doing their own set at Aloft Hotel, just outside of the San Francisco airport. We went and had lunch/an early dinner before the show. Well, I ate a cupcake. I had ordered something at Panera Bread, paid and everything, and then they put up a sign saying they were out of it, without even saying anything to me! Um, hello? I’m standing here waiting for that exact thing? I got annoyed and basically just asked for my money back. That is ridiculous! Enter cupcake. It was carrot cake, so it was nutritious…


We played a game of Battleship at Aloft while we waited for the band to start their set. The band is hosting battleshots on The Rock Boat, so we thought we’d be funny and bring the game with us. The band commented as they set up, “Are you so bored that you’re playing board games?” and we asked if they even knew what they were hosting come February. They didn’t. Steve said yes for the band. Haha. We warned them that we were going to beat them, so they better be prepared. I beat everyone I played, so they better watch out for me!

The show was announced semi-last minute, and as we’re waiting, basically no one shows up. Well, the only other person to show up was Yvonne, who Tara and I had met at the Summerthing show a few months prior, so the 5 of us enjoyed a “private concert” (according to Aimee.) Our 1 year anniversary of the first time we had seen the band was coming up, so we considered it our gift.

Since we were the only one’s there, Aimee asked us if we wanted pizza. Considering I ate a cupcake for dinner? Yeah. We accepted.

band feeds fans
After the set we ended up chatting with the band for probably…2 hours or so? They were all staying at the hotel, and they were drinking, and I can’t even tell you all the stories they told, or what happened because there was just SO MUCH said that night. Just know it was pure shenanigans and I was pretty much laughing the entire time. Stu showed up in the middle of it all; he had been flying in from England the entire morning, since it was his daughters birthday the day before. Poor guy was jetlagged extreme and told us he’d been awake for close to 48 hours.I think he asked me the same questions 3 times and I kept saying, “You just asked me that…” awww…

Scars SF
Scars Aloft
Tara and I decided we needed to get going, because the next morning was my race. Okay, whose smart idea was that? I should have been sleeping at that point! Tara and I had taken her car, while DawnL and Tracy rode together to SF, (hence me dropping it off in Fremont the night before) so we drove down to pick up my car, before she followed me the rest of the way to San Jose, where the race was being held the following morning.

Since I had such an early start of a day, we stayed at my friend’s Cindy Lou and Jaelyn’s place not far from the start of the race. Tara was going to be my partner in crime for the day, although she was only going for the after race festivities and not to run.

A 5am wake up call when you went to bed after midnight to run 5 miles is not a smart thing to do. But it is what I did.

I didn’t always enjoy running. Being overweight for half of my life, it wasn’t something I ever saw as possible.  After dropping the weight, I had wanted to start a running plan, to actually try conquering running. In 2010 I started and completed the Couch to 5k program and ran my first 5k. It’s actually where I met Cindy Lou at! But from then on, I always had a love for running. I’ve completed three 5ks now, and was looking to bump up my mileage.

When I got a text from a friend asking me if I was running the half because Matt Nathanson was playing the finishers show (!!!), I knew this was my chance! But by the point I had found out, I realized logistically that 2 months was not a safe amount of time to train to run 13.1 miles. I thought running 13 miles was stupid anyway (Says the girl who is now training for a half marathon…eat your words, kid.) There was a “mini marathon” which was 5 miles, and I knew I could train the shiz out of that distance.

The week before the race when I was with the TMC girls in San Francisco, I was running the treadmill at the hotel and my left leg just cramped up. It hurt on and off for the next few days so I was afraid if I’d even be able to run 5 miles. But whether I walked or ran the 5 miles, I was going to get that damn medal I had been training for.

Tara and I took Lightrail into downtown San Jose (weekend full of public transportation, what up) and I headed towards the start line, while she headed towards the stage to hold down the fort while I ran.

corral 5

I ended up in the corral with all the super fit people. They were stretching and flexing their six packs and I was standing there, alone, with frizzy morning hair and sleep still in my eye, hoping I wouldn’t die.

After the national anthem was performed, we were off! I told myself to take it mile by mile, and to not push if my leg started giving me trouble. The first mile my leg was tight, and I was wondering how far I was going to get. As we passed the first mile, I noticed my pace was slightly faster than I normally run, and my leg had loosened up, so I had hope for the rest of the race.

The Rock N Roll marathon series has a band playing every mile of the race. This is awesome. Just when I thought I’d be dying at a certain mile, a band would be rocking as I ran by and it kept me going for another mile. Beth had texted me good luck that morning, and told me to just think of Matt at the finish line if I felt like giving up, so that was humorously in my mind as well. Even though it may seem to look like I was dying…HA.
Finally mile 5 came up, and I busted my ass towards the finish line. 5 miles, without stopping. That’s right, bum leg! I own you.  I walked through the finishers exit and took every free thing they handed me after taking the obligatory finishers photo.

Um…worst photo ever, and I had way too many beverages?

I found Yvonne and Tara at the stage. I somehow had way too much energy and danced to a cover band for two hours. Our friend Cheryl showed up as well, and celebrated my victorious run.

matty crew
I drank my free beer, and finally at 11am, Matt came out to play. He noticed me in me work out clothes and I still had my bib number pinned on and pointed and mouthed, “You ran!” Cute.

He was his normal hilarious self despite still being a little early in the morning. Aaron and Matt graced us with an hour and 15 minute set. At one point during the show, Matt was telling a story about Bruce Jenner. I guess I had some sort of look on my face, because he says to me, “You’re looking at me like “that’s so mean!” I didn’t do it to him!” and cracks up. He kept giving me faces the entire set, as usual. As Tara calls it: I’m his work wife. Ha. After the set we walked over to the side of the stage and he came over to chat with us for a bit.

We talked about a slew of different things. Nothing important really, just our usual bullshitting. Scars on 45 had told me to pass along their hellos the night before, so we talked about them. I joked to Matt I was cheating on him with them, and he replies, “Oh that’s okay. They are all much better looking and more talented than me.” HAHAHA.

Conversation with the man flows easily from subject to subject, and at one point he was talking about how he was somewhere the day before. He looks at me and asks, “Where was I yesterday?” (like I just know where he is 24/7?!)
“Um…you tweeted about Houston?”
“Yeah! I flew there for a day. To play some guys birthday.”
“What?! You can play my party anytime you want.”
“OKAY! Done.”
“Want to play my library?”
“Your library?! That’d be awesome. OH MY GOD! Because you’re a LIBRARIAN!!!”
Oh how all my boys in bands love that I work in a library…

He told us then about how he had a whole “slew” of new songs, and he’s just been writing day after day. I asked him, “What happened to you playing a new song last weekend in San Francisco? You lied to me!” and he said “I know, I know.”

I was asking if he had titles for any songs yet that he’d be willing to share, just to hold me over. “Titles. Yeah, yeah. There are some. Let me think of one that might spark excitement…” then he kinda looked into space and I don’t think he wanted to really share so I said, “Oh there’s that one called ‘Joslyn’…” and he shot back, “How’d you know about that one?! That’s a really good one. You’re gonna like it.” and gave me this adorable grin. Ugh. It is stupid how much I adore him.

We talked about running a bit. He was saying something about how he was offered to run the mini and he thought about it. He asked how I did, and I was telling him about it and my time. “47 minutes?! That’s good right?! That’s less than 10 minutes a mile! Duuuude!” was his cutest response ever. Then we talked about the people who won the half marathon and ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes. What. The. Fuck. Way to make me feel like a snail.

We talked about next weekend, and how I was seeing him again. He was playing a festival show with Josh Radin, and we may have discussed why we both think he is a douche. Sorry to any of his fans, I’m sure if Ellen Degeneres had him play her wedding, that he has some sort of good to him. We also talked about a college show I was seeing him at again in November, that he didn’t know he was doing or at least forgot about. “It’s good to know you know my schedule better than I do.”

matty nay
There were other people waiting to talk to him, and I greedily was keeping him to my crew and I’s self. We took a quick group photo, and did the multiple goodbye hug thing, and I didn’t even feel bad about it because we were equally smelly for once. Said our “see you next week!” and then Tara and I headed back to Cindy Lou and Jaelyn’s place. We showered and then the 4 of us headed out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoe for lunch. I think I ate a salad the size of my face, multipled by the width of my hair (that’s big.)

Tara and I then parted ways, and headed back home. Good weekend.


Every day so caffeinated, I wish they were Golden Gated.

28 Dec

After flying to a half a dozen major cities to meet up with my TMC ladies over the past year, they finally came my way. Hello, airports! I am so glad to just drive to you to play chauffeur, and not actually be getting on a plane!

Matt Nathanson was playing a show in San Francisco, so the gals decided to fly in to attend it as well. I had already planned on going to the city the night before to see SafetySuit, so they all flew in a few days early to so we could spend the weekend together.

On Friday morning, I picked up Amber on the way to the city, at the San Jose airport. From the airport we braved the Palo Alto traffic (what is it about that short few mile distance on the 101 that ALWAYS has traffic?!) and I took her to my most favorite coffee place, Philz Coffee.


We then headed to the San Francisco airport, to get Amanda. From there, we headed to our hotel to check-in and freshen up before we headed to the Pier to see some San Francisco things. A friend had given me tickets to do a bunch of free stuff in the city, so we went ahead and used some of them. We went to the Wax Museum first (boring) then to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum (cool!). At the end of Ripley’s there was a mirror maze, and that was hilarious trying to find our way through.

After Ripley’s we were cold, so we headed a few blocks down to Ghiradelli’s for hot chocolate. Seriously the only place I’ll splurge and drink “real” hot chocolate.  There’s actually a Ghiradelli’s only a few miles from where I live that I always forget about, and I have no clue why! It’s probably for the best.

Hot Chocolate

After hot chocolate, we went back to the hotel where Amber and Amanda passed out, and I headed back to the airport to pick up Sam, Becky, and Beth. For once I was the one not jet-lagged or tired! Everyone went right to sleep, and I laid awake for a bit just excited to be in everyone’s company.

We rose early the next morning to get ready to have a SF day. I hit up the gym while the first half of the girls showered. Then I somehow accidentally walked into a strangers room?! I still had my headphones on and was listening to music and I honestly don’t realize what happened until some woman was like, “Uh, you’re in the wrong room…” and I was like, “Oh shit! Sorry!” Way to go, self, way to go…

After we all got ready we headed out to my car and realized…how the eff were 6 of us going to FIT in my tiny car?! The only solution was for me to sit behind the passengers seat on the floor. I do not recommend this at home, kids. Do not try this! It is illegal, and uncomfortable, and totally not safe! But we did it anyway, because I had faith in Becky driving my car and me not dying.

Clown Car

We headed back to the Pier to do more free stuff, where we were greeted by many seals. First stop was lunch, since none of us had eaten anything. We went to Chowder, and it was delicious.

Second, we had tickets for a free carousel ride, so our inner child rode that shiz. Hello, Panda.

The next stop was a boat tour of the bay, and it was awesome! We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, and around Alcatraz and learned a lot about the city as we sailed by it. The only bad thing about this was it was SUPER windy and freezing, and even though we cuddled half of the ride we were all FREEZING.


After the boat tour we went to the Aquarium (another free thing I acted like a child at) and then we headed to Ghiradelli’s so the other half of the girls could experience the deliciousness.


After getting fat together once again, we headed out to Bottom of the Hill where SafetySuit was playing. Beth and I had meet and greets, so we had to be there early. We met up with Lisa and hung out until it was time for the m&g….which was on the tour bus. Oh, okay, if you insist. I had seen the band play a few times before, so when I walked on the bus I was greeted with, “hello’s” and “it’s been so long!” I love them.

We chatted them up for a few minutes before we took group photos and then went to wait back in line to be let in for the show.
SafetySuit m&g
Sf ss line

SafetySuit is probably the most energetic band I have ever seen play live. You can’t even begin to know how amazing their live show is, unless you’ve seen it. It’s unexplainable. You have to see this band live. Go, go, go.

After the set we went back to the hotel to take a “nap”. Seriously. We went to bed at 1am, and then woke up at 3am. Um, why? Because we wanted to be in line for the Matt show by 6am. Um, why? Because Ed Sheeran was also playing, and his fans are swarms of teenager girls. I’m serious, SWARMS.

It was early, dark, and cold. I was grumpy and exhausted. We waited in line until the doors opened at 11am, where we honestly ran for our lives to get front row, as 14,000 Ed fans ran behind us for the same reason. Save. Me. I love some Ed Sheeran, but his fans scare me to death. Ha.

After sitting through a few bands, Ed finally got on stage and girls went cray cray. High pitched screaming. Humungous sing a long. Despite the craze of his fans, I got into my own little music bubble to watch his set, and he blew me away. This kid is only 21, and he…hot damn he’s amazing. It helps that he is British too, and we know how I feel about British musicians. 😉 I’m seeing him again in February, and I can’t wait.


After Ed’s set, was Matt, and I almost felt bad for him because the amount of noise dropped drastically. I felt like the 6 of us in the front were the only true fans singing along, and I’m glad we were up close to support the homeboy. Now I understand why in New York Matt told us he was intimidated to play after Ed. Despite all that, Matt was his normal hilarious self. It was Becky’s 100th time seeing Matt, and we had made a pack a long time ago to all be together for it, so in a way, his set was a celebration.


By this point of the day, it had reached the high 70’s, and the sun was beating directly down on us. We decided to leave right after Matt played, because we wanted to beat the rush of people leaving, and we were pure exhausted. Half of the girls were leaving that night, so we got a much cheaper hotel room for that night (why do rates increase over 100% on Sunday nights?!) that we checked into, and then Googled a place to eat. We found ourselves at Fresh Choice, where I shoved my face with multiple plates of salad. After a fat weekend, my body appreciated the greens.

We hung out at the hotel for a little longer, (where half of the girls passed out for awhile; I have a secret photo of this but I won’t be mean and post it here, ha.) and then I sadly drove Becky and Beth to the airport and dropped them off. Booo. I hate when our weekends end!

The rest of the group was all pretty much beyond the point of staying conscious at this point, so we all conked out. The alarm was set for 5am, and it was off to drop Sam and Amanda off at the airport. Amber and I headed back to the hotel to eat the (gross) free breakfast, then headed to San Jose to drop her off for her flight home.

Sadly, I was alone again, and had to head home. Then I zombie worked an 8 hour shift. My co-worker bought me coffee in the middle of the day that I’m pretty sure it is the only thing that saved my life that day.

New York, Part 1: the band-aids

24 Nov


For years and year, visiting New York had been on my bucket list, but for some reason just never panned out.

And then I finally went to New York.

It took Matt Nathanson and my group of girls to finally get there. Surprised?

I had accrued many miles from flying with American Airlines, so I had scored myself a free flight, and used it towards my fare to New York. $5 to travel over 3,000 miles? I’ll take it.

I flew out of Monterey, which means I had 3 layovers. Yuck. And my first flight left at 5:45am. Double yuck. The first flight was only a little over an hour, with a quick stop in Los Angeles, and then it was back in the air for another 3. My second layover wasn’t as kind as the first, and I had almost 3 hours to kill in Chicago.

I wasn’t too happy about this at all, but then I stumbled across a Dunkin Donuts in the food court and I literally ran towards it. DUNKINS!!! It’s my all time favorite. Probably because we don’t have them in California. But their iced coffees…jeez why are they so damn addicting and delicious?

I ordered a large and went and sat in a corner and ate a pb&j I packed and drank my coffee like an adult. Ha.

I moved closer to my terminal about an hour or so before my flight was leaving. I was reading a book, and you know those moments when you can feel someone looking at you? I got that feeling and looked up to see someone was in fact looking at me. And then I realized I knew this person. Shiben. Matt’s bassist.

“Oh my God, hey!” I say. He came over to say hi and to gave me a hug and we chatted for a little bit. “I guess we’re going to the same place.” I joked. I love how he didn’t ask why I was there. He just knew. I asked where he was coming from, and he told me LA. I said how I had just been there too and how I’d been traveling since 5:45am that morning. Seeing as I am everywhere, he asked where I lived and we talked about California living for awhile.

“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then!” I said when he needed to get back to his unattended bag.
“I’ll see you on the plane.”
“Oh, yeah. I guess that too.” Haha.

Back on a plane for another hour and a half. I had passed out on the flight to Chicago, but I read and made myself stay awake on this flight because I am not a pretty plane sleeper (my mouth hangs open, my head nods back and forth, I tend to drool. Sexy.) and the last thing I needed was to be spotted by band members looking like a drugged out zombie. You would have done it too.

After 12 hours since leaving my house, we touched down in Buffalo and I was trying not to squeal with delight that I was FINALLY IN NEW YORK!

Amber, Beth, and Amanda had arrived much earlier in the day, and had planned on picking me up. But then they decided to go to Toronto and got stuck in Canada traffic coming back. Gee, thanks girls. 😉

So I’m sitting around waiting. Shiben walks by and says, “See you tomorrow!” This dude that’s with him gives me a weird look. I found out the next day he was Matt’s new drummer. Oh. Got it. You just don’t understand me yet. Hi, my name is Joslyn, and you will see my face everywhere. And no I am not crazy. Learn to love me. They all do eventually, dude.

So after an hour, I am about to cry because I’m just tired and want to be away from airplanes and airports. So I figure out there’s a free hotel shuttle and I didn’t even have to sit around for an hour. Pssh. It takes me to the airport which was literally ACROSS THE STREET. You mean I could have walked there? Fabulous.

There were free cookies in the lobby, which I shoved 2 in my face as soon as I saw them. Then I checked into the room and waited for the girls. My body hurt from sitting all day, so I lunged and squatted and did crunches. That burned off all the cookie calories, right?! Totally.

Finally the girls get to the hotel and we scream and hug in excitement. We soon after leave to head out for dinner and to see Niagara Falls, because we weren’t that far away.

We hit up Hard Rock because its close enough to where we could just walk over to the Falls. By the time we get there it was close to midnight and you can’t see much but colorful lights, but it was still amazing to see. So breath taking.

We head back to sleep and decided we wanted to see the Canada side of the falls in the daylight. We all had our passports with us, so we got up at 6am and headed over the border. We spent a good hour or so walking the perimeter and checking out the falls. Oh my. The Canadian side is SO MUCH better. Sorry, US. Canada wins this time.

We had to head back towards the hotel because Sam was arriving soon, and we wanted to pick her up at the airport. At this point we are all starving because we’d been awake for a few hours and hadn’t eaten, so the girls dropped me off at the hotel, and went to pick us up food. I needed to use the internet at 11am, because tickets for another Matt show in California were going onsale that was seated, so I needed to buy tickets right when they became available. My life, ladies and gents. Nathanson owns me.

After accruing a ticket and caffeinating, I went upstairs and we all got ready for the day.

As we were leaving the hotel, the elevator stopped on a floor and 2 guys stepped in. One of the 2 was C.C. DEVILLE.

C.C. Deville. You know. Guitarist of Poison? No? Bret Michaels band? Yeah. So he starts talking to us and Amber and I just give each other a look. The other girls had no clue who he was. He asked what we were up to that day and we said we were going to the harbor to see Matt Nathanson play a free show. He joked around that he didn’t know who Matt was, but wanted to go since it was free. Ha.

Once we got to the lobby, Amber grabbed my arm and was like, “That was C.C. Deville right?!” and I just went, “Mmmhmm.”

Matt was headlining a show downtown at the harbor, so we headed out to meet up with a few of Beth’s friends who were already there. When we arrived, Matt was in the middle of doing his soundcheck. We were basically the only ones there, and when he saw us, he said “Oh man, this is amazing. I should just play you all a show right now and then take you out to dinner.” HA.

After soundcheck was over and the band left, a few of us needed coffee (aka ME, the jet lagged caffeine addict) so Beth, Amber & I headed to find a Starbucks to get coffee. It was a lot further than we thought it’d be. Let’s just say we got our workout for the day. Then we melted as we waited for the show to start. Frozen yogurt may have been involved.

A band named Lights opened the show. I hope I never have to be around this band’s fan base ever again. Oh my. The screaming. It was high pitched and obnoxious. “LIGHTS! I LOVE YOU. LIGHTS! YOU’RE MY IDOL. LIIIIIIIIGHTS!” Yeah, hi. That’s my EAR you’re screeching in.

Once Matt came out, we were more than ready for the teenyboppers to be gone and to enjoy a great show. Great, it was. Towards the end of the set, Matt was rocking so hard that he…ripped his pants right open. Matt’s a hilarious guy and I’ve laughed a ton at his shows, but this…I almost lost it laughing so hard.

Matt was a rockstar, and only had a few more songs to go, so he finished the set, ripped pants and all.

Once the show was over, we hung out for a bit, then headed out to find food (a really bad choice of disgusting tacos) and then trucked it back to the hotel. An early morning and a long following day was coming up.

In the parking lot of our hotel, there were 6 tour buses. Well, hello. We walked into the lobby, and guess who was sitting there? C.C. Deville. We decided we were going to go tell him we knew who he was, and ask for a photo, because hello, when would this ever happen again?

So Beth is the balls of the group and walked right up to him and said, “C.C. I hate to bother you, but we totally knew who you are earlier and didn’t want to bother you. Could we take a photo with you?” and that was that. He ended up talking to us for a good 15 minutes. The guy is a little…strange. I think all the drugs in the 80’s have made him a little nuts? Nuts in a good way, though. We talked about Matt, and kids, and other random things. Then we took our epic photo. We thanked him profusely, and headed back upstairs.

Sam’s birthday was a few days later, so we busted out giant red velvet cupcakes to surprise her. We ate those things for the next 3 days. I think I’m still a little sick of red velvet, and it’s one of my ultimate favorites.

We finally went to bed and woke up to prepare for our 2 hour drive to Syracuse.  Matt was playing another show upstate, at the New York County Fair. When we got to the fair we walked around for a bit and found nasty fair food to eat. It is a must, don’t pretend you don’t love it too.

It was REALLY hot outside. New York summer does not mess around. I sweat a bucket out, and ate ice cream to replenish myself. My lord we ate so much in New York.

We were all happy once Matt finally came onstage. Luckily there were no opening bands, or annoying teenagers this round.

We got a lot of typical Matt love during the set. During one song, he completely messed the lyrics up, and I gave him an eye and pointed a “I caught that!” at him and he gave me an “Oh shit!” look back. Haha.

After his set we lingered for awhile, and Matt eventually came out to say hi to us lingerers.

“Hi guys! Everything going OK? Did you have fun?”
“No. Not at all.” I joked around. Why he asked I have no clue. He was the reason we were all in New York. Of course we were having fun! (Despite the heat exhaustion.)

Matt gushed to us about how he had new songs, and how he couldn’t wait to play them. He said he might play a new song, (“A song. Maybe a song and a half.”) at a San Francisco show he was playing at the end of September (didn’t happen). Ed Sheeran was playing right before Matt’s set, and he was expressing how fucking good he is, and how he was intimidated to play right afterwards.

We chatted for a few more moments, and then headed straight back to our hotel. We only had a few hours to sleep (3, I think?!) before our 4am wake up call. Next stop, NYC baby!!!!!!

Let’s get odd, and live life at the bottom of the sea.

14 Nov

I’m usually up to date on my Matt Nathanson semi-stalking skills. But somehow, I slipped that he was playing a San Diego show until after the fact that it went on sale and sold out. Um, what?

On my birthday, I was joking around on Twitter if anyone could make the show unsold out so I could go. And who messages me? Matt. “You’re hilarious,” he says, “Just remind the day before the show.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Thanks, homeboy.

So a month goes by, and show time is coming up soon. I tweet Matt to not forget about me. He messages me asking if he had my last name correct, and if plus 1 was okay. Okay…you know you’ve seen your favorite musician a few too many times when they know you on a first AND last name basis. I should be embarrassed, but I am not.

I invite Lisa as my plus 1, because she’s always been my Matty partner in crime. We get to Birch Aquarium a little early to hang out, and also meet up with my friend Linda who I was staying with that night. Who I apparently didn’t take photos with either of them? But I did run into Astin, a cool gal I met through Matt shows, and we took an adorable picture:

The whole time we had been there, I was not even excited because I just had this pit in my stomach about the guest-list for some reason. So finally the people come out with the list and I tell Lisa I’m scared. I go up and hand them my ID and guess whose not on it? I give Lisa the “I f’n KNEW IT.” look but stay calm. So the guy helping is still looking and this lady bumps in and asks who put me on the list. “Um. Matt. Nathanson.” Then she gets all snooty & and looks at my ID and says “Oh. Well he only left 11 tickets and you are definitely not one of the names. Do you have his cell phone number?” She said the last part like I was lying! Like I’d go to a sold out show and say the artist guest listed me when they didn’t? Bitch, please.

We walked off to the side to figure out what to do and send Matt an SOS message. I hear snooty bitch tell these other 2 ladies they’re not on the list either, and we were in the same boat. I forgot what I said to them, but one of them replied, “Oh, I’m his AUNT.” and she seemed annoyed. Matt was going to be in so much trouble with us. Haha.

At the words, “I’m his aunt” the bitchy lady practically runs backstage. She comes back out with a post it with names on it and tells his aunt and her friend they’re good to go. Then she says, “And what’d you say your name was again?” and when I tell her, she snottily says, “Alright.” HA! I told you! I felt like yelling in her face. I may be young and you didn’t believe me, but my homeboy wouldn’t fail me!

We got to go through the aquarium a bit before being lead outside where the stage was. Built over the TIDE POOLS.

Amazing. To your left was the ocean. Matt played as the sun set and it was gorgeous.

When he first walked out he was scanning the crowd, and when spotted me he gave me one of his typical looks. This one read, “There you are. Why the fuck were you freaking out and sending me messages? You’re in.” I pretty much shook my head & rolled my eyes at him. I’m glad we have this odd relationship.

His voice was spot on. Sometimes I miss him so much and don’t realize it until I see him again. This was one of those times. He kept giving me stupid smiles all night and I wanted to push him into the tide pool for it.

During the show, these obnoxious girls got WASTED and wouldn’t shut up, so Matt literally told them to. Burn.

After the show Lisa had to leave right away, and Linda and I headed off to find food because neither of us had eaten literally all day. We had dinner at Rubio’s, because it was the only thing still open around that hour, and this creepy guy sat next to our table and listen to our conversations. Then he creeped to his car the same time we left. Thank god the hotel we were staying at needed a key to get in anywhere, even the parking lot, because we were only 2 blocks away and we honestly thought he might follow us. Serious creepster. We joked about him later though, and I nick named him Rubio.

While at dinner, I noticed next door was SPRINKLE’S CUPCAKES. Um, if you’ve never had a Sprinkle’s Cupcake you are missing out. I have traveled an hour and a half to eat them on my birthday. So the next morning before I drove home, what do you think I did? I got cupcakes for breakfast. Fat kid always.

I think the sugar kept me alive, because the 7 and a half hour drive home seemed to go quickly. I even went to Zumba an hour after getting home! I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: I’m crazy.

Next stop, Vegas please.

15 Oct

When I heard that Matt Nathanson was playing in Las Vegas on a weekend, I didn’t even blink an eye at the fact that its an eight hour drive. Or that I don’t even live in Nevada. I am crazy to the point that if its within a 12 hour radius, I will heavily consider driving somewhere before thinking its ridiculous.

My group of gals all looked into it, and decided to fly in for the show. Reunion! Trouble! FUN.

Before the fun started though, I had to experience the quite opposite. You know those days where you have everything planned out, and then it ALL goes wrong? Well, that was my drive to Vegas.

Let’s start with the fact that I woke up TWO HOURS after my alarm was supposed to go off. And the fact that I was running two hours behind, I was rushing and forgot half of my stuff at home. So I stopped at a Target to buy the necessities. And then I hit traffic, hard. I think my original ETA was 2:30pm, and I didn’t get to Vegas until 7:30pm. Kill. Me.

The moment I pulled up to our hotel and I parked, things changed. Beth and Becky ran out to hug me. I walked into the hotel lobby where Sam, Amanda & Amber were waiting, with a drink for me. I was drunk within a half hour of arriving. Vegas.

We went out to dinner with one of Beth’s friends who live in town. She picked us up, and I think there was a total of 7 girls squished into a 4 person car.

While we were out at dinner, Lisa arrived. Soon after, Emily and Ashley arrived. There were a TON of us.

The next morning was Record Store Day, and Matt had an exclusive EP out that we were determined to get. So we split up into two groups to get all the copies at 2 stores carrying them close by.

Early that morning, I had tweeted something along the lines of attending Record Store Day in Vegas and going to see Matt later. Matt stalks my Twitter (not really, but he knows my handle name) and he tweeted me back this gem:

I laughed. And of course I will do whatever the man asks me to, so we game planned.

I never realized Record Store Day was such a…big deal. We got there a little over an hour before the store opened, and there was a line of at least 20 people! Woah.

Once it was officially opened, it was a shit storm. People rushing, grabbing records. It took a while to find the Flaming Lips album, but once I did, I felt successful. Amber grabbed all the Matt EPs and we divided them up.

From there, we headed over to the Stadium where Matt was playing. It was an all day event. Outside. In the Vegas heat. It was in the high 90’s that day, and I think we all were sweating out our sanity.

Matt played last unfortunately, and by the time he went on we were all giddy and laughing at nothing. Hopefully no one noticed.

Right before his set ended, we put the record on stage. When he saw it, his whole entire face lit up. It was literally like a kid on Christmas morning. He said, “Record Store Day!” into the microphone with this big grin and then mouthed to me, “I’ll get you money!” I would have said, happy birthday enjoy, if it wasn’t a $40 record, so I was like hell yeah go get me some money! Ha.

So out comes Aaron to pay. I felt like it was a drug deal. You get me the goods. I got the goods. Now I send you my guy to pay you for the goods. Haha.

After we dealed out the Jacksons, Lisa parted ways with us (booo) and we headed to In N Out for dinner. More than half of the group had never eaten at In N Out. Blasphemy! Midwest is missing out!

We headed back to the hotel to refresh, and then we headed out to take on Vegas for a few hours. While getting ready, Matt tweeted this:

I have a posse, y’all! It became the joke of the evening. I was now the fearless leader. We hit up the monorail, and headed to the strip. Our first stop was Serendipity’s for Frozen Hot Chocolate. Holy. Effing. MOLY.

Amanda’s birthday was a few days later, so we secretly ordered a GIANT piece of cheesecake and surprised her. It was delicious!

And we ate it all.

We wandered the strip for a bit before exhaustion hit us all. Half of the posse was flying out super early the next morning, so we said our goodbye’s then. I love this group of people so much, that saying goodbye just breaks my heart. I even got teary eyed and cried a little. I love you guys!

The next morning the remaining girls and I had breakfast before hitting the road. It was a long drive, but luckily this round there was no traffic. I caffeinated myself heavily and took on the road.

Driving down the 101, California here we come, right back where we started from.

24 Sep

Back to playing catch up on my crazy life. This picks up the end of March/early April:

7 states in a five week period of time. What is wrong with me?!

I don’t know how to stay home. Correction, I don’t know how to stay in California for that matter! But finally, after 5 weeks of planes, and buses, and vans, there was a string of shows in my own state. Good old California, how I missed you.

The first stop was Bakersfield. It was just a few days after getting home from Seattle, and I was still exhausted. I was playing the solo game for this show, but started chatting to the girl sitting next to me, Katie, who was at the show alone as well. We became fast friends, and talked for the whole hour before the show started and between sets. We’re both Kelly nerds, and Matt totally won her over. Hi, Katie!! 😀

During Kelly’s encore I headed out to talk to Matt, because I had a long drive, and had to be at work extra early the next morning. Gag.

Kelly was still playing when Matt came out. When it was my turn I walked up, singing. He was laughing and then happily was like, “HI!!!”

I told him Happy Birthday, (it was the day before) and then we got to the small chat. How are you’s? Good. We’re both tired. I told him I had a long day, I worked that morning, then drove to the show, and I was about to drive back.

He asked, “Where IS home?” and when I said Monterey, his eyes went huge. “MONTEREY? Monterey?! Oh man. We’re driving back to my house tonight, in San Francisco, and then I fly to Reno. Oh man. Now I feel bad. Monterey. You should just drive with us.” (Um, yes please?) I tell him if he can hook my car up to the back of his bus he has a deal. HA.

So then out of nowhere, I get a little sappy, and just say what on my mind. “Matt, I just want to thank you real quick. This tour has been amazing. And you know, not a lot of bands appreciate their fans, or what I do…the whole following thing…but I feel like you’ve been giving me, and my group, a lot of love in return.”

His eyes go wide.

“Well YEAH. You guys are bad ass!” He gives me a double high five, then locks his fingers with mine. We stand like this the remainder of our conversation. “You’re the most bad ass of them all. You just keep SHOWING UP PLACES.”

I laugh, tell him if it gets too much to tell me stop going. He gives me an EYE, and says, “I sang you Lifehouse.” HAHAHA. I guess that means STFU I love you?

By then Kelly is over, and I needed to get going, so we wrapped up. We go to take our picture, and Matt says, “Come over here and hold me.” Hence my “I’ll squeeze you to death” grip in this photo.

Before I leave, Matt asks “Am I seeing you in Anaheim?” I literally stand there for a few seconds because I can’t even think of where I’m currently at, or where I’m going next. “Yeah! Anaheim. LA. Oh and San Francisco!”

“SAN FRANCISCO IS GOING TO BE FUN!” he says with the most excited look on his face, and grabs my hands again. He’s so adorable at times. Scratch that. All the time.

“LA is going to be so fun, I have a fucking front row ticket, and I’m just going to…”
“Get ready to beat down some Kelly fans!” he interjects. (What?)

Then I guess we said goodbye. I was exhausted at this point. The drive home was a blur of loud music, a energy drink & birthday cake Oreo’s.

I had a few days off (re: 2) to sleep in and go to work like a normal person. Then, it was back on the road for a few days. I made California my bitch. From Bakersfield to LA to San Francisco to Anaheim to Indio, I was all over the place in a short period of time.

The morning of the LA show, I drove down early to Redondo Beach. I was staying with my friends Steve and Charity that night, who were also going to the show. Steve took me out to lunch while we waited for Charity to get off of work, and then we headed to the Nokia Live.

Oh hey, everyone behind me. Oh my god. My seat was so so close. I had somehow scored a front row ticket during the pre-sale and I think I about peed myself for 3 straight hours.

I was the only person standing during Matt, and that probably wasn’t even necessary because the stage came to about my hips and I could see perfectly fine. But who sits during their favorite bands?! Not I! The guy next to me was obviously gay, and asked me after his set, “Oh honey, you like that guy? He just does nothing for me.” (HAHAHA. Love it.)

Matt gave me his typical, “Oh hey, there you are.” grins while playing. Then it was Kelly time. Oh em gee. Ms. Clarkson up close. There were points where I could literally extend my arm out and I’d hit her. But I’m not one of those “touchy” people, so I kept my hands to myself.

Seeing as the show was in Los Angeles, we got blessed with a 2 hour long set and lots of special guests! Out came Tamara Grey, Michelle Branch, Blake Shelton & Reba to sing duets with Kelly. Holy shizballs.

I jumped up and down. I sang my heart out. Then I met back up with Steve and Charity and I gushed about how I jumped and sang. Then we made a late night In N Out run before crashing.

The next morning I woke up, got my stuff together and jumped in my car to drive to San Francisco. 6 hour drives by yourself are long and sad. I finally arrived to the city and grabbed a much needed cup of coffee, and then met up with my friends in line.

Once inside we defrosted and I ate a GIANT Fillmore apple. I should have taken a picture of it. It was a meal in itself.

Seeing Rachel and Craig in my own state for once made me happy. Both of their faces lit up when they saw me, and that made me even more happy. I adore them.

Matt gave me lots of love during the show. When he was playing Amazing Again, he gave me the “hmmm, whatcha think about that?” face where he had been adding in Lifehouse, then gave me a smirk and shook his head and sang a bit of something else. Jerk.

Someone yelled, “Welcome home Matt” and Matt thanked him. He then added, “We were supposed to be in San Jose last week with Kelly…I know some of you bought tickets to that, sorry…” and then quickly guiltily glanced at me. HA.

(I had bought a 6th row ticket for the show. I was excited. Then Matt got the offer to perform on Dancing With The Stars with Sugarland, so he had to cancel. I playfully gave him shit for it, he apologized, then I sold my ticket for $98 and I was happy as well.)

After the show, I was standing around chatting with some friends, when Craig appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards me. “HEEEY!” he said, high fiving me. We then got into a lengthy conversation about a ton of random things. He flew in that morning at 4:30am from NY, and he had played a show the night prior and got home at 3:30am. He said he felt like he was on crack, and if I could tell that him and Rachel were really giddy and sleep deprived onstage. I joked about how that’s the way I had been feeling the past few weeks of my life.

When I introduced my people to him, and they were all like, “What the hell, does everyone know you?” Hmmm…yes. I was going to say hi to Rachel but she had a line of people wanting to talk to her, and it was 11:30 and I had to drive 2 hours home. And then work at 9am the next morning. Ouch. I ended up only getting 5 hours of sleep and dragging my feet through the 8 hour day at work.

My friend Tara arrived the last hour I was working, and walked around downtown until I got off. We met up with a mutual friend for dinner and then headed home to try to sleep early. We had a extremely early morning, as we were headed down to Anaheim for the last show on the All Night Noise tour leg.

The next morning we woke early, and headed the 6.5 hour trek to Anaheim.

When we finally arrived, we met up with Lisa and a old friend of Tara’s for lunch. After lunch we wandered around Downtown Disney, and I heavily caffeinated myself (as always.)

A few more of my awesome people met up with us, and we were loud and obnoxious and laughed a lot in line.

Since it was the last show of the tour, Matt and crew messed around with Rachel while she opened. They kept turning her keyboard off and on. I felt so bad. She kept laughing and looked at me like HELP! Poor girl. Shiben came out to play bass on the last song, and Andy Grammer came out soon after to have a rap battle with Rachel. It was bomb!

I was sad that it was the last show. To make it worse, before Matt introduced the band during his set, he talked about how he’s never felt so bummed to be going home. Usually he looks forward to getting back to San Francisco, but he’s never been more sad to leave a group of people behind. He said it was like high school on a bus. How he hoped that when he tours again for the next record, he hoped they could all regroup and play together again.

Break my heart! That’s also when I realized I couldn’t go home yet. I knew I had to go to Indio the next day, where he was opening for Kelly Clarkson somehow, despite the fact it was sold out.

After the show I talked to Rachel and Craig for a bit. Rachel is the cutest thing on the planet, plus she hugs people more than I do, which is ridiculous, because I’m all about hugs. “HIIII busy girl!” she exclaimed when I saw her. Too cute.

Lisa and I reunited with an old friend we met when Matt opened for Lifehouse back in 2008. We chatted it up, and didn’t leave until security literally yelled at us for the third time.

Tara and I stayed at her aunt’s house that night, and as we got ready for bed, we schemed ways to get into the show the next night.

In the morning, we woke up and called the box office to see if they were going to release more tickets. They didn’t have any at the moment, but we got wait listed in case some were. In other words, we were shit out of luck. We then checked StubHub, ticket brokers, Craigslist. Everywhere was sold out. We. Were. Screwed.We decide to say fuck it and to just take our chances and go. We were talking to Tara’s aunt, and Tara was telling her how the band knows me and pretty much loves me, and she was like, “Why don’t you just ask them for tickets?” I explained how I’ve never asked for ANYTHING because that’s not my style. I’ll never ask. Ever. But then I did. Sorta. No. Yes?I sent a DM to James, asking to let us know if he heard of any tickets being released, because we were in search of some, and I was trying to not make tour end. Ha. I got a message a few hours later saying he knew how important it is to avoid reality (ha) , and he’d see if he could do anything. I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it at all, so we stopped to caffeinate, and stop at the bank to get money in case we ran into scalpers outside the venue.We headed to Indio, which is a little less than a two hour drive from Tara’s aunts place. At this point we had the mindset of if we didn’t find tickets, we had a bunch of cash and we’d just get some drinks and gamble, since the show was at a casino. We’d make it fun no matter what.

Then the unthinkable happened and I got another message asking if I still needed a ticket. I replied yes, and soon after I get a reply that my name +1 would be at will call. James Farrell, you are my hero! Or I think I replied that I loved him and thanked him over and over, to be correct. Haha. Sorry.

“What’s a show without you?” was another reply. OK fine. I’m spoiled and its possible they do love me. He joked around that I owed him a drink, and I told him that we’d BOTH buy him drinks, and to just find us before the show starts.

When we got to the venue, it was like Christmas when Will Call handed over the envelope with the tickets.
I had to control myself from not ripping it open to see where the seats were. Row 7? I’ll take it!
There was a bar outside of the venue, and it was 75 degrees, so we grabbed a drink and were hanging out on a little grassy hill nearby. James came out and as promised, we bought him a drink.

He probably graced us with his presence for a good 45 minutes or so, before he had to go do his job and get ready to rock. He is a good dude. I enjoy his company.

The doors were opened at this point, so we headed in, got another drink, and found our seats.

During Matt’s set, we were of course the only 2 standing. The crowd was really lame the entire show really, and hardly even anyone stood during Kelly’s set as well. Boo, Indio, boo.

Some asshat yelled at Matt, “Where’s Kelly? Bring her out!” and Matt just FLIPPED. He literally walked to the end of the stage and said, ‘Who said that? You? You’re going to be a douche bag? What the fuck do you do for a living? You’re bald. You’re probably 60. You should know better. Do I come into your work place and heckle you?” and at this point I’m basically drunk off my ass and I’m grabbing Tara like HOLY HELL WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Lets just say….the next few songs were played with extra angst. Poor Matt. I fully support your bad temper in this situation. Haha.

Sometime during Matt’s set I guess I had set my phone on the floor. And I guess someone stepped on it. And I guess its 5 months later and I’m still too cheap to buy a new phone, because that crack is still there. Drunkness at its finest, folks.

During Kelly’s set, I sang extra loud thanks to the cocktails, and I had a serious lack of voice for 2 days after. It happens every Kelly tour. I’ll never learn.

After the set, as we’re walking out, and I see James and Konrad walking right past us. I stop to say hi, and then I realize I haven’t talked to Konrad in eons. I say something to Konrad like, “I haven’t talked to you this whole tour. I don’t think I’ve talked to you in like 3 years! What the fuck have you been up to?” Oh dear do not drink.

I’m saying ridiculous things that I can’t control. I asked what happened with the dude in the crowd. James asks what happened to my phone. We talk about Kelly. I’m pretty sure I imitate how I dance during her sets. Alcohol, nooo.

Konrad leaves soon after. He kept laughing at me because I know he could tell I was drunk. James chats for a little while longer and then has to go. I hug him goodbye, and then we’re off to shove pizza and coffee in our drunk faces and walk around to sober up.

An hour or so later we’re ready to drive back to Tara’s aunt’s, and it felt like the longest 2 hours of life. We were so exhausted! I think we finally went to sleep at 3am, and woke up at 8am to drive the 6 hours home. I had a perma-grin on my face the entire drive back. It’s amazing how happy these people and their music makes me. It’s a feeling I hope never dims.

You and I wouldn’t change a thing.

20 Aug

Just 4 days after getting off of a plane…I got back on one. This time, it wasn’t quite so across the country. It was a short 2 hour flight North into Seattle. Once landed, I rented a car, and then picked up Megan who flew in the day before to visit a friend in the area. From Seattle, we drove 4 hours to Spokane, Washington. For what? Must you ask? Matt Nathanson. Duh.

Back story to this insanity: I had been looking on his website and noticed that for this particular show, another musician I adore, Tyrone Wells, was opening. Automatically my mind starting scheming ways of getting to Washington (fly! drive! train!). Oh but hello, $99 flights. How’d you like to be purchased? From there I sweet talked Megan into going (not so much; she was pretty much on board right away) and we planned the short little weekend trip.

On the way to Spokane we stopped at a Five Guys (delish!) and I played in snow. SNOW! How I went from 90 degree weather in St Louis to snow all in less than a week…

When we got to the Knitting Factory, we were pleased to find out that if you are over the age of 21, you got to hang out in the bar area and not have to wait in line. Hooray!

So we ordered the most delicious drinks & got a little tipsy and enjoyed not having to freeze. I also sweet talked my way out of a parking ticket but batting my eyes and using the, “But I’m from California!” line when I went to add more change to the meter. Thanks, parking dude. P.S. You’re were pretty cute, too.

I had not seen Tyrone in a few years, so when he walked onstage I swooned a little. Gotta love a tall bald man who can yodel and sing his heart out.

When Matt came onstage, it only took about 45 seconds of him being at the microphone until he spotted me.  I got a “holy shit” look, then he shook his head and laughed. Not kidding….he pretty much sang 25% of the show staring right at me. At first it was awkward but then I started making weird faces at him and it was almost like a game. It became fun.

The set list this night was awesome. A lot of my old favorites were on the list (Suspended, Sing Me Sweet, Amazing Again) In the middle of Amazing Again, Matt sang a whole VERSE of a Lifehouse song right to me and then majorly cheesed grinned. He knows how to win me over and over again.

One thing I laughed about: his current single at the moment, “Faster” wasn’t on the setlist, or played. I was confused until Matt tweeted the next day that he forgot about it, and another one of his favorite songs.

After the show, we talked to Mark, Tyrone’s drummer for a bit, then headed back towards Seattle. We got a hotel at the halfway point, but it was pretty sketchy. I’m glad we woke up alive, and the car was still there.

We finished the drive in the morning and headed into the downtown area to have a little fun day before seeing Tyrone play a headlining show. We walked around Pike’s Place and had lunch, visited the gum wall, all the fun touristy things.

By the time we got to Neumos, I was SO exhausted and I’m not sure how I stood the entire show.

After the set we chatted it up with the big guy, and I think my eyes were slowly closing.

Luckily I have friends everywhere, so my friend Leah let us crash her couch after the show. My flight was 9:30am, so we slept a very minimal amounts of hours due to having to drive to the airport, dropping off the car, and checking in for our flights. I attempted to sleep the entire flight, but the boy next to me was NAUSEOUS the whole flight and I was afraid that if I closed my eyes I’d be spewed on. Ewww.

Eventually I landed in San Francisco, and was picked up by friends who drove me back to San Jose. Then I headed home and crashed early, because it was already back to work the next morning! Life, why do I make you so crazy?