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Last of The Great Pretenders Tour, or still the best week ever part 3.

5 Jan

After the awesomeness that was Maroon5 and Adam giving me a guitar, I thought the week wouldn’t get any better. Yeah, I was wrong. Guess it was Joslyn appreciation week?

The following morning it was back down south for another Matt show in Los Angeles. Yeah, all of California was seeing a lot of me. (If you don’t remember I had driven to Sacramento, Reno, San Diego, back to Sacramento, Mountain View & now LA and Oakland…)

I had a free hotel voucher that was expiring in a few weeks, so I decided to use it that evening. I LOVE staying at hotels alone. It’s like a mini getaway. Is that weird, or does anyone else enjoy solo hotel stays?

After checking in and dropping off my stuff, Heather and I headed to the venue. I waited in line and she napped in my car until after doors opened, haha.

While in line, I met up with my friends Lois and Astin. We watched a crazy homeless man with no legs ride around on a bike for awhile. Only in LA…

We were let in and it was back to being bored by Joshua Radin. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.


Then Matt came to play, and he got super excited that Astin and I were standing next to each other. He’s got a love for both of us, and he nerded out. It was cute.

After the show we hung out for a bit, but then I decided I needed a good night sleep because it was back to NorCal the following morning. Ugh. Driving. So much.

I made sure to stay north of LA so I wouldn’t get stuck in any lingering morning traffic. The drive to Oakland was pretty smooth, and I got there with plenty of time to spare.

I had joked to Matt on Twitter that it was my last show (for awhile) and that Adam gave me a guitar, so the LEAST he could do was play my song. I’m annoying. He replied that “I may have to play it for you in some post show-you rule hang. I keep putting it on the set list but it doesn’t fit.”

Um…why does it not fit? I laughed at the tweet and then went, “Yeah right” and headed to get in line. I ran into Jane and Carrie, and we were making small talk about the last few shows. I mentioned my song not being played, and Matt’s tweet, and we all laughed it off. Jane was in San Diego and was stoked that All Been Said Before was on the set list too, before it was skipped over.

Then, I sent another joke tweet that there were only 3 of us out front and that Matt should play the song for me right then. I have no shame. I pretty much tweet that man whatever I’m thinking. And I probably tweet him TOO much, hence him knowing my Twitter handle off the top of his head…

Um…so then 10 minutes later a guy that I know through Matt that works for Vanguard (Matt’s record label), Ayappa, came out and was all, “Oh hey Joslyn. How have your shows been? Want to join us for sound check?” and I was like UM GREAT, UH YEAH. And then I turned to the girls because they were coming along with me and said, “You’re welcome.” This was totally Nathanson’s doing.


We walked in, and Matt gave me this grin like, “Oh HI. La de da.” Sound check was awesome. They played a few songs including Last Days of Summer in San Francisco for the first time (“We’ve never played this for humans. Tell us if we should play this tonight.”) and afterwards Matt came offstage to chat for awhile.


Back in July he had fought me who I was going to see on tour after I realized m5 and him had CA dates on the same day, and I kinda rubbed it in his face. “I’m not at Maroon5 right now.” “Wait, where are they?” “Irvine. So I could have totally stayed down there since we were in LA last night.” “But you’re here…YES.” Told you, bitch. 😉

Matt went to say hi to his family really quick, but told us to stay where we were. Josh started his sound check at this point, so Matt took us into this stairwell type thing and told us to sit. “I’m just gonna grab a guitar” he said. Then he came back…and played my song.



Uhhhh…wait, what was happening? I sat there and listened, trying not to smile like an idiot (which failed). I can’t believe that he would do that for me. I felt spoiled, and lucky, and forever grateful. I sat back and took it all in…this was a huge week.  My heart was so full from the love I gave towards my bands, that I received right back.

After Matt put back the guitar, (“This is Aaron’s guitar, don’t tell!”) we talked for a bit more before we headed back to get in line.
“What other shows are you going to?” he asked. I like how he just assumes I was going to other shows when this was the last one in California…he knows me well because…I was. Ha.
“I’m going to Baltimore and Philly.”
“Oh, good! Anywhere else?” (HAHA. He knows me super well.)
“Well, I want to go to Minneapolis, but it’s sold out…”
“Dude, if there’s anything I can do for you let me know.” Love.

So we went back out to join the line and I’m pretty sure I just looked at the girls and went, “WHAT. WAS. THAT. I could cry right now.” (I didn’t.)

I contemplated keeping that moment to myself. My little secret. But then I wanted to share with everyone just how fucking amazing Matt is…that he’d take time out to play a song when his family was waiting for him. He didn’t have to do it. But he did. Again, forever grateful. He is the best. BEST!

We were let inside and while the show was awesome (hometown shows always are) I’m pretty sure I could have just went home happy after sound check. I just LOVE him. The best.

The following morning I had to work, and seeing as I drove 3,000 miles in a week and a half I was exhausted. But the memories of the best week ever kept me going. Still awesome to think back on to this day.

Last Of The Great Pretenders Tour, or The Best Week Ever, part 1.

26 Dec
The formatting on this post keeps messing itself up, and won’t allow spaces between paragraphs. I apologize. It bugs me too. Now onto a belated blog. 
Oh man. Where do I even begin? I had a string of Matt Nathanson and Maroon 5 shows falling all within a week period of one another. I dubbed it to become “the best week ever”. It lived up to it’s name.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Show numero uno.

First up on the list was Matt playing at Ace of Spades in Sacramento.

A radio station put together a show benefiting Breast Cancer, and the show was only announced about three weeks before the date. Let’s say I was excited to start the party off sooner, and went ahead and treated myself to a “VIP” ticket. The VIP tickets were sold in limited quantities, and it allowed you to have early entry and get to attend sound check and a m&g before the show. It was only $20 more, but I contemplated it for awhile (awhile, as in, probably 15 minutes) before I said, “Ah, screw it!” and caved.

Early entry is awesome. I got there about 15 minutes or so before they told us to arrive via email. There was a 30 minute delay due to someone getting stuck in traffic *coughNathansoncough* but I won’t name names. 😉
It was hot while waiting. I got sunburned. But eventually we were let in and Matt played 3 songs and it all became worth it, because I realized “This is it. Tour is STARTING!” After the sound check we were all cattle called into a single file line to take pictures with Matt.
Of course, since there were many of us, the conversations were rushed. But since I was the only one who caved to the VIP ticket, I got to talk to Matt solo, while my other friends were still outside in the general admission line. (Or as one of the radio station guys said, “You’re so lucky! You get to take a solo picture! You can wrap your leg around him!” Yeah no, he’d freak if I attempted that…) I’m always greeted with open arms. “Are you ready to see my face A LOT the next few days?” I asked him.
“UM, YEAH. Shit. We’re going to have to change up the set list for you, aren’t we?”
“Ohhh…I want to hear All Been Said Before!”
“Ohhhh! That’s a good one.”
“Do it!”
“Oh, I will. Just tweet me, because I won’t remember.”
Remember this conversation. It has importance over the next week.
After we took photos, we were then made to go back outside to wait in line only to be let back in an less than an hour later. Dumb.20130926_165538
I saved a spot for Tara, so once the GA line was let in, she squeezed in up front with me.20130926_173131
There was no opener, so Matt came right out and got down to the rocking. I loved the shit out of this tour. So good.
After the show Tara and I met up with DawnL and Tracy for a bit to say hi, and then the two of us headed back to Tara’s place a few miles away to crash since the next day we were headed to Reno.
Tara went to work the next morning for a few hours, and I hung out at her place with her man friend until she was off. We made lunch, then we headed out on our way to Reno.
Every time I go to Reno it’s…interesting. This visit, there was some sort of motorcycle convention or something going on, and there were just people EVERYWHERE.
I had tweeted Matt a long the drive to not forget to play my song, and he replied back with, “Wait, tonight?!” so I don’t think he knew I was coming to Reno. As Tara and I waited in line, Matt and Shiben passed us, and he cutely went, “OH oh, hiiii.” and Shiben waved like an excited kid. I’m pretty sure that made me love them more.
We were let in, and Tara and I immediately got alcohol. I got some rough news while waiting in line, and I definitely needed a little buzz. Except they are HEAVY HANDED in Reno, and I might have been slightly, okay definitely, intoxicated before the show started. Which was awesome, because no offense but, Joshua Radin should not be Matt’s opener. Snooze-a-palooza.
Matt came out, and it was an even longer and awesome set than the night before. I can’t get enough of that man. So good.
After the show we ran into Shiben and chatted for a bit (“You’ve seen Matt Nathanson 94 times?!”) before heading back on the road to Sacramento to sleep.  I hung out with Tara the next morning for a bit, before driving back home…for only 16 hours. Oh, my life.
The following morning I woke up at 5am to head to the airport to catch a flight to San Diego. Except, that all went down the drain when the plane was SMOKING, and we all had to get off. I got impatient playing the “wait for multiple hours” game. I called my boyfriend who had dropped me off and had my car and the keys, took a taxi his way since he was at work, and picked up my car and drove the 7 hours. The fuck. Hasty decision.
The whole drive I went about 85mph. I think I shaved an hour off of the ETA. I was tired and delirious and had no food or coffee in my system by the time I arrived to San Diego around 5pm.
I met up with my best friend Nicole at House of Blues and immediately sat down to ate. Note for future reference: don’t eat cheese loaded entrees when you have a completely empty stomach. No bueno.
The waitress was taking FOREVER (and it wasn’t even busy) so I left Nicole inside to pay and I hopped into the forever long line. Matt walked by a few minutes later and said, “Hey! All Been Said Before or something tonight, right?” and I was so delirious that I think I just smiled. Haha. I mean, YES please.
Once let inside we actually weren’t far back. Second row center. But we are old and sat on the floor while we waited for the show to start. Then we suffered through Josh. Nicole actually played a game or two of Candy Crush during his set. Ha.
Before Matt came out, the setlist was taped onstage and All Been Said Before was on the list! And I was totally stoked the entire set leading up to it. And then the jerk skipped right over it. He gave me a “Omg, please don’t kill me I’m so sorry” look, but I’m pretty sure I still gave him the stink eye through the next two songs. Then I got over it. At least he attempted by putting it on the setlist.
Fabulous show, as always. As soon as it was over we booked it, because Nicole had to work at 6am the next morning and I had to leave at 4:30am. I know, what? Since I drove instead of flew, I had to leave when it was still pitch black out because I was working that evening. Great things about planes, they get you to places quickly. Sob.
So, I drove home, stopped off at my boyfriend’s place since I had an extra hour, zombie’d around while he took me to lunch, and then headed to work for 6 hours. Cry.
The things I do for you Nathanson…to be continued.

Ruling the most.

5 Dec

Woah, throw back Thursday! Here’s a blog that’s been waiting to be posted since July. Sorry. Hopefully Santa brings me a laptop for Christmas so I can get back into the swing of things!

A week and a half after Matt Nathanson had his CD release show, he played not one, but TWO sets at the fair in Paso Robles. Yes, this is the fair where I danced  and sang onstage with Train for the first time a few summers ago.

My lovely wife Beth came out from STL to celebrate her birthday and to visit. We had originally planned on her staying with me for a few days, but then I was lame and got myself a second job who only gave me one day off. Boo, second job, you whore.

So we made the best of it. The evening Beth arrived I worked a double. A big fat 12.5 hour double.  Then I drove 2 hours to Walnut Creek to DawnL and Tracy’s place, because they were nice enough to pick Beth up at the airport so she wasn’t left in San Francisco all alone. (Closing at a restaurant you never know when you’ll get out. For example, that night I left 45 minutes after I was scheduled to be off. Lame.)

By that time it was 2am-ish? We stayed awake chatting for another hour or so, and then I had a nap…aka I hardly slept that night and then woke extremely early. Ugh.

DawnL had gone to work early that morning, and the remaining 3 of us went to meet her during her lunch hour before Beth and I headed back to Monterey.

After highly caffeinating and feeding, we trekked it down home. Literally walked into my house, changed clothes, then headed back out the door to show Beth around and go to the Aquarium for a short time before it closed. *There would be photos of fish, jellyfish & penguins here if I wasn’t too lazy to upload. Google “Monterey Bay Aquarium” :p

After acting like a tourist in my own town, I made my boyfriend meet up with us, because come on. My “wife” has to meet the dude I’d been cheating on her with! 😉


We drove around some more to show Beth some other cool things (who “OOOHHHH the OCEAN!” every 5 minutes…) before going to dinner. I caffeinated myself again. If I looked exhausted to you here, it’s because I WAS.

2013-08-07 20.53.32
After dinner I dropped the boy off at home, and Beth and I headed back to try to get a somewhat long sleep.

The next morning I tweeted about it being my 90th show, and got the cutest reply back.

2013-12-05 13.06.59

I fucking adore you, Nathanson.  Stop.

Cheryl and Kim picked us up from my place, and we caffeinated once again before headed down the 101 to Paso Robles. I should rename my blog to “Coffee and Concerts”.

It. Was. HOT. 103 degrees of torture.

We walked around a bit. Ate gross fair food. Hid in shade. Watched Matt sound check. Then we toughed it out in the sun to watch Matt’s set.



I loved hearing the new songs for the first time. I loved sharing the moment with one of my favorite people.

After the show, we were on our way out to head home when I heard a bit of a commotion. I turned around and there was Matt, signing some stuff. Beth was talking to him and said something about me, to where he turned and got all excited when he saw my face and gave me a high five. (Sorry, wifey.)

“Happy 90th time you’ve seen me!” I joked.
“I KNOW. I got so excited when I saw that. At 95 let’s get cake.”
“95? Why not 100?”
“I don’t know…”

He’s weird.


We chatted for another short moment, and then it was time for us to leave. I contemplated a cinnamon roll I had been eying all day, then decided against it. I had CHEESECAKE for breakfast that morning. True story. Fat kid-ness at it’s finest, folks.

Then, I sadly had to give Beth up to her other friends who were taking her to the airport the following day, Cheryl, Kim & I drove back home, and I was thrown into a weekend of long, busy, waitressing. Sigh.

Love me ’til my heart starts.

23 Sep
Oh look, a blog!

I KNOW. It’s been way too long. But between two jobs, and no laptop for the past few months (RIP laptop…and everything I lost on it. Sob.) my posts would have been boring.

“Today I worked. Yesterday I worked. Tomorrow…I work.”

BUT. Here I am. Still alive after working 7 days a week for the past 6 months.

Back in July, I even went to a few shows that are blogable. I know. July…and its now September. I work 7 days a week. Give me a break, OK?! Have a blog. Here’s a story about a show.

Matt Nathanson’s newest CD came out on July 16th. The day of, he had a CD release show in San Francisco, so Cheryl and I made the trip up to the city to attend the release festivities.

We left early to have a “fun day” in the city.

philz creamery
This happened.

creme brulee

And this.

Oh, and there was tacos from La Taqueria between those. OK, so our fun day revolved all around food. Who care. We walked over 4 miles that day so it that burned off, what? The coffee? 🙂


The show was at Amoeba Records, and when we arrived, the staff was pretty surprised to see people there early. We weren’t the first to arrive, but they still were all, “You know you girls have 2 more hours to wait, right?” This ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy. I’ve waited much longer…

cheryl and i

When the show finally started, I think my face exploded in a gigantic grin. I hadn’t seen Matt in 7 months, and that’s far too, too, TOO long.

matty live


After the set, we waited in a line for 1.5 hours to say hi and for Matt to sign our CDs. Why we decided to “Let’s go last!” is stupid. We were hungry and exhausted and Matt is probably the only one who I’d wait for that long. Homeboy for life.

matty talk

When it was finally my turn, I was greeted into a giant embrace and Matt says, “I love when you’re here.” (Stop making me love you!) We made small chit-chat (“How are you? How have you been?” “So good to see you.”) and then…we fought. Haha. First, he spelled my name wrong. “J-O-S-E-L…” “There’s no E in my name!!!” “SHIT! I was just testing you to see if you were drunk.” STOP. Love. You.


CD(You can see where the E turned into an L.)

Story behind the, “Choose Me”: when Matt announced tour dates, I realized his California dates conflicted with Maroon5/Kelly Clarkson shows in California on the same days. Worst nightmare ever. I tweeted something like, “That moment you realize there are Matt and M5 shows on the same day in California… FML.” and he replied, “Um, there’s no real debate here…” Ha.

So, Matt then decided to fight me over who I was going to see. “I’m glad you’re doing good. But you’re going to see Maroon5 and Kelly instead.”
“Um, no. I bought tickets to your shows.”
“No. No.”
“Yes I did! I bought LA and Oakland tickets. I’ll be there!”
“We’ll see..”
I told him again I ultimately chose him, and he mumbled some more nonsense, and I’m all, “I love you the most!” and he just replies, “Oh…” So there.

As we were saying our goodbyes, he goes, “Hey! Do you like bunny grahams? Some nice fan gave them to me but I can’t eat them. Take them for your drive home! Wait, hide them in your bag! In case they’re still here. I don’t want her to see…” Oh my god, adore him. And sorry whoever gave Matt Annie’s Bunny Grahams…I ate them all.

No more Cure songs to get lost in.

22 Mar

Four months after Matt said he’d perform a new song live, it finally happened. And nearly four months after that show happened, I am finally blogging about it. Guilty.

The concert ticket cost me a big ole Ben Franklin, but it was a Concert for the Kids benefit which benefited a children’s hospital in Oakland. I’m using the fact that it went to a good cause to make me feel less guilty that I dropped that much cash on myself.

It was a long day. I woke up at 6am to get ready and head to work for a few hours. Then I was off to drive 2 hours to San Francisco. The show was being held at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, which is the WORST PART OF DOWNTOWN SF EVER. Super hilly, to the point where your cars rolls backwards without your control. Super freaky. Also sucky? PARKING. The venue costs $30 to park in their lot (um, no) so I drove around in circles for close to an hour to find (free!) street parking. Which happened to be halfway down California street, so I hiked nearly a mile UP the huge inclined hill to get to the venue. It nearly killed me. Free workout. Thanks, San Fran.

My friend Megan was working for KFOG that day, so I headed to their booth to say hello. This day happened to be when the Sandy Hooks school shooting happened in Newtown, so there was such a glum funk hanging over everyone’s heads. We were raising money for kids here in California, and across the US, all these poor innocent babies died. It still breaks my heart all these months later.

I met up with Yvonne soon after. We weren’t sitting together, but she was only a few seats away, so she kept coming over and sitting in the seats empty in front of me between seats. I had a second row seat, and the people in the first row never showed up. Who does that?! I can’t complain though, because thanks to them, I had a perfect view. Ha.

Allen Stone played first, and the dude is amazing. His voice and style reminds me a lot of Marc Broussard, whom I’ve seen a good two dozen or so times. Also amazing? His hair.

Allen Stone
His entire set I was transfixed on his curls, and I wanted to touch them. Yes, I am a weirdo. But seriously, he’s only 25 and he’s going to go places.

Blind Pilot
Blind Pilot played next, and while they were good, they just weren’t quite my cup of tea. I found my mind wandering a bit during their set. Or maybe it’s just because I knew Matt was next?

Matt Nathanson
I’m pretty sure Matt spotted me almost within the first 3 minutes he was onstage. He was telling a story (that lasted probably 6 minutes before he played his first song, no lie) and when he looked in my direction, he almost paused while talking. Yeah, yeah. It’s me. Up front. No, I did not pay the people in front of me to not show up…ha. Now, lets address the hair…Hmmm. It is…big.

The entire set, I waited patiently to see if his promise of a new song would happen. And it did.

Oh. My. GOODNESS. I swear to you I held my breath the entire song. The chorus KILLS me. I just want to hug that song and tell it that everything is going to be alright. Every cent I spent was worth hearing and seeing that performed for the first time ever up close. (Thanks Yvonne for talking me into buying the “premium” ticket.)

After the show I said bye to Megan and Yvonne, and then headed back home. I tweeted Matt before I left, and got a super cute reply.


You bet I favorited that shit. I’m spoiled. He loves me.

I eventually got home around 1am, but couldn’t sleep. OH, OH, OH. THIS happened:

200,000 miles on my car. I need to learn to stay home. Oh, and yeah, I speed late at night. Whoops.

I watched that damn video probably until 3am and then forced myself to close my eyes. I cannot wait for a new album this year. ❤

That one time I saw Matt Nathanson for the 86th time, then stayed awake 40 hours to meet Kelly Clarkson.

19 Jan

Back in August when I was in New York, I had bought a ticket to see Matt play at a college in Rohnert Park, which is about 165 miles north of where I live. A few months later, the day finally came to attend the show. I took a half day at work, so I could take my sweet time driving up and just enjoy my day. Um, yeah. It ended up taking me almost 4.5 hours, when it was supposed to only take me less than 3. Talk about not relaxed, or enjoyable.

matt ticket

But once I finally stepped out of my car, things were better. I met up with Tara, and we headed to get a quick bite to eat before the show started. We headed over to the college and found Yvonne. We were all sitting separately, so we hung out as long as we could before the show started.


A guy named Noah Guthrie opened, and he was AMAZING. He’s only 18 but oh man, his voice is so matured for his age. I am a fan of it. I guess he’s pretty well known in the YouTube world, so you may have heard of him already? I hadn’t.

Matt played next. Out of all of the times I had seen him, this soared to the top and as the second best show I’ve ever seen him play. He was so perfect this night. He told a million hilarious stories, my face hurt from laughing so much, and the room he was playing in just enhanced his overall brilliance.


The staff was playing camera Nazi that night, so this is the only photo you get. Boo.

After Matt’s set, Tara and I found one another and then drove 40 minutes down to Corte Madera right away.

A week before, I had found out that Kelly Clarkson was playing at the opening of the new Microsoft Store, and the first 100 people in line got to meet her after the set. Tara and I had original plans of her following me home and having a touristy weekend in Monterey, but I asked her to be crazy with me instead and she agreed. Haha.

They had allowed camping out starting at 10pm, so I was afraid that we wouldn’t make the 100 cut off, since we were at the Matt show. We arrived around 11:20pm, and luckily were only 86 – 88 in line. We had talked Yvonne into coming with us at the Matt show. Not really. I said, “Are you a Kelly fan? Want to not sleep and try to meet her with us?” and she said, “OK!” (We’re all insane.)

So, from 11:20pm – 11am, we waited in line. Yup. Almost 12 hours of sitting and/or laying on concrete. We tried to sleep a few times, but it was 45 degrees out, and even piled under blankets, my body just wasn’t having it. I watched the hours creep by, and then watched the sun rise and gave up. All nighter, what up.

The good thing about being crazy, is there was staff patrolling the line all night, and they gave us multiple bottles of water, and free food. Cheesecake Factory grilled cheese for dinner, Peet’s Coffee pastries and coffee in the morning. Thank you!

Microsoft Kelly

Once 11am arrived, we were let into the store, got our wristbands, and then finally left the mall for a bit. Tara and I booked a hotel to take a nap and to shower. Only…the nap didn’t happen. We tried to fall asleep but both just laid there, so we got up to find lunch instead. Bummer. After lunch we headed back to the mall to wait in line again to be let into the concert.

in line for kelly
We were settled in about the 4th row, and I was completely happy with it. These teenagers kept trying to get in front of me, and I seriously was about to beat them down. I even yelled at one of them at one point, because I was so frustrated with them. You are 14. I am 27. I’ve been awake since 6am Friday, and its now Saturday evening. Don’t mess with me.

kelly live
Kelly played for an hour and a half, and at this point all the waiting would have been worth it for just that! But then we got put back into ANOTHER line and had to wait about a half hour to meet her. Oh my god, lines. It was like Disney Land. Or Black Friday. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

Finally it was our turn to say hello. I let Tara and Yvonne have their turns before me, because I wanted to watch them talk to her, haha.

When it was my go, I walked up and Kelly says,
“Hey! You! How are you? It’s great to see you again!” (Oh my God…Kelly Clarkson remembers me!!!)
“I’ve been awake for 38 hours.”
“Oh, SHIT.”
“You’re worth every second of it though!”
“Oh my…” and she was giving me this look like, I am so not worth it, but I am so thankful.

Then I told her it was actually my 20th time seeing her, and she got all loud and was like, “OMG! That’s so many times! This was like an anniversary show then! It’s a party!” and we both went WOO and held our hands up and I love her so much its ridiculous…

Then they were rushing me to take the photo, and Kelly was thanking me for being such a dedicated fan. So in my picture she wasn’t even ready and was talking. Haha. Then I was saying goodbye and she was like, “WAIT! What was your name again?”
“Joslyn! Joooslyn…” The way she said it the second time was like she was trying to commit it to memory. She’s adorable.

Then I was saying goodbye and she was like, “Thanks so much. I hope you come to the next show.” and was rubbing my arm and I just gave her a dumb look and said, “Uh…of course I will!”

kelly clarkson m&g


After that we were handed autographed photos, and I had a fan girl moment to Tara and Yvonne that she remembered me, haha. We then headed back to find our cars and go our separate ways. Tara and I were awake for probably another hour or so before we closed our eyes, then finally, slept. It was daylight savings time too, so we scored an extra hour. 12 glorious hours of sleep. Mmmmm.


The next morning we checked out of the hotel and went to a cute cafe to have breakfast before we had to leave one another. Holy crap, so simple, yet delicious.

Tara and I said our goodbyes, and then headed home. Exhaustion hit me a few hours after getting home, and I had to keep re-caffeinating to keep myself awake to a semi-decent time to go back to sleep. No one wants to go to bed at 6pm and wake up at 3am.

So worth every second awake.

She brought weekend boys home in her curls.

10 Jan

Well, I hope you liked my last post about Scars on 45 and Matt Nathanson shows, because you get another one! I had two back to back weekends seeing both bands, and it was a happy little dream come true for me.

Matt was playing a benefit music festival in Newport Beach, which is pretty far from me. I headed down to Long Beach the day before the show after work to stay with a friend who lives there. I hadn’t seen her in well over a year, and a lot had happened in that time, so when I arrived we had dinner that consisted of pizza and drank cider and caught up on everything. We’re classy, I know.

The next morning she fed me again, and after I had breakfast with her and her lady love, I headed to Newport Beach for the festival. It was an all day event and I headed down pretty early, which proved to be a stupid idea. The bands that played the first 4 hours were mind blowingly BORING, and I was practically the only person there. At least it was sunny and warm? I was the jerk up front reading a book for awhile during sets. Sorry.

A few hours later, as my shoulders starting pinking, I heard my name and it was someone I knew, Caroline, through Matt’s street team and Twitter. She had sun block and saved the day! Hooray! We hung out for the next few hours, and drank beer and gossiped to get through the next few torturous bands.

A little before Matt’s set, my friends Steve and Charity showed up, and my other friend Astin and her bf snuck their way up to the VIP section where we were at. Awesomeness had finally began, despite the fact that the sun had set and since the show was at the beach, there was a cold, cold, breeze. And I was wearing shorts. Rad.

So, as Matt walked out onstage, Steve decided to be a punk and scream, “Joslyn’s here!” and I wanted to die. I’m pretty sure I just gawked at Steve, and then hid my face in my hands. Apparently Matt just looked at me like, “Yes, I know.” Oh dear lord. I’m sorry for my friends and inabilities to control their loud mouths. Haha…(love you, Steve!)

matt NB
matt NB
I don’t even have to talk about the set because it was another great set of old and newer favorite songs acoustically, and typical hilarious Matt banter. “Are you guys drunk? Or is that a cup of noodle?”

Matt Setlist

Once the show was over, we waited in the ridiculously long shuttle ride back to our cars, (which wasn’t too bad, because we got to chat for another while longer) and parted ways.

I headed to Pasadena to where Scars on 45 and Dia Frampton were playing the next morning, to stay with DawnL and Tracy at their hotel. I slept in a sleepbag, on the floor, halfway underneath a sink. Awesome, I know. Ha. But I actually slept pretty well for being on a hard hotel floor. I wish I had taken a photo of my sleep, because it was a pretty classic moment.

Since the show was a brunch thing, we woke up around 8am to get ready and have a snack before heading over to the country club it was being held at. It was a ritzy club, so we decided we would dress up a little so we wouldn’t look out of place. Which, we did anyway, because most of the attendees at the show were 10 year olds or younger, seeing as it was a benefit for Steve’s son’s school. I love feeling old?

pasadena girls

DawnL and I pretty much inhaled coffee as soon as we arrived, and enjoyed a delicious brunch.  Nom nom nom. We ended up sharing a table with a few other people who ended up being fans of Dia, so I dubbed us the “fan” table. At least we weren’t the ONLY three at the event not related to the school.

danny nova
chris aimee

Scars on 45 opened the show, and I enjoyed watching all the little ones bob their heads to the music. This band still just awes me no matter how many times I’ve seen them live. Even at an early morning, both Aimee and Danny’s voices were spot on. Love them.

After Scars on 45, Dia played her set. The kids LOVE her, apparently, because you could hear little voices singing along to every word. Adorable.


After both bands played, they dispersed through out the club and mingled and signed things for the kids and parents.

We talked to most of them individually, and then Dawn L pretty much herded them all into a group, because she didn’t have a  full group photo with them, and wanted one. So of course I got in on that action, haha. I told them that I told Matt that I was cheating on him with them, and he approved, and they all got a kick out of it. They most definitely need to tour again together. Or that may be dangerous…

scars group

Chris was hilarious that day and asked if he had said anything embarrassing the weekend before, because as he put it, “I woke up the next morning with the worst hang over I’ve ever had in my life. They got me In N Out and I couldn’t even eat it. That’s how wasted I was.” Oh dear. I asked him if he remembered what his response was when I had asked him “Do you need a bucket?” (joke he said when I was wasted at the San Diego show back in July  and he said, “No…was it bad?” ha…it wasn’t. I told him he was just gross and asked if we could share it. “I don’t even remember that! That is gross. I’m sorry.” It’s cool, homeboy. Now I get to pick on you for being drunk! (He told a friend that went to one of their shows in Michigan that I was SOOO WASTED, so thus, payback.)

We realized it’d be the last time we’d see them until The Rock Boat in February, and the while the thoughts of not seeing them for 4 months was bumming, we also knew we had good times to look forward to. We said our goodbye’s for the year, and headed out to make our drives home.

It was insanely hot on this day, and I had to drive 6 hours home in 100 degree weather. When we left it was around noon, so it was possibly the worst time of day to be in my car. I was literally stripping layers of clothing off as I drove. This gave me an excuse to stop at a YogurtLand on the way home and consumed a super large pumpkin fro yo, so I guess it wasn’t all too bad? 😉