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Last of The Great Pretenders Tour, or still the best week ever part 3.

5 Jan

After the awesomeness that was Maroon5 and Adam giving me a guitar, I thought the week wouldn’t get any better. Yeah, I was wrong. Guess it was Joslyn appreciation week?

The following morning it was back down south for another Matt show in Los Angeles. Yeah, all of California was seeing a lot of me. (If you don’t remember I had driven to Sacramento, Reno, San Diego, back to Sacramento, Mountain View & now LA and Oakland…)

I had a free hotel voucher that was expiring in a few weeks, so I decided to use it that evening. I LOVE staying at hotels alone. It’s like a mini getaway. Is that weird, or does anyone else enjoy solo hotel stays?

After checking in and dropping off my stuff, Heather and I headed to the venue. I waited in line and she napped in my car until after doors opened, haha.

While in line, I met up with my friends Lois and Astin. We watched a crazy homeless man with no legs ride around on a bike for awhile. Only in LA…

We were let in and it was back to being bored by Joshua Radin. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.


Then Matt came to play, and he got super excited that Astin and I were standing next to each other. He’s got a love for both of us, and he nerded out. It was cute.

After the show we hung out for a bit, but then I decided I needed a good night sleep because it was back to NorCal the following morning. Ugh. Driving. So much.

I made sure to stay north of LA so I wouldn’t get stuck in any lingering morning traffic. The drive to Oakland was pretty smooth, and I got there with plenty of time to spare.

I had joked to Matt on Twitter that it was my last show (for awhile) and that Adam gave me a guitar, so the LEAST he could do was play my song. I’m annoying. He replied that “I may have to play it for you in some post show-you rule hang. I keep putting it on the set list but it doesn’t fit.”

Um…why does it not fit? I laughed at the tweet and then went, “Yeah right” and headed to get in line. I ran into Jane and Carrie, and we were making small talk about the last few shows. I mentioned my song not being played, and Matt’s tweet, and we all laughed it off. Jane was in San Diego and was stoked that All Been Said Before was on the set list too, before it was skipped over.

Then, I sent another joke tweet that there were only 3 of us out front and that Matt should play the song for me right then. I have no shame. I pretty much tweet that man whatever I’m thinking. And I probably tweet him TOO much, hence him knowing my Twitter handle off the top of his head…

Um…so then 10 minutes later a guy that I know through Matt that works for Vanguard (Matt’s record label), Ayappa, came out and was all, “Oh hey Joslyn. How have your shows been? Want to join us for sound check?” and I was like UM GREAT, UH YEAH. And then I turned to the girls because they were coming along with me and said, “You’re welcome.” This was totally Nathanson’s doing.


We walked in, and Matt gave me this grin like, “Oh HI. La de da.” Sound check was awesome. They played a few songs including Last Days of Summer in San Francisco for the first time (“We’ve never played this for humans. Tell us if we should play this tonight.”) and afterwards Matt came offstage to chat for awhile.


Back in July he had fought me who I was going to see on tour after I realized m5 and him had CA dates on the same day, and I kinda rubbed it in his face. “I’m not at Maroon5 right now.” “Wait, where are they?” “Irvine. So I could have totally stayed down there since we were in LA last night.” “But you’re here…YES.” Told you, bitch. 😉

Matt went to say hi to his family really quick, but told us to stay where we were. Josh started his sound check at this point, so Matt took us into this stairwell type thing and told us to sit. “I’m just gonna grab a guitar” he said. Then he came back…and played my song.



Uhhhh…wait, what was happening? I sat there and listened, trying not to smile like an idiot (which failed). I can’t believe that he would do that for me. I felt spoiled, and lucky, and forever grateful. I sat back and took it all in…this was a huge week.  My heart was so full from the love I gave towards my bands, that I received right back.

After Matt put back the guitar, (“This is Aaron’s guitar, don’t tell!”) we talked for a bit more before we headed back to get in line.
“What other shows are you going to?” he asked. I like how he just assumes I was going to other shows when this was the last one in California…he knows me well because…I was. Ha.
“I’m going to Baltimore and Philly.”
“Oh, good! Anywhere else?” (HAHA. He knows me super well.)
“Well, I want to go to Minneapolis, but it’s sold out…”
“Dude, if there’s anything I can do for you let me know.” Love.

So we went back out to join the line and I’m pretty sure I just looked at the girls and went, “WHAT. WAS. THAT. I could cry right now.” (I didn’t.)

I contemplated keeping that moment to myself. My little secret. But then I wanted to share with everyone just how fucking amazing Matt is…that he’d take time out to play a song when his family was waiting for him. He didn’t have to do it. But he did. Again, forever grateful. He is the best. BEST!

We were let inside and while the show was awesome (hometown shows always are) I’m pretty sure I could have just went home happy after sound check. I just LOVE him. The best.

The following morning I had to work, and seeing as I drove 3,000 miles in a week and a half I was exhausted. But the memories of the best week ever kept me going. Still awesome to think back on to this day.

Adam Levine gave me a f’n guitar. No, really.

1 Jan

Best Week Ever, Part 2!

My 99th and 100th Maroon 5 shows will probably always be my favorite Maroon 5 shows of life. Might I add that I wish that Kelly Clarkson opened for them forever, because I would like to see that about 500 times more.

The morning of my 99th show, I worked a few hours then headed to Sacramento to pick up Heather from the airport. We drove to the venue to hop into line, since it was general admission and a 24,000 venue. Craaazy.



We had bought “Pass the line” tickets for $5 which conveniently scored us front row. Best five bucks ever spent.

Rozzi Crane opened. She’s on Adam Levine’s record label. She’s good, but her music isn’t quite my taste.

Next came out my girl, Kelly. Within a few songs she pointed and sang at me, and I’m telling myself it’s because she still remembers me and we’re BFFs. Yeah, sure. Haha. She’s SOOO good. This was my 20-something time seeing her and you think I’d have learned by now that I need to not sing so loud during her sets though because I’m prone to ALWAYS loosing my voice! I practically did halfway through her set.

Next, the loves of my life, M5. (I should do a huge throw back series of blogs of m5 shows from the bands early years. I found my old LiveJournal, and it is HILARIOUS, because 10 years ago I was a DWEEB. The posts would make you see why what happened next, did. And we can all laugh at how lame I was. It’ll be fun.)

Anyway, M5. Adam spots Heather and I a few songs in. Points, give us smiles. Love you. Then a few songs later, THIS happens. (Fast forward about 55 seconds.)

Um…I cried. I hate him. Thanks for the love. And yes, he did say, “Every time I see them I feel the need to kiss their asses.” ❤

I didn’t think it’d get any better than that, until several songs later where HE GAVE ME A FUCKING GUITAR. Here’s the video in all its glory. Thanks Heather for recording this.

Oh man. How I didn’t cry at THAT is surprising. I don’t know if you can hear, but at the end of the video I say, “I’m going to hug it.” HAHA. So I’m still a dweeb…

Getting out of the venue was RIDICULOUS. I had a shit ton of people stop me wanting to see the guitar, touch the guitar, take photos with me, ask a million questions. My favorite: Have you met Adam before?! No…he just knows me from the front row…DUH 12 year olds.

Finally we make our way to my car, to where I seat belted that baby in. Took us another good half hour to drive out of the parking lots, and by the time we stopped for a late night snack and caffeine to survive the drive home, it was 4:30am. And I had to work the next morning. Oh my, shoot me in the face.

I don’t know how I got through the few hours at work. Then we headed back out to Mountain View to go to the big 100.

I had a 3rd row ticket that I was completely content with, but m5’s tour manager told us he would give us two seats together so we wouldn’t sit separately. So when we went to the box office guess what was waiting for us? FRONT ROW, DEAD CENTER. Um, I love you Fred. Thanks for being awesome to us over the past decade.

So, I basically sang in Kelly’s face.

And then m5’s. And it was awesome. And the 100th. And then we went home and passed out because the following day it was back onto the Matty Nay tour. I didn’t think the week could possible get any better, but somehow, it did.

…to be continued.

Virtual Coffee Date, 2.

24 May
Hello, my friends.

If we were having coffee together, I’d have a lot to catch you up on.

I haven’t been neglecting the blog on purpose. I just haven’t been doing much. Well, in reality, it’s been the opposite: I’ve been super busy. Just not my norm baking & concert attending.

I’ve ran some races. I’ve started going to a new class at the gym. (Barre Sculpt, I friggin’ love. you.) Still going to my old classes at the gym. Also, I got a second job. So, now I work 7 days a week. On Fridays, I pull a double.  9am – 3pm at job one, and 6pm – 1am at job 2. Oye. Let’s just say caffeine and I are good friends on Fridays.

I’ve also found myself a boyfriend. We met, 3 and a half weeks later went on our first date (which lasted 7 hours!), and pretty much that was that. We had a talk a few days later, and I’ve been his girlfriend ever since. It all happened so fast, but when you know, you know folks. (And I knew from day one that I liked him. Butterflies, giddiness, all that teenage dream stuff…it’s silly.) I’ve been blissfully happy, and annoyingly smiley. He’s a good one. A real good one.

So, between two jobs, the gym, and dates with the boy, there’s not much time to blog. I haven’t even gone to a concert since mid-March! (And I passed up 2 Matt Nathanson shows…what the eff is wrong with me?!) Here’s a photo from my last show…I guess I owe you a blog about it, sometime…

maroon 5
My first day off in 50 days (!!!) will be on Monday and I simply cannot wait. I’ve been battling a cold the past week (duh, no sleep + non stop working catches up to you. Stop texting your boyfriend until 1am, Joslyn, and go to sleep. He will still adore you tomorrow.) so I have plans that include a few DVDs, napping, and all sorts of laziness.

So please bare with me as I settle into my new roles of overachiever/dating extraordinaire/gym enthusiast. I promise I am around, somewhere.

The Top 5 Albums of 2012 you really should have been listening to.

30 Dec

I can’t believe I published the 2011 version of this post a year ago. Holy crap, where’d the year go?!

2012 was yet again another year of great music. These were my top 5 spins you should have been singing along to.

5. Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits: Chapter One

Ok. Is this cheating? Having a greatest hits album on my list? Well I don’t care. Seeing as I got to meet the girl again twice (!!) this year, my love for her is at an all time high, and I just can’t seem to get enough of her music.

This album does have 3 new songs, plus a Christmas track, so those count as something new. Besides those, the album has all the biggest hits and singles from Kelly over the years. I love every second of this album!

Personal favorite tracks: Since U Been Gone, Stronger, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Catch My Breath

m5 overexposed
4. Maroon 5 – Overexposed

I wish I could have put this higher up on the list, or even just labeled it number 1 since I have them tattooed on my body but…I’m going to be real and say I was just was not that impressed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still drove to three stores the day it came out just to find the deluxe album. Yeah, this is a good album. Yeah, I bounce around my room or car or during Zumba anytime the songs are played. But Maroon 5 has had much more solid albums in the past. This feels a tad too over-auto tuned and filler track-ish to me.  I was expecting more, I suppose? Meh. I still can’t wait for the Overexposed tour in March, though! The band is a thousand times better live as it is.

Personal favorite tracks: Sad, One More Night, Daylight

3. SafetySuit – These Times

This album came out the first week of January, and I still haven’t gotten over it yet. I just mentioned them in my blog a few days ago, and I will again express how much you NEED to see this band live. You also need to buy this album. I am so in love with their first album, that I didn’t know how These Times would hold up as  a second album. Um…amazingly?! Just see them live, and you will know what my obsession is. I love this band.

Personal favorite tracks: Let Go, Crash, You Don’t See Me

2. Lifehouse – Almeria

Lifehouse. My loves. I had been counting down months, weeks, days, seconds until this album came out. And yes, it was only released on the 11th of this month, so I am still in the newlywed honeymoon stage love.

This album takes a different approach from the past 5 albums the band has released. It took probably a solid week for me to just be able to listen to it without going, “hmmmm.” It has a bit of a country feel to it, which is not what you expect from a pop/rock band. But once you get it, you get it.

Jason Wade is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve come across. I find myself seriously holding my hand over my heart while listening to their music often, because of lyrical brilliance . Or that might just be me swooning. Um, hello picture of perfection of man.

Do yourself a favor and pick up the deluxe version of this album. The bonus tracks really round out the album, and they have more of an “old” Lifehouse feel to them.

Personal favorite tracks: Aftermath, Only You’re the One, Barricade, Always Somewhere Close

1 . Scars on 45 – Scars on 45

I know you’re not surprised. How many blog posts have you read about my crush on this band by now? This album is amazing. I find every chance I can get to play it for people who have never heard of the band. I thank Matt Nathanson silently in my head every time I see them live for having them open for him, because otherwise I’d probably be one of those people oblivious of their talent.

The album got pushed back a few months from its original release date, and it was torture. But it was worth the wait, and you must, must, must buy the deluxe version of this album, because those tracks are some of my personal favorite songs of life. Yeah, we’re getting serious here. I cannot wait to see where this band goes in their career. You can say you heard it from me (thanks, Matt) first.

Personal favorite tracks: Change My Needs, Don’t Say, Beauty’s Running Wild, Promises and Empty Words

What happens in Vegas…

1 Oct

…stays in Vegas.

So, end of blog.

KIDDING. I’m not one of those crazy girls gone wild types. Even though I did tackle Heather on the bed. And consumed almost an entire bottle of chocolate wine to myself. And wore a short skirt…

After arriving in Vegas after out horrendous drive through the night, Heather, Sahra and I were luckily checked into our hotel room 5 hours early. (Thank you, Palms!!!) I took what I thought seemed to be the best shower of my life, due to the fact that it was hot, and I was disgustingly gross from the drive. Life on tour isn’t all glamorous, kids!

We met up with Joy, Morgan & Kim awhile later, who were all sharing the room with us. Party at the Palms, what!

We all split to do our separate lunch things, then met up later and started getting pretty for the evening. I may or may not have started drinking at 3:30pm. The bottle of wine may have been empty by 5…

After prepping, we headed down to the lobby to get in line because it was a general admission show, and I live by the “front row or no row” motto, and I was determined to fulfill it that evening. Success.

The show was being filmed (in 3-D!) for MTV, so there were HUGE cameras everywhere. It was a bit of a trip to watch it being taped. Or having the camera shoved in my face as well. Like, EXTREMELY CLOSE. I swear the dude was going to poke my eye out with his lens a few times. Hopefully I look good in 3-D? 😉

When Matt started his set it was bittersweet. The last show of tour is always sad. I never wanted him to end, but alas, it had to happen. Heather says we “eye sexed” half his set, ha! I blame this on the fact that I told him I’d be drunk (semi-joking…) and I think he was just trying to figure out if I really was or not! Or he just loves me and he’ll miss seeing my face every night. Yeah. Lets go with the latter 😉


After Matt, Maroon 5 played. I’m pretty sure once they got to “She Will Be Loved” Heather and I were about to cry, so I grabbed her and we had a hug/sway fest during the entire song. Pretty sure the camera men loved us during that song. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or not…oh wait: not.

Sadly, the show eventually ended. We waited in line to say goodbye to Matt, and I’m pretty sure I pouted once I walked up to him.

“Its over Matt! My dream tour is over!”

“It’s not over, its just beginning. I made this happen, just for you!”

We chatted for a moment, said our “See you in October!” and then were on a mission for food.

Have you ever had cheese fries from Nathan’s? OMG. I hadn’t. I wish there was a Nathan’s near me. It’s probably good that there is not, because those were the best damn fries I’ve ever had.

After food we were off to use our $20 credit towards drinks & gambling we had from booking our room through Groupon. Sweet. Thanks, Groupon!

I hit a wall around 1:30am, and had to go to sleep.

The next morning we had 2 free buffets as well (Free $18.95 buffet? Hells yes!) So I ate as much as humanly possible so I wouldn’t be hungry on the 10 hour drive that loomed ahead of me & Joy.

After saying our sad goodbyes to Heather, we were off. The drive way long, and hot, and miserable, but somehow I got through it. I promptly showered and crawled into bed as soon as I walked through my apartment door.

This tour was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. I had SO MUCH FUN. Not just because my two favorites of all time were touring together, but because of everyone who I hung out with as well. I know some amazing ladies, and I am thankful that these bands have brought us together! I love all of you. Thanks for the memories! Until the next tour! 🙂

Humming, all the way to Reno…

28 Sep

Reno, Nevada. “The Biggest Little City in the World”

Reno is…special. Especially the downtown area. I always feel like I’m going to be robbed or something. But, I continue to come back time after time, because wherever good music is, I follow.

Heather & I had a few hour drive from the Bay Area, so after breakfast, it was off to the Silver State!

Once we arrived there, we headed to the airport to pick up Sahra.

We were totally classy and got ready in the airport bathroom. Then, we headed towards the venue.

Once there, we got lucky and someone (no name drops here) let us into the Maroon5 meet & greet because they were feeling generous. OK, lets be honest: between the 3 of us we’ve gone to 294 (!!!) Maroon 5 shows and we deserve it. Wait, does that all of a sudden make us sound insane? Um…

When we walked in, all the boys greeted us sarcastically with, “Who are you? Oh its so nice to meet you.” Handshakes and introductions and all. Dorks.

Usually they sit behind a table and sign autographs and take photos sitting. When we walked up Adam said, “I’m not signing SHIT for you guys!” Buhahaha. I had nothing on me anyway, and it’s not like I needed another autograph! I’ve gotten plenty of those over the last 10 years, thank you very much.

After chatting about how many shows we’ve been to (“96 shows? You’re not putting enough time in…”)  it was photo time! Adam said, “I’m going to stand up and we’re going to take a REAL photo. You guys deserve it.” When he came around the other side of the table he put an arm around Heather and I and said, “My ladies.” Oh God, I love him. When Jesse came around the table, I promptly grabbed him so he’d stand to my right, because I’ve been slightly infatuated with him since the age of 16. No, I don’t pick favorites…

Note James hiding behind me. This is because “I don’t want to be seen in my shorts!” Psssh! We’ve all seen those legs of his before!

This was the first show we attended that Train wasn’t at. But lets be honest: Matt Nathanson & Maroon5? The bands I have tattooed on me? Yeah, OK. Dreams are made of this. I was totally fine with just the two!

After the show, we once again went to say hi to Matt so Sahra could get a photo taken with him.

“Are you sick of me, yet?” I asked Matt. His eyes got wide and he looked at me like I had seriously offended him.

“Am I WHAT?! You know I love you.”

He continued to answer something that Heather had asked him, then turned back to me. “Am I sick of you? Psssh. You’re the best.” Homeboy – YOU’RE the best. ❤

This photo is ridiculous looking.

After Matt-chatting, we headed to Denny’s to once again pancake and caffeinate it up. My poor body.

Then, the God awful 7.5 hour drive to Vegas. I drove from about 1am to 6am and then pulled over in some random parking lot about 2 hours outside Vegas because 1) the sun had risen and 2) I felt as though I was going to die. There is NOTHING between Reno and Vegas. NOTHING. If there were sites to see, maybe I could have kept myself going but I’m glad I stopped when I did.

After a horribly cramped 2.5 hour “nap”, I was awoken by a phone call, we grabbed some coffee and continued our way to Sin City…

Save Me, San Francisco.

25 Sep

After a day off at home to unpack and repack, we continued the fun.

Show number three was in Concord, California (in the East Bay of the San Francisco area).

Before we left for Concord, we finally found some M5 Snapple in stores!

And of course, I caffeinated myself. Okay…when I say “Joslyn” how do you get THIS?

Oh Starbucks. You wonder why I never visit you unless you have Pumpkin Spice…

Somehow when buying tickets online, I ended up scoring the best motha f’n seats in the house. Front row, dead center. Gotta represent the NorCal love with bomb seats, ya know!

I think Matt’s newer band members started giving me the “WTF, creeper” stares at this show. They will learn. I promise I’m not creepy. Sometimes I come to show baring homemade gluten free cookies. You will love me, just wait.

I love when my favorites sing my other favorites. Whats up, Dog Days?

I was honestly in love with our seats and never wanted m5’s set to end. At the end of their set they always take a bow as a band. They all looked at Heather & I in appreciation. Adam blew us kisses & Jesse handed me guitar picks. I love them with my entire being!

After M5’s set, Heather & I headed to find Joy & Eliza, aka the other half of MOSLZ! MOSLZ is a name we made up for ourselves back in 2003. Long story, don’t ask. Anyway, the 4 of us used to go to EVERY SINGLE Maroon5 event together. Over the years we’ve gotten more responsible and have to act like adults, so we can’t always all be together. This was probably the first time all 4 of us had been in the same place together in YEARS. I love you ladies!

Train’s set seemed extra fun this night.

I caught an autographed Train beach ball that Pat tossed into the crowd!

And we were all over the big screen! Haha.

Even though it was the last show we were going to that Train was going to be at, we once again skipped out on the last few songs to go say hi to Matt. Sorry, Train. I have Matthew priorities.

While in line, I hung out with way too many awesome people I know! Heather, Dawn L, Tracy, Jenny & everyone else they were with…there were quite a few of us! Can’t wait for us all to be reunited in a few weeks at a Matty show! 🙂

Matt mentioned the Vegas show, and I told him I was going to be drinking and I was afraid of how I’d act, because in all of my 60 Matt shows I’d never consumed alcohol at one of his. “Its OK. I’ll protect you.” Um, what? OK…haha.

Afterwards, we headed out to stay at the graciously hosting Therese’s house. I love free beds. PLUS! She made us breakfast in the morning (drool worthy omelets, mmmm)  and she made coffee! (omg, yes.) You are fabulous, Therese! Fabulous! Totally know your way to this girl’s heart.