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Last of The Great Pretenders Tour, or still the best week ever part 3.

5 Jan

After the awesomeness that was Maroon5 and Adam giving me a guitar, I thought the week wouldn’t get any better. Yeah, I was wrong. Guess it was Joslyn appreciation week?

The following morning it was back down south for another Matt show in Los Angeles. Yeah, all of California was seeing a lot of me. (If you don’t remember I had driven to Sacramento, Reno, San Diego, back to Sacramento, Mountain View & now LA and Oakland…)

I had a free hotel voucher that was expiring in a few weeks, so I decided to use it that evening. I LOVE staying at hotels alone. It’s like a mini getaway. Is that weird, or does anyone else enjoy solo hotel stays?

After checking in and dropping off my stuff, Heather and I headed to the venue. I waited in line and she napped in my car until after doors opened, haha.

While in line, I met up with my friends Lois and Astin. We watched a crazy homeless man with no legs ride around on a bike for awhile. Only in LA…

We were let in and it was back to being bored by Joshua Radin. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.


Then Matt came to play, and he got super excited that Astin and I were standing next to each other. He’s got a love for both of us, and he nerded out. It was cute.

After the show we hung out for a bit, but then I decided I needed a good night sleep because it was back to NorCal the following morning. Ugh. Driving. So much.

I made sure to stay north of LA so I wouldn’t get stuck in any lingering morning traffic. The drive to Oakland was pretty smooth, and I got there with plenty of time to spare.

I had joked to Matt on Twitter that it was my last show (for awhile) and that Adam gave me a guitar, so the LEAST he could do was play my song. I’m annoying. He replied that “I may have to play it for you in some post show-you rule hang. I keep putting it on the set list but it doesn’t fit.”

Um…why does it not fit? I laughed at the tweet and then went, “Yeah right” and headed to get in line. I ran into Jane and Carrie, and we were making small talk about the last few shows. I mentioned my song not being played, and Matt’s tweet, and we all laughed it off. Jane was in San Diego and was stoked that All Been Said Before was on the set list too, before it was skipped over.

Then, I sent another joke tweet that there were only 3 of us out front and that Matt should play the song for me right then. I have no shame. I pretty much tweet that man whatever I’m thinking. And I probably tweet him TOO much, hence him knowing my Twitter handle off the top of his head…

Um…so then 10 minutes later a guy that I know through Matt that works for Vanguard (Matt’s record label), Ayappa, came out and was all, “Oh hey Joslyn. How have your shows been? Want to join us for sound check?” and I was like UM GREAT, UH YEAH. And then I turned to the girls because they were coming along with me and said, “You’re welcome.” This was totally Nathanson’s doing.


We walked in, and Matt gave me this grin like, “Oh HI. La de da.” Sound check was awesome. They played a few songs including Last Days of Summer in San Francisco for the first time (“We’ve never played this for humans. Tell us if we should play this tonight.”) and afterwards Matt came offstage to chat for awhile.


Back in July he had fought me who I was going to see on tour after I realized m5 and him had CA dates on the same day, and I kinda rubbed it in his face. “I’m not at Maroon5 right now.” “Wait, where are they?” “Irvine. So I could have totally stayed down there since we were in LA last night.” “But you’re here…YES.” Told you, bitch. 😉

Matt went to say hi to his family really quick, but told us to stay where we were. Josh started his sound check at this point, so Matt took us into this stairwell type thing and told us to sit. “I’m just gonna grab a guitar” he said. Then he came back…and played my song.



Uhhhh…wait, what was happening? I sat there and listened, trying not to smile like an idiot (which failed). I can’t believe that he would do that for me. I felt spoiled, and lucky, and forever grateful. I sat back and took it all in…this was a huge week.  My heart was so full from the love I gave towards my bands, that I received right back.

After Matt put back the guitar, (“This is Aaron’s guitar, don’t tell!”) we talked for a bit more before we headed back to get in line.
“What other shows are you going to?” he asked. I like how he just assumes I was going to other shows when this was the last one in California…he knows me well because…I was. Ha.
“I’m going to Baltimore and Philly.”
“Oh, good! Anywhere else?” (HAHA. He knows me super well.)
“Well, I want to go to Minneapolis, but it’s sold out…”
“Dude, if there’s anything I can do for you let me know.” Love.

So we went back out to join the line and I’m pretty sure I just looked at the girls and went, “WHAT. WAS. THAT. I could cry right now.” (I didn’t.)

I contemplated keeping that moment to myself. My little secret. But then I wanted to share with everyone just how fucking amazing Matt is…that he’d take time out to play a song when his family was waiting for him. He didn’t have to do it. But he did. Again, forever grateful. He is the best. BEST!

We were let inside and while the show was awesome (hometown shows always are) I’m pretty sure I could have just went home happy after sound check. I just LOVE him. The best.

The following morning I had to work, and seeing as I drove 3,000 miles in a week and a half I was exhausted. But the memories of the best week ever kept me going. Still awesome to think back on to this day.

A Lifehouse triple threat.

31 Mar

Right around the time that Lifehouse was scheduled to release their sixth album, they announced a few album release shows. California lucked out with 3 consecutive shows, the last being at the Troubadour in LA. The Troubadour is a small 300 capacity venue, so I made sure I was online right as the tickets went onsale. This proved to be a smart idea, because the show sold out in 4 minutes!

December proved to be a busy month for me. On the 14th I went to a Matt Nathanson show in San Francisco (my last blog post.) The 15th I went to a Holiday party that lasted pretty late into the night. The 16th I woke up at 5am, showered and packed, and was out the door by 6:15am. The first instore was at 3pm, and 6 hours away in Long Beach, hence heading out on the road early and beating the sun out of bed.

Once I arrived in Long Beach, I found Fingerprints and immediately went inside because I had stopped for coffee twice on the drive, and I needed to use the restroom desperately. TMI? Whatevs. No one else was there yet for the show, so I wandered the store for a bit before Lisa called me and said she was parking down the street. I went outside to meet her, and then I ordered ANOTHER coffee (red eye: half espresso/half coffee) because I am a caffeine fiend and I can’t ever get enough.  Pretty sure my bloodstream is contaminated by it.

While sitting outside, the band wandered in to sound check, and they all said quick hellos to us. Sigh. I love this band.

It started to rain at this point, and there was a line starting to form, so the manager of the store lead us in so we wouldn’t be stuck outside and get wet. Basically we got to watch sound check from the opposite side of the store, and it was like a bonus set. We were by the “bargain bin” records, and they had huge promo flats for sale for $5. I flipped through the stack and low and behold, look what I found!

matty nay poster

You know I automatically bought that gem. Months later, I still have no clue what to do with it, so it’s been chilling next to my treadmill in my room. Suggestions?

Then we were let up to the stage, and Lisa and I realized that we were going to be RIDICULOUSLY close. Uncomfortably close. So close, that when the band walked out, Rick looked at us and said, “You guys are close. It’s a little awkward.” and we were like, Uh yesss, thanks for agreeing. I was practically sitting in Jason’s lap. Haha. 😉


After the set, the band was signing autographs, so we got in the line to get our vinyls signed. The band passed us as they headed to the front of the line, and Jason said, “hey guys!” and as he passed, squeezed my shoulder a few times. Oh my god. Just stop. You are perfection and you’re going to make my heart explode anytime you touch me. Hah.

The line was getting rushed pretty quickly, so we only had a minute to say hello. I was wearing a sweater with a fox on it, and Rick was totally captivated by it. “Your sweater! I love it! It has a fox!” Yes, yes it does.

Lisa and I thought about mingling after to say a better hello, but we both were tired and decided not to be creepy and stalkerish, so we headed back to our cars, to where I had an adventure getting Matty to fit in my backseat and Lisa laughed at me. Ha.

Since I have friends in Long Beach, we planned for me to visit and stay with them that night. I headed over to Danielle and Alicia’s place to where Danielle was being lazy and I totally approved. We drank coffee (I know, MORE?) and then headed to Alicia’s place of employment to say hi on her break. Where she hooked me up with her employee discount. Scrapbook stuff. You don’t even know how geekily excited I was.

Afterwards, Danielle and I ran some quick errands, and then went back to the apartment to make dinner and cookies and watch a movie. I brought one I had checked out from work which seemed promising, but lacked the humor it was supposed to be and disappointed both of us at the end. Boo. At least the cookies were good.

Soon after, Alicia came home and we chatted for a bit before going to sleep.

The next morning Danielle had to go to work early since it was a Monday. Alicia and I hung out for a bit and then decided to roam around Long Beach for (no surprise) coffee. She took me to this adorable cafe that I fell in love with.

After coffee, we ended up near Danielle’s workplace, and they were kind enough to give her a longer lunch hour so she could to have lunch with us. Yay!

After lunch, we headed back to the apartment and I gathered my belongings and headed out to Glendale for Lifehouse show number 2. They were playing in a mall and the whole set up was utterly disastrous. There was a mob in the crowd and it was just…ridiculous.

Lisa came to meet up with me once again, and it was so cold that I bought coffee just to hold. Probably the only time I bought caffeine and didn’t drink it all.


After the set, we had our CDs signed (you had to buy the CD to see the show, and I figured might as well get it signed since we were there, and they had sharpies in hand, right?) Again, the line was rushed, and the only thing I had time to talk about was trying to convince Jason to play Anchor live again. To which he replied, “Well, I can’t play it tomorrow…” and I was like, “NO. Next tour. Learn it for us old timers?” We shall see…

By then I was hungry and I had a mad craving for some french fries (I don’t even really like fries, so I allow myself to give in to the every once in a year craving I have) so we went to this little diner in the mall so I could chow down. I was staying with my friend Monica that night, and she met up with us there and we hung out for a bit before parting ways with Lisa. Monica and I headed to her house and we watched a few episodes of Friends and then pretty much went to sleep soon after because we’re old and like sleep.

The next morning we were lazy like crazy, and didn’t get out of bed and have breakfast until noon. She took me to Fred 62 and I had the most epic egg sandwich. AMAZING.

We wandered around a few boutiques nearby, and then headed back to her place. I hung out for a bit, and then headed out soon after, because it takes an hour to get anywhere in LA. I wanted to get to the other side of town before 5pm, otherwise I’d hit traffic and it’d take me a week to arrive. It was buy one/get one free day at Sprinkles Cupcakes though, and they had holiday flavors, so I definitely stopped there on the way to the Troubadour. Sup, Gingerbread and Egg Nog cupcakes? I love you.
I saved the cupcakes for later though, because I was on a mission to consume Sprinkles ICE CREAM. Um, red velvet cupcake swirled into ice cream?!! Where have you been all my life? (And I’m sure those calories are still lingering on my ass.)

After I ate my calorie fest, I met up with Lisa yet again in front of the Troubadour. As the sun set, the wind picked up and I cursed in line and froze. I ended up chatting with the girl in line in front of me the entire time (Hi, Aimee!) and we are pretty much the exact same person. We talked about boybands to the max. I’m glad I am not the only boy band geek out there. I met a few other people while in line also, which is probably one of the best things about being an avid concert goer. Gotta love music bringing people together.

After what felt like forever, we were let inside the venue and I slowly defrosted. Lifehouse had a “surprise” opening act, who turned out to be Carolina Liar.

I blogged about them back when they opened for Kelly in the summer. Yeah, still have the same feelings about them. Still not so much my cup of tea. But I clapped when they said clap, and sang their one song I know, as it passed the time until Lifehouse took stage.

I decided I wanted the set to be a surprise, so when their roadie taped the setlist right down in front of me, I avoided looking at it. It was the hardest thing ever, because I’m always like WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING, WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING?!? the second the setlist comes out onstage.


I had Lisa take a picture so I could remember it later…but then I went home with one anyway, so yay!

I loved hearing the new songs live. I loved finally seeing a full band set. I love everything about this band. My 15 year old who discovered them inside me was screaming, while the 16 year old who first met them was crying, and the 27 year old me was standing there with a huge grin plastered on her face and sang along to every word. So much love.

Natasha Beddingfield came out and sang the new single with the band, and it was all together good fun.

After the set, the band was signing CDs again, but I had enough of that and I had to actually drive the 5 hours home. Yeah. In the middle of the night. Because I am stupid and had to work the next day. UGH.

I got home around 5am (oh my gooood) and woke up just a short few hours later (why body whyyyy) I ate a cupcake and then Zombie Joslyn’d around the library during my shift, before promptly coming home and finally crashed.


Such a good 3 days. Can I do it again, yet?

Driving down the 101, California here we come, right back where we started from.

24 Sep

Back to playing catch up on my crazy life. This picks up the end of March/early April:

7 states in a five week period of time. What is wrong with me?!

I don’t know how to stay home. Correction, I don’t know how to stay in California for that matter! But finally, after 5 weeks of planes, and buses, and vans, there was a string of shows in my own state. Good old California, how I missed you.

The first stop was Bakersfield. It was just a few days after getting home from Seattle, and I was still exhausted. I was playing the solo game for this show, but started chatting to the girl sitting next to me, Katie, who was at the show alone as well. We became fast friends, and talked for the whole hour before the show started and between sets. We’re both Kelly nerds, and Matt totally won her over. Hi, Katie!! 😀

During Kelly’s encore I headed out to talk to Matt, because I had a long drive, and had to be at work extra early the next morning. Gag.

Kelly was still playing when Matt came out. When it was my turn I walked up, singing. He was laughing and then happily was like, “HI!!!”

I told him Happy Birthday, (it was the day before) and then we got to the small chat. How are you’s? Good. We’re both tired. I told him I had a long day, I worked that morning, then drove to the show, and I was about to drive back.

He asked, “Where IS home?” and when I said Monterey, his eyes went huge. “MONTEREY? Monterey?! Oh man. We’re driving back to my house tonight, in San Francisco, and then I fly to Reno. Oh man. Now I feel bad. Monterey. You should just drive with us.” (Um, yes please?) I tell him if he can hook my car up to the back of his bus he has a deal. HA.

So then out of nowhere, I get a little sappy, and just say what on my mind. “Matt, I just want to thank you real quick. This tour has been amazing. And you know, not a lot of bands appreciate their fans, or what I do…the whole following thing…but I feel like you’ve been giving me, and my group, a lot of love in return.”

His eyes go wide.

“Well YEAH. You guys are bad ass!” He gives me a double high five, then locks his fingers with mine. We stand like this the remainder of our conversation. “You’re the most bad ass of them all. You just keep SHOWING UP PLACES.”

I laugh, tell him if it gets too much to tell me stop going. He gives me an EYE, and says, “I sang you Lifehouse.” HAHAHA. I guess that means STFU I love you?

By then Kelly is over, and I needed to get going, so we wrapped up. We go to take our picture, and Matt says, “Come over here and hold me.” Hence my “I’ll squeeze you to death” grip in this photo.

Before I leave, Matt asks “Am I seeing you in Anaheim?” I literally stand there for a few seconds because I can’t even think of where I’m currently at, or where I’m going next. “Yeah! Anaheim. LA. Oh and San Francisco!”

“SAN FRANCISCO IS GOING TO BE FUN!” he says with the most excited look on his face, and grabs my hands again. He’s so adorable at times. Scratch that. All the time.

“LA is going to be so fun, I have a fucking front row ticket, and I’m just going to…”
“Get ready to beat down some Kelly fans!” he interjects. (What?)

Then I guess we said goodbye. I was exhausted at this point. The drive home was a blur of loud music, a energy drink & birthday cake Oreo’s.

I had a few days off (re: 2) to sleep in and go to work like a normal person. Then, it was back on the road for a few days. I made California my bitch. From Bakersfield to LA to San Francisco to Anaheim to Indio, I was all over the place in a short period of time.

The morning of the LA show, I drove down early to Redondo Beach. I was staying with my friends Steve and Charity that night, who were also going to the show. Steve took me out to lunch while we waited for Charity to get off of work, and then we headed to the Nokia Live.

Oh hey, everyone behind me. Oh my god. My seat was so so close. I had somehow scored a front row ticket during the pre-sale and I think I about peed myself for 3 straight hours.

I was the only person standing during Matt, and that probably wasn’t even necessary because the stage came to about my hips and I could see perfectly fine. But who sits during their favorite bands?! Not I! The guy next to me was obviously gay, and asked me after his set, “Oh honey, you like that guy? He just does nothing for me.” (HAHAHA. Love it.)

Matt gave me his typical, “Oh hey, there you are.” grins while playing. Then it was Kelly time. Oh em gee. Ms. Clarkson up close. There were points where I could literally extend my arm out and I’d hit her. But I’m not one of those “touchy” people, so I kept my hands to myself.

Seeing as the show was in Los Angeles, we got blessed with a 2 hour long set and lots of special guests! Out came Tamara Grey, Michelle Branch, Blake Shelton & Reba to sing duets with Kelly. Holy shizballs.

I jumped up and down. I sang my heart out. Then I met back up with Steve and Charity and I gushed about how I jumped and sang. Then we made a late night In N Out run before crashing.

The next morning I woke up, got my stuff together and jumped in my car to drive to San Francisco. 6 hour drives by yourself are long and sad. I finally arrived to the city and grabbed a much needed cup of coffee, and then met up with my friends in line.

Once inside we defrosted and I ate a GIANT Fillmore apple. I should have taken a picture of it. It was a meal in itself.

Seeing Rachel and Craig in my own state for once made me happy. Both of their faces lit up when they saw me, and that made me even more happy. I adore them.

Matt gave me lots of love during the show. When he was playing Amazing Again, he gave me the “hmmm, whatcha think about that?” face where he had been adding in Lifehouse, then gave me a smirk and shook his head and sang a bit of something else. Jerk.

Someone yelled, “Welcome home Matt” and Matt thanked him. He then added, “We were supposed to be in San Jose last week with Kelly…I know some of you bought tickets to that, sorry…” and then quickly guiltily glanced at me. HA.

(I had bought a 6th row ticket for the show. I was excited. Then Matt got the offer to perform on Dancing With The Stars with Sugarland, so he had to cancel. I playfully gave him shit for it, he apologized, then I sold my ticket for $98 and I was happy as well.)

After the show, I was standing around chatting with some friends, when Craig appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards me. “HEEEY!” he said, high fiving me. We then got into a lengthy conversation about a ton of random things. He flew in that morning at 4:30am from NY, and he had played a show the night prior and got home at 3:30am. He said he felt like he was on crack, and if I could tell that him and Rachel were really giddy and sleep deprived onstage. I joked about how that’s the way I had been feeling the past few weeks of my life.

When I introduced my people to him, and they were all like, “What the hell, does everyone know you?” Hmmm…yes. I was going to say hi to Rachel but she had a line of people wanting to talk to her, and it was 11:30 and I had to drive 2 hours home. And then work at 9am the next morning. Ouch. I ended up only getting 5 hours of sleep and dragging my feet through the 8 hour day at work.

My friend Tara arrived the last hour I was working, and walked around downtown until I got off. We met up with a mutual friend for dinner and then headed home to try to sleep early. We had a extremely early morning, as we were headed down to Anaheim for the last show on the All Night Noise tour leg.

The next morning we woke early, and headed the 6.5 hour trek to Anaheim.

When we finally arrived, we met up with Lisa and a old friend of Tara’s for lunch. After lunch we wandered around Downtown Disney, and I heavily caffeinated myself (as always.)

A few more of my awesome people met up with us, and we were loud and obnoxious and laughed a lot in line.

Since it was the last show of the tour, Matt and crew messed around with Rachel while she opened. They kept turning her keyboard off and on. I felt so bad. She kept laughing and looked at me like HELP! Poor girl. Shiben came out to play bass on the last song, and Andy Grammer came out soon after to have a rap battle with Rachel. It was bomb!

I was sad that it was the last show. To make it worse, before Matt introduced the band during his set, he talked about how he’s never felt so bummed to be going home. Usually he looks forward to getting back to San Francisco, but he’s never been more sad to leave a group of people behind. He said it was like high school on a bus. How he hoped that when he tours again for the next record, he hoped they could all regroup and play together again.

Break my heart! That’s also when I realized I couldn’t go home yet. I knew I had to go to Indio the next day, where he was opening for Kelly Clarkson somehow, despite the fact it was sold out.

After the show I talked to Rachel and Craig for a bit. Rachel is the cutest thing on the planet, plus she hugs people more than I do, which is ridiculous, because I’m all about hugs. “HIIII busy girl!” she exclaimed when I saw her. Too cute.

Lisa and I reunited with an old friend we met when Matt opened for Lifehouse back in 2008. We chatted it up, and didn’t leave until security literally yelled at us for the third time.

Tara and I stayed at her aunt’s house that night, and as we got ready for bed, we schemed ways to get into the show the next night.

In the morning, we woke up and called the box office to see if they were going to release more tickets. They didn’t have any at the moment, but we got wait listed in case some were. In other words, we were shit out of luck. We then checked StubHub, ticket brokers, Craigslist. Everywhere was sold out. We. Were. Screwed.We decide to say fuck it and to just take our chances and go. We were talking to Tara’s aunt, and Tara was telling her how the band knows me and pretty much loves me, and she was like, “Why don’t you just ask them for tickets?” I explained how I’ve never asked for ANYTHING because that’s not my style. I’ll never ask. Ever. But then I did. Sorta. No. Yes?I sent a DM to James, asking to let us know if he heard of any tickets being released, because we were in search of some, and I was trying to not make tour end. Ha. I got a message a few hours later saying he knew how important it is to avoid reality (ha) , and he’d see if he could do anything. I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it at all, so we stopped to caffeinate, and stop at the bank to get money in case we ran into scalpers outside the venue.We headed to Indio, which is a little less than a two hour drive from Tara’s aunts place. At this point we had the mindset of if we didn’t find tickets, we had a bunch of cash and we’d just get some drinks and gamble, since the show was at a casino. We’d make it fun no matter what.

Then the unthinkable happened and I got another message asking if I still needed a ticket. I replied yes, and soon after I get a reply that my name +1 would be at will call. James Farrell, you are my hero! Or I think I replied that I loved him and thanked him over and over, to be correct. Haha. Sorry.

“What’s a show without you?” was another reply. OK fine. I’m spoiled and its possible they do love me. He joked around that I owed him a drink, and I told him that we’d BOTH buy him drinks, and to just find us before the show starts.

When we got to the venue, it was like Christmas when Will Call handed over the envelope with the tickets.
I had to control myself from not ripping it open to see where the seats were. Row 7? I’ll take it!
There was a bar outside of the venue, and it was 75 degrees, so we grabbed a drink and were hanging out on a little grassy hill nearby. James came out and as promised, we bought him a drink.

He probably graced us with his presence for a good 45 minutes or so, before he had to go do his job and get ready to rock. He is a good dude. I enjoy his company.

The doors were opened at this point, so we headed in, got another drink, and found our seats.

During Matt’s set, we were of course the only 2 standing. The crowd was really lame the entire show really, and hardly even anyone stood during Kelly’s set as well. Boo, Indio, boo.

Some asshat yelled at Matt, “Where’s Kelly? Bring her out!” and Matt just FLIPPED. He literally walked to the end of the stage and said, ‘Who said that? You? You’re going to be a douche bag? What the fuck do you do for a living? You’re bald. You’re probably 60. You should know better. Do I come into your work place and heckle you?” and at this point I’m basically drunk off my ass and I’m grabbing Tara like HOLY HELL WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Lets just say….the next few songs were played with extra angst. Poor Matt. I fully support your bad temper in this situation. Haha.

Sometime during Matt’s set I guess I had set my phone on the floor. And I guess someone stepped on it. And I guess its 5 months later and I’m still too cheap to buy a new phone, because that crack is still there. Drunkness at its finest, folks.

During Kelly’s set, I sang extra loud thanks to the cocktails, and I had a serious lack of voice for 2 days after. It happens every Kelly tour. I’ll never learn.

After the set, as we’re walking out, and I see James and Konrad walking right past us. I stop to say hi, and then I realize I haven’t talked to Konrad in eons. I say something to Konrad like, “I haven’t talked to you this whole tour. I don’t think I’ve talked to you in like 3 years! What the fuck have you been up to?” Oh dear do not drink.

I’m saying ridiculous things that I can’t control. I asked what happened with the dude in the crowd. James asks what happened to my phone. We talk about Kelly. I’m pretty sure I imitate how I dance during her sets. Alcohol, nooo.

Konrad leaves soon after. He kept laughing at me because I know he could tell I was drunk. James chats for a little while longer and then has to go. I hug him goodbye, and then we’re off to shove pizza and coffee in our drunk faces and walk around to sober up.

An hour or so later we’re ready to drive back to Tara’s aunt’s, and it felt like the longest 2 hours of life. We were so exhausted! I think we finally went to sleep at 3am, and woke up at 8am to drive the 6 hours home. I had a perma-grin on my face the entire drive back. It’s amazing how happy these people and their music makes me. It’s a feeling I hope never dims.

Let’s move out of Los Angeles, and just drive until summer gives…

19 Dec

After the Sacramento show, I stayed at a hotel with Dawn L and Tracy. It made no sense for me to drive 3 hours home, and then wake up and drive 5 and a half hours to LA the next morning, when the drive to LA from Sacramento in itself is only 6.

So, Holiday Inn Express, weekend number 2. Oh how I love you, complimentary breakfast!

The morning of the LA show, I woke up, and yet again used the hotel gym. They had the most bomb ass treadmill, that plugs your ipod right into built in speakers. Oh, hell yeah! After rocking out some sweat and calories, I got on the road. I jammed to Kelly Clarkson’s new album the entire drive. Funny, because once I got to LA I heard a rumor that Matt was opening for her on her upcoming tour. Oh em gee.

I set the rumor to rest about an hour and a half later. My friend Lois had an extra sound check/meet and greet pass, so she asked if I wanted to go as her plus one. There were probably about 12 of us in the entire venue, and everyone pretty much walked up to the front barricade when we were let in. I stood a few feet back, because I just felt silly. Of course, as soon as Matt walks out, he spots me right away. He points at me and laughs.

“I feel ridiculous.” I say to no one, but Matt over hears.
“No, I love it!” he says into the microphone. Girls glare at me. I’m a little embarrassed.

Matt plays a few songs, then takes photos with people. When I walk up, I joke around, “Are you suuuure you’re not sick of me yet?!”
“Be quiet and get over here,” he says arms out stretched for a hug.
We chatted about a few things I can’t remember, and then I ask, “TRUE OR FALSE! Kelly Clarkson tour?”
Matt gives me a sly look. “That rumor might be true. Yeah, it sounds correct. But you know I can’t tell you these things, Joslyn…”
I died a little. OK, maybe a lot. Then I thought of what this means for my bank account and died a little more.

Instead of making the group of us go back outside, we were lead to the VIP lounge to wait in. Oh yes. Living life VIP style! We had our own bathroom and bar. I could have lived in that room. It was fancy. Fun.

We were lead back upstairs before the general line, so we were once again right up front. I won’t lie. I love front row.

My friends Steve and Charity met up with us once inside, and it was a crazy night of laughs. Lance Bass, what?

By this point of time, Scars on 45 could spot me blind folded. Its my always up front/curly hair that gives me away? Aimee said something about how the crowd will love Matt because he’s amazing live, and then she points at me, “He is, right?” Oh no! No more pointing! Hahaha…

Seeing as it was the Saturday before Halloween, the attendance was quite small. Regardless, Matt and band still played like it was a sold out show.

After the set, I pretty much booked it, because I was driving to San Diego to stay at my best friends place. Nicole is awesome and she doesn’t mind me waking her up at 1am when I get to her place.

So, if you’re keeping up, this means I woke up in Sacramento, hung out in LA, and went to sleep in San Diego. That’s a lot of California in one day!

The next morning I attempted to sleep in, and then I hung with the bestest and her cat. We took a walk to find me coffee, Lisa met up with us, and then we got ready and headed downtown to have dinner at House of Blues before the show.

It was happy hour. I may or may not have had 3 $4 martinis at dinner.

We may have saved a spot for our friend Steve and his cousin. Steve may have bought me another drink to “repay” me.

I may have giggled through all of Scars on 45’s set and most of Matt’s.

I may have regretted it later. Or not…even when band members run into you after the show and say, “Oh. Hi. I see you at EVERY SHOW.” Ah, shiz.