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Every day so caffeinated, I wish they were Golden Gated.

28 Dec

After flying to a half a dozen major cities to meet up with my TMC ladies over the past year, they finally came my way. Hello, airports! I am so glad to just drive to you to play chauffeur, and not actually be getting on a plane!

Matt Nathanson was playing a show in San Francisco, so the gals decided to fly in to attend it as well. I had already planned on going to the city the night before to see SafetySuit, so they all flew in a few days early to so we could spend the weekend together.

On Friday morning, I picked up Amber on the way to the city, at the San Jose airport. From the airport we braved the Palo Alto traffic (what is it about that short few mile distance on the 101 that ALWAYS has traffic?!) and I took her to my most favorite coffee place, Philz Coffee.


We then headed to the San Francisco airport, to get Amanda. From there, we headed to our hotel to check-in and freshen up before we headed to the Pier to see some San Francisco things. A friend had given me tickets to do a bunch of free stuff in the city, so we went ahead and used some of them. We went to the Wax Museum first (boring) then to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum (cool!). At the end of Ripley’s there was a mirror maze, and that was hilarious trying to find our way through.

After Ripley’s we were cold, so we headed a few blocks down to Ghiradelli’s for hot chocolate. Seriously the only place I’ll splurge and drink “real” hot chocolate.  There’s actually a Ghiradelli’s only a few miles from where I live that I always forget about, and I have no clue why! It’s probably for the best.

Hot Chocolate

After hot chocolate, we went back to the hotel where Amber and Amanda passed out, and I headed back to the airport to pick up Sam, Becky, and Beth. For once I was the one not jet-lagged or tired! Everyone went right to sleep, and I laid awake for a bit just excited to be in everyone’s company.

We rose early the next morning to get ready to have a SF day. I hit up the gym while the first half of the girls showered. Then I somehow accidentally walked into a strangers room?! I still had my headphones on and was listening to music and I honestly don’t realize what happened until some woman was like, “Uh, you’re in the wrong room…” and I was like, “Oh shit! Sorry!” Way to go, self, way to go…

After we all got ready we headed out to my car and realized…how the eff were 6 of us going to FIT in my tiny car?! The only solution was for me to sit behind the passengers seat on the floor. I do not recommend this at home, kids. Do not try this! It is illegal, and uncomfortable, and totally not safe! But we did it anyway, because I had faith in Becky driving my car and me not dying.

Clown Car

We headed back to the Pier to do more free stuff, where we were greeted by many seals. First stop was lunch, since none of us had eaten anything. We went to Chowder, and it was delicious.

Second, we had tickets for a free carousel ride, so our inner child rode that shiz. Hello, Panda.

The next stop was a boat tour of the bay, and it was awesome! We went under the Golden Gate Bridge, and around Alcatraz and learned a lot about the city as we sailed by it. The only bad thing about this was it was SUPER windy and freezing, and even though we cuddled half of the ride we were all FREEZING.


After the boat tour we went to the Aquarium (another free thing I acted like a child at) and then we headed to Ghiradelli’s so the other half of the girls could experience the deliciousness.


After getting fat together once again, we headed out to Bottom of the Hill where SafetySuit was playing. Beth and I had meet and greets, so we had to be there early. We met up with Lisa and hung out until it was time for the m&g….which was on the tour bus. Oh, okay, if you insist. I had seen the band play a few times before, so when I walked on the bus I was greeted with, “hello’s” and “it’s been so long!” I love them.

We chatted them up for a few minutes before we took group photos and then went to wait back in line to be let in for the show.
SafetySuit m&g
Sf ss line

SafetySuit is probably the most energetic band I have ever seen play live. You can’t even begin to know how amazing their live show is, unless you’ve seen it. It’s unexplainable. You have to see this band live. Go, go, go.

After the set we went back to the hotel to take a “nap”. Seriously. We went to bed at 1am, and then woke up at 3am. Um, why? Because we wanted to be in line for the Matt show by 6am. Um, why? Because Ed Sheeran was also playing, and his fans are swarms of teenager girls. I’m serious, SWARMS.

It was early, dark, and cold. I was grumpy and exhausted. We waited in line until the doors opened at 11am, where we honestly ran for our lives to get front row, as 14,000 Ed fans ran behind us for the same reason. Save. Me. I love some Ed Sheeran, but his fans scare me to death. Ha.

After sitting through a few bands, Ed finally got on stage and girls went cray cray. High pitched screaming. Humungous sing a long. Despite the craze of his fans, I got into my own little music bubble to watch his set, and he blew me away. This kid is only 21, and he…hot damn he’s amazing. It helps that he is British too, and we know how I feel about British musicians. 😉 I’m seeing him again in February, and I can’t wait.


After Ed’s set, was Matt, and I almost felt bad for him because the amount of noise dropped drastically. I felt like the 6 of us in the front were the only true fans singing along, and I’m glad we were up close to support the homeboy. Now I understand why in New York Matt told us he was intimidated to play after Ed. Despite all that, Matt was his normal hilarious self. It was Becky’s 100th time seeing Matt, and we had made a pack a long time ago to all be together for it, so in a way, his set was a celebration.


By this point of the day, it had reached the high 70’s, and the sun was beating directly down on us. We decided to leave right after Matt played, because we wanted to beat the rush of people leaving, and we were pure exhausted. Half of the girls were leaving that night, so we got a much cheaper hotel room for that night (why do rates increase over 100% on Sunday nights?!) that we checked into, and then Googled a place to eat. We found ourselves at Fresh Choice, where I shoved my face with multiple plates of salad. After a fat weekend, my body appreciated the greens.

We hung out at the hotel for a little longer, (where half of the girls passed out for awhile; I have a secret photo of this but I won’t be mean and post it here, ha.) and then I sadly drove Becky and Beth to the airport and dropped them off. Booo. I hate when our weekends end!

The rest of the group was all pretty much beyond the point of staying conscious at this point, so we all conked out. The alarm was set for 5am, and it was off to drop Sam and Amanda off at the airport. Amber and I headed back to the hotel to eat the (gross) free breakfast, then headed to San Jose to drop her off for her flight home.

Sadly, I was alone again, and had to head home. Then I zombie worked an 8 hour shift. My co-worker bought me coffee in the middle of the day that I’m pretty sure it is the only thing that saved my life that day.