The Top 5 Albums of 2013 you really should have been listening to.

30 Dec

Welcome to my third annual Top 5 albums of the year post! Third. Hot damn this blog is getting old.

I’m gonna get right to it. Here we go!

5.  Paramore – Paramore


I should listen to my own advice and have had listened to this album more throughout the year. When this album was first released, I didn’t attach myself to it. It was so different from the last Paramore albums, which threw me off a bit. I was used to pop rock, this was so much more POP.

Then I saw Paramore perform on The Voice a few weeks ago, and it made me take another listen. And now I can’t stop listening to it. So, boo, I missed out on months of great tracks. Don’t make my mistake. Go listen now.

Personal favorite tracks: Hate To See Your Heart Break, Still Into You, Interlude: Moving On, Anklebiters

Kelly Red
4. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red

I don’t care that I added a Christmas album to the list. Nope. Plus, it came out at the end of October, so you had plenty of time to fa la la along to it.

I love this album because not only does Kelly sing some of the holiday classics, but she covers other songs that aren’t necessarily considered “Christmas”. Add in a few original tracks, and you have an album I want to listen to year round. I just might.

Personal favorite tracks:  Just for Now, 4 Karats, Underneath the Tree

Hanson Anthem
3. Hanson – Anthem

Hanson has the ability to always make me feel 12 years old. They were my first favorite band, and my walls were PLASTERED with Taylor’s face back in middle school. I had major love for the band then, and I still have major love for them now.The night this album came out, I was laying in bed with my ipod, earbuds in, and just bed danced. Wait, that sounds dirty. I danced while laying down. Better? Uh, moving along…

I. Love. This. Album. All of it. Completely.

Hanson apparently wondered if they should continue as a band and release this album. No pulling a Jo Bros and breaking up on me, dudes. I am glad they recorded this album, because it has some songs on it that definitely raised to the top my favorite Hanson songs list. I’m super upset that they decided to skip over Northern California this year on their tour, because if I dance around my room to these jams, I’m sure I’d dance around a venue even more.

Personal favorite tracks: Save Me From Myself, Fired Up, Lost Without Youparachute overnight2. Parachute – Overnight

Oh, Parachute. I just want to hug you.

Considering these are my boys, I counted down the days until this album was released. And then I was a bit…surprised. It takes a different approach from their first albums, and it took me a moment to adjust.

It’s interesting. It’s a much more pop/radio friendly album, vs. a softer rock the past two were headed in. I felt like the first two albums complimented each other in telling a story, and this album was told in a different perspective.

I get it. Record labels want hits. They want fun. I like fun. There were definitely songs I fell in instant love with and put on reapeat for days, and some I just went “eh” about. After I saw these songs performed live, I continually played the entire album for weeks because I couldn’t get any of them out of my head. So maybe it is different, but Parachute made it a point to make an album that stays with you.

Personal favorite tracks: Drive You Home, Hurricane, Disappear, Overnight


1. Matt Nathanson – Last of the Great Pretenders

Well, duh.If you’re surprised at all then you don’t know me. You knew this was coming. I remember the first listen; freaking out over the greatness of certain lines of lyrics. By the second and third listen, I was hooked. It’s rarely left my car stereo since it came out in July, and if it does, I default back to it within a few days. (Kelly’s Christmas album just left me stereo, and guess what went back in? Ding, ding, ding…)

Matt has the ability to just…be brilliant. And then he executes that brilliance even more by performing the songs live. I can talk about it longer, but my boyfriend once told me I talk about Matt too much (he also said he has to “share me” with Matt, ha! But then I kinda proved him correct, as I ditched my boyfriend at a Matt show for a half hour a few weeks ago when someone gave me their extra Matt m&g so…) so I’ll stop now while I’m ahead.
Love, love, love, love, LOVE.

Personal favorite tracks: Heart Starts, Earthquake Weather, Annie’s Always Waiting, Kill the Lights, Farewell December


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