Ruling the most.

5 Dec

Woah, throw back Thursday! Here’s a blog that’s been waiting to be posted since July. Sorry. Hopefully Santa brings me a laptop for Christmas so I can get back into the swing of things!

A week and a half after Matt Nathanson had his CD release show, he played not one, but TWO sets at the fair in Paso Robles. Yes, this is the fair where I danced  and sang onstage with Train for the first time a few summers ago.

My lovely wife Beth came out from STL to celebrate her birthday and to visit. We had originally planned on her staying with me for a few days, but then I was lame and got myself a second job who only gave me one day off. Boo, second job, you whore.

So we made the best of it. The evening Beth arrived I worked a double. A big fat 12.5 hour double.  Then I drove 2 hours to Walnut Creek to DawnL and Tracy’s place, because they were nice enough to pick Beth up at the airport so she wasn’t left in San Francisco all alone. (Closing at a restaurant you never know when you’ll get out. For example, that night I left 45 minutes after I was scheduled to be off. Lame.)

By that time it was 2am-ish? We stayed awake chatting for another hour or so, and then I had a nap…aka I hardly slept that night and then woke extremely early. Ugh.

DawnL had gone to work early that morning, and the remaining 3 of us went to meet her during her lunch hour before Beth and I headed back to Monterey.

After highly caffeinating and feeding, we trekked it down home. Literally walked into my house, changed clothes, then headed back out the door to show Beth around and go to the Aquarium for a short time before it closed. *There would be photos of fish, jellyfish & penguins here if I wasn’t too lazy to upload. Google “Monterey Bay Aquarium” :p

After acting like a tourist in my own town, I made my boyfriend meet up with us, because come on. My “wife” has to meet the dude I’d been cheating on her with! 😉


We drove around some more to show Beth some other cool things (who “OOOHHHH the OCEAN!” every 5 minutes…) before going to dinner. I caffeinated myself again. If I looked exhausted to you here, it’s because I WAS.

2013-08-07 20.53.32
After dinner I dropped the boy off at home, and Beth and I headed back to try to get a somewhat long sleep.

The next morning I tweeted about it being my 90th show, and got the cutest reply back.

2013-12-05 13.06.59

I fucking adore you, Nathanson.  Stop.

Cheryl and Kim picked us up from my place, and we caffeinated once again before headed down the 101 to Paso Robles. I should rename my blog to “Coffee and Concerts”.

It. Was. HOT. 103 degrees of torture.

We walked around a bit. Ate gross fair food. Hid in shade. Watched Matt sound check. Then we toughed it out in the sun to watch Matt’s set.



I loved hearing the new songs for the first time. I loved sharing the moment with one of my favorite people.

After the show, we were on our way out to head home when I heard a bit of a commotion. I turned around and there was Matt, signing some stuff. Beth was talking to him and said something about me, to where he turned and got all excited when he saw my face and gave me a high five. (Sorry, wifey.)

“Happy 90th time you’ve seen me!” I joked.
“I KNOW. I got so excited when I saw that. At 95 let’s get cake.”
“95? Why not 100?”
“I don’t know…”

He’s weird.


We chatted for another short moment, and then it was time for us to leave. I contemplated a cinnamon roll I had been eying all day, then decided against it. I had CHEESECAKE for breakfast that morning. True story. Fat kid-ness at it’s finest, folks.

Then, I sadly had to give Beth up to her other friends who were taking her to the airport the following day, Cheryl, Kim & I drove back home, and I was thrown into a weekend of long, busy, waitressing. Sigh.


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