No more Cure songs to get lost in.

22 Mar

Four months after Matt said he’d perform a new song live, it finally happened. And nearly four months after that show happened, I am finally blogging about it. Guilty.

The concert ticket cost me a big ole Ben Franklin, but it was a Concert for the Kids benefit which benefited a children’s hospital in Oakland. I’m using the fact that it went to a good cause to make me feel less guilty that I dropped that much cash on myself.

It was a long day. I woke up at 6am to get ready and head to work for a few hours. Then I was off to drive 2 hours to San Francisco. The show was being held at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, which is the WORST PART OF DOWNTOWN SF EVER. Super hilly, to the point where your cars rolls backwards without your control. Super freaky. Also sucky? PARKING. The venue costs $30 to park in their lot (um, no) so I drove around in circles for close to an hour to find (free!) street parking. Which happened to be halfway down California street, so I hiked nearly a mile UP the huge inclined hill to get to the venue. It nearly killed me. Free workout. Thanks, San Fran.

My friend Megan was working for KFOG that day, so I headed to their booth to say hello. This day happened to be when the Sandy Hooks school shooting happened in Newtown, so there was such a glum funk hanging over everyone’s heads. We were raising money for kids here in California, and across the US, all these poor innocent babies died. It still breaks my heart all these months later.

I met up with Yvonne soon after. We weren’t sitting together, but she was only a few seats away, so she kept coming over and sitting in the seats empty in front of me between seats. I had a second row seat, and the people in the first row never showed up. Who does that?! I can’t complain though, because thanks to them, I had a perfect view. Ha.

Allen Stone played first, and the dude is amazing. His voice and style reminds me a lot of Marc Broussard, whom I’ve seen a good two dozen or so times. Also amazing? His hair.

Allen Stone
His entire set I was transfixed on his curls, and I wanted to touch them. Yes, I am a weirdo. But seriously, he’s only 25 and he’s going to go places.

Blind Pilot
Blind Pilot played next, and while they were good, they just weren’t quite my cup of tea. I found my mind wandering a bit during their set. Or maybe it’s just because I knew Matt was next?

Matt Nathanson
I’m pretty sure Matt spotted me almost within the first 3 minutes he was onstage. He was telling a story (that lasted probably 6 minutes before he played his first song, no lie) and when he looked in my direction, he almost paused while talking. Yeah, yeah. It’s me. Up front. No, I did not pay the people in front of me to not show up…ha. Now, lets address the hair…Hmmm. It is…big.

The entire set, I waited patiently to see if his promise of a new song would happen. And it did.

Oh. My. GOODNESS. I swear to you I held my breath the entire song. The chorus KILLS me. I just want to hug that song and tell it that everything is going to be alright. Every cent I spent was worth hearing and seeing that performed for the first time ever up close. (Thanks Yvonne for talking me into buying the “premium” ticket.)

After the show I said bye to Megan and Yvonne, and then headed back home. I tweeted Matt before I left, and got a super cute reply.


You bet I favorited that shit. I’m spoiled. He loves me.

I eventually got home around 1am, but couldn’t sleep. OH, OH, OH. THIS happened:

200,000 miles on my car. I need to learn to stay home. Oh, and yeah, I speed late at night. Whoops.

I watched that damn video probably until 3am and then forced myself to close my eyes. I cannot wait for a new album this year. ❤


2 Responses to “No more Cure songs to get lost in.”

  1. Wifey March 22, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    I believe that was the night I was up half the night talking to you on your drive home. The things we do for love 🙂

  2. Jeanne March 23, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

    Sounds like an awesome good time. Except for the SF parking. Ugh.

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