That one time I saw Matt Nathanson for the 86th time, then stayed awake 40 hours to meet Kelly Clarkson.

19 Jan

Back in August when I was in New York, I had bought a ticket to see Matt play at a college in Rohnert Park, which is about 165 miles north of where I live. A few months later, the day finally came to attend the show. I took a half day at work, so I could take my sweet time driving up and just enjoy my day. Um, yeah. It ended up taking me almost 4.5 hours, when it was supposed to only take me less than 3. Talk about not relaxed, or enjoyable.

matt ticket

But once I finally stepped out of my car, things were better. I met up with Tara, and we headed to get a quick bite to eat before the show started. We headed over to the college and found Yvonne. We were all sitting separately, so we hung out as long as we could before the show started.


A guy named Noah Guthrie opened, and he was AMAZING. He’s only 18 but oh man, his voice is so matured for his age. I am a fan of it. I guess he’s pretty well known in the YouTube world, so you may have heard of him already? I hadn’t.

Matt played next. Out of all of the times I had seen him, this soared to the top and as the second best show I’ve ever seen him play. He was so perfect this night. He told a million hilarious stories, my face hurt from laughing so much, and the room he was playing in just enhanced his overall brilliance.


The staff was playing camera Nazi that night, so this is the only photo you get. Boo.

After Matt’s set, Tara and I found one another and then drove 40 minutes down to Corte Madera right away.

A week before, I had found out that Kelly Clarkson was playing at the opening of the new Microsoft Store, and the first 100 people in line got to meet her after the set. Tara and I had original plans of her following me home and having a touristy weekend in Monterey, but I asked her to be crazy with me instead and she agreed. Haha.

They had allowed camping out starting at 10pm, so I was afraid that we wouldn’t make the 100 cut off, since we were at the Matt show. We arrived around 11:20pm, and luckily were only 86 – 88 in line. We had talked Yvonne into coming with us at the Matt show. Not really. I said, “Are you a Kelly fan? Want to not sleep and try to meet her with us?” and she said, “OK!” (We’re all insane.)

So, from 11:20pm – 11am, we waited in line. Yup. Almost 12 hours of sitting and/or laying on concrete. We tried to sleep a few times, but it was 45 degrees out, and even piled under blankets, my body just wasn’t having it. I watched the hours creep by, and then watched the sun rise and gave up. All nighter, what up.

The good thing about being crazy, is there was staff patrolling the line all night, and they gave us multiple bottles of water, and free food. Cheesecake Factory grilled cheese for dinner, Peet’s Coffee pastries and coffee in the morning. Thank you!

Microsoft Kelly

Once 11am arrived, we were let into the store, got our wristbands, and then finally left the mall for a bit. Tara and I booked a hotel to take a nap and to shower. Only…the nap didn’t happen. We tried to fall asleep but both just laid there, so we got up to find lunch instead. Bummer. After lunch we headed back to the mall to wait in line again to be let into the concert.

in line for kelly
We were settled in about the 4th row, and I was completely happy with it. These teenagers kept trying to get in front of me, and I seriously was about to beat them down. I even yelled at one of them at one point, because I was so frustrated with them. You are 14. I am 27. I’ve been awake since 6am Friday, and its now Saturday evening. Don’t mess with me.

kelly live
Kelly played for an hour and a half, and at this point all the waiting would have been worth it for just that! But then we got put back into ANOTHER line and had to wait about a half hour to meet her. Oh my god, lines. It was like Disney Land. Or Black Friday. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

Finally it was our turn to say hello. I let Tara and Yvonne have their turns before me, because I wanted to watch them talk to her, haha.

When it was my go, I walked up and Kelly says,
“Hey! You! How are you? It’s great to see you again!” (Oh my God…Kelly Clarkson remembers me!!!)
“I’ve been awake for 38 hours.”
“Oh, SHIT.”
“You’re worth every second of it though!”
“Oh my…” and she was giving me this look like, I am so not worth it, but I am so thankful.

Then I told her it was actually my 20th time seeing her, and she got all loud and was like, “OMG! That’s so many times! This was like an anniversary show then! It’s a party!” and we both went WOO and held our hands up and I love her so much its ridiculous…

Then they were rushing me to take the photo, and Kelly was thanking me for being such a dedicated fan. So in my picture she wasn’t even ready and was talking. Haha. Then I was saying goodbye and she was like, “WAIT! What was your name again?”
“Joslyn! Joooslyn…” The way she said it the second time was like she was trying to commit it to memory. She’s adorable.

Then I was saying goodbye and she was like, “Thanks so much. I hope you come to the next show.” and was rubbing my arm and I just gave her a dumb look and said, “Uh…of course I will!”

kelly clarkson m&g


After that we were handed autographed photos, and I had a fan girl moment to Tara and Yvonne that she remembered me, haha. We then headed back to find our cars and go our separate ways. Tara and I were awake for probably another hour or so before we closed our eyes, then finally, slept. It was daylight savings time too, so we scored an extra hour. 12 glorious hours of sleep. Mmmmm.


The next morning we checked out of the hotel and went to a cute cafe to have breakfast before we had to leave one another. Holy crap, so simple, yet delicious.

Tara and I said our goodbyes, and then headed home. Exhaustion hit me a few hours after getting home, and I had to keep re-caffeinating to keep myself awake to a semi-decent time to go back to sleep. No one wants to go to bed at 6pm and wake up at 3am.

So worth every second awake.


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