Walking between the raindrops with you.

14 Jan

I’ve have loved Lifehouse since I was 15 years old. So, that’s going on 13 years of my life.

I have seen them multiple dozens of times live. They were the first band I ever met, or had front row for. The band knows who I am. I am greeted with open arms. I’ve been an extra in one of their music videos. I’ve had my name said from onstage in the middle of a show. I have met some of the best people I could have ever asked to call friends because of them. Long story short: they mean a whole deal of a lot to me.

The band likes to do this cruel thing called hibernation when they are recording a new album, and I get to go through withdraw. The last time I had seen them live was on board the Vh1 Cruise back in April 2011, so I had been dealing with more than a fair share of withdraw.

Their new album just came out on December 11th, so they had been doing a bunch of private radio promo shows back in late October to promote it, and the first single. I was a sad panda because you had to win your way into them, and I lived too far from any of the places they were playing to listen and win.

On a Monday afternoon at work, my curiosity got to me as I had a missed call, and a voice mail from a somewhat familiar number.  I listened to it right away and I’m pretty sure I automatically started jumping up and down, because it was from my favorite radio station in San Jose inviting me to a private show that Thursday! 3 days later, what.

I had to pull some strings to get part of my shift covered at work since it was so last minute. For a moment I was told it wasn’t possible, but I am a master at accomplishing the impossible of schedule tweaking, and once I figured it out, I was stoked. LIFEHOUSE!

San Jose is only a little over an hour away from me, so the morning of the show I woke up and got my sweat on (6am workouts really suck), then headed out to the brewery they were playing at around lunch time. It was raining and I was wearing shorts (thanks for the totally incorrect weather report, Google…) and I was freezing.

I was allowed to bring a guest to the show, so I invited Lisa. We actually met because of Lifehouse about 6 years ago, and she and I had always gone to all their shows together. Again, I am grateful for this band, because I would not know her without them. She met me at the venue and we couldn’t resist the fro yo place across the street,  despite that it was cold and raining.

After awhile, the radio station people invited us in, and we were placed into a “holding room” where they fed us a bomb ass lunch. Seriously, there was some amazing mac & cheese and grilled veggie action happening for this girl.

Finally, one of the radio employees said, “Follow me!” and I literally bolted up and out of my seat and ran after her to the seats in front of the stage. I was on a mission to be in the front, and that was a mission I accomplished. Lisa got totally lost in the crowd, so I just sat on two seats until she found me. Ha.

I’m pretty sure as soon as the band walked out my face exploded into a huge grin. I kept looking at Lisa and she had the same smile. Oh, we missed you boys.

lifehouse 10.25
jason san jose

They only played 6 songs, and told a few stories and answered short questions between each, but it was just enough for me to feel complete again. I got my fix. Ha. There was a point in the middle of the set that Jason noticed us and his eyes went big and said, “Hi, guys!” and I melted in my chair. Oh, hello, beautiful.

After the set, we got to say hello to the band. Two days before had marked 11 years since the first time I had seen them live, so after hugs and hellos and “it’s been so long, how are you girls?!” I was telling them about it. I busted out my phone to show Jason a picture of us from that day. Considering I was 16 and he was 19 in the photo, we both got a kick out of it, because it doesn’t even look like either of us!


I mean, come on. Who are those people?! Insane.

Jason was like, “That is a Bruce Springsteen shirt I was wearing in that photo.” and I replied, “And that’s a Lifehouse sweatshirt I was wearing, which I still have!” “Really?!” Random comments…

We took a quick group picture with the guys (with two strangers, who I cut out. Yeah, I’m spoiled like that..) and then we said goodbye soon after, because the band had to catch a plane to fly to another city to play another show. Lisa and I had to part ways soon after also, because I needed to head back home to work. Such a short trip! I walked around the library with a huge grin on my face the entire shift.


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