She brought weekend boys home in her curls.

10 Jan

Well, I hope you liked my last post about Scars on 45 and Matt Nathanson shows, because you get another one! I had two back to back weekends seeing both bands, and it was a happy little dream come true for me.

Matt was playing a benefit music festival in Newport Beach, which is pretty far from me. I headed down to Long Beach the day before the show after work to stay with a friend who lives there. I hadn’t seen her in well over a year, and a lot had happened in that time, so when I arrived we had dinner that consisted of pizza and drank cider and caught up on everything. We’re classy, I know.

The next morning she fed me again, and after I had breakfast with her and her lady love, I headed to Newport Beach for the festival. It was an all day event and I headed down pretty early, which proved to be a stupid idea. The bands that played the first 4 hours were mind blowingly BORING, and I was practically the only person there. At least it was sunny and warm? I was the jerk up front reading a book for awhile during sets. Sorry.

A few hours later, as my shoulders starting pinking, I heard my name and it was someone I knew, Caroline, through Matt’s street team and Twitter. She had sun block and saved the day! Hooray! We hung out for the next few hours, and drank beer and gossiped to get through the next few torturous bands.

A little before Matt’s set, my friends Steve and Charity showed up, and my other friend Astin and her bf snuck their way up to the VIP section where we were at. Awesomeness had finally began, despite the fact that the sun had set and since the show was at the beach, there was a cold, cold, breeze. And I was wearing shorts. Rad.

So, as Matt walked out onstage, Steve decided to be a punk and scream, “Joslyn’s here!” and I wanted to die. I’m pretty sure I just gawked at Steve, and then hid my face in my hands. Apparently Matt just looked at me like, “Yes, I know.” Oh dear lord. I’m sorry for my friends and inabilities to control their loud mouths. Haha…(love you, Steve!)

matt NB
matt NB
I don’t even have to talk about the set because it was another great set of old and newer favorite songs acoustically, and typical hilarious Matt banter. “Are you guys drunk? Or is that a cup of noodle?”

Matt Setlist

Once the show was over, we waited in the ridiculously long shuttle ride back to our cars, (which wasn’t too bad, because we got to chat for another while longer) and parted ways.

I headed to Pasadena to where Scars on 45 and Dia Frampton were playing the next morning, to stay with DawnL and Tracy at their hotel. I slept in a sleepbag, on the floor, halfway underneath a sink. Awesome, I know. Ha. But I actually slept pretty well for being on a hard hotel floor. I wish I had taken a photo of my sleep, because it was a pretty classic moment.

Since the show was a brunch thing, we woke up around 8am to get ready and have a snack before heading over to the country club it was being held at. It was a ritzy club, so we decided we would dress up a little so we wouldn’t look out of place. Which, we did anyway, because most of the attendees at the show were 10 year olds or younger, seeing as it was a benefit for Steve’s son’s school. I love feeling old?

pasadena girls

DawnL and I pretty much inhaled coffee as soon as we arrived, and enjoyed a delicious brunch.  Nom nom nom. We ended up sharing a table with a few other people who ended up being fans of Dia, so I dubbed us the “fan” table. At least we weren’t the ONLY three at the event not related to the school.

danny nova
chris aimee

Scars on 45 opened the show, and I enjoyed watching all the little ones bob their heads to the music. This band still just awes me no matter how many times I’ve seen them live. Even at an early morning, both Aimee and Danny’s voices were spot on. Love them.

After Scars on 45, Dia played her set. The kids LOVE her, apparently, because you could hear little voices singing along to every word. Adorable.


After both bands played, they dispersed through out the club and mingled and signed things for the kids and parents.

We talked to most of them individually, and then Dawn L pretty much herded them all into a group, because she didn’t have a  full group photo with them, and wanted one. So of course I got in on that action, haha. I told them that I told Matt that I was cheating on him with them, and he approved, and they all got a kick out of it. They most definitely need to tour again together. Or that may be dangerous…

scars group

Chris was hilarious that day and asked if he had said anything embarrassing the weekend before, because as he put it, “I woke up the next morning with the worst hang over I’ve ever had in my life. They got me In N Out and I couldn’t even eat it. That’s how wasted I was.” Oh dear. I asked him if he remembered what his response was when I had asked him “Do you need a bucket?” (joke he said when I was wasted at the San Diego show back in July  and he said, “No…was it bad?” ha…it wasn’t. I told him he was just gross and asked if we could share it. “I don’t even remember that! That is gross. I’m sorry.” It’s cool, homeboy. Now I get to pick on you for being drunk! (He told a friend that went to one of their shows in Michigan that I was SOOO WASTED, so thus, payback.)

We realized it’d be the last time we’d see them until The Rock Boat in February, and the while the thoughts of not seeing them for 4 months was bumming, we also knew we had good times to look forward to. We said our goodbye’s for the year, and headed out to make our drives home.

It was insanely hot on this day, and I had to drive 6 hours home in 100 degree weather. When we left it was around noon, so it was possibly the worst time of day to be in my car. I was literally stripping layers of clothing off as I drove. This gave me an excuse to stop at a YogurtLand on the way home and consumed a super large pumpkin fro yo, so I guess it wasn’t all too bad? 😉


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