Run right into you.

3 Jan

So there was a weekend back in October, where unintentionally, the WCM girls and I went to see Scars on 45 and pretty much got them to ourselves.

At this point of our fandom, we are well know and appreciated. Long story short (wait, do I ever tell short stories? No. Grab a snack, you’re in for a read), Scars was playing a pretty expensive benefit show in Glen Ellen, which we lucked out and were guest listed for, thanks to their manager. Booyah! Thanks, Steve! You’re the bomb dot com!

Comp tickets.

The show started pretty early, so the night before the show I planned to head up to DawnL and Tracy’s place to have a sleep over. I stopped in San Jose first, because I was running a race 2 days later and had to pick up my race packet at the expo. I got hooked up with a TON of free stuff, and I nerded out at all the fitness stuff.

From the expo, I drove to Fremont to drop my car off at my friend’s house, and after hanging and catching up for a bit, she took me to the Bart Station which I rode to Walnut Creek. DawnL and Tracy picked me up, and Tara arrived at the house not too long after I, so the four of us hung out for a bit before going to sleep.

The next morning we woke up early and hit up Starbucks, before heading up to Glen Ellen. Glen Ellen is near Sonoma, so it is wine county. It is beautiful there! We parked and were shuttled into the winery the show was being held at. In a yellow school bus. Awesome.


Scars played first, so we didn’t have to wait long for them to begin after doors opened.

Scars Glen Ellen
They played an acoustic set, which seemed much too short, but lucky for us, we were seeing them again later in the evening. We headed to the merch area to say our hello’s, and chatted up the band for a bit.

Scars & WCM
I. love. this. photo. It’s just missing Stu!

We went to talk to Steve after the band dispersed, and we thanked him a few dozen times for getting us on the list. (He listed us without us even asking, what a nice guy!) He told us they were playing another benefit type show the following weekend in Pasadena for his son’s school. And lucky again, I was already going to be down south the day before for a Matty Nay show, so it worked in my favor! I was stoked.

He asked us to help him take the merchandise to their van, and we happily did, seeing as he saved us each around $90. Will work for concert ticket! Haha. We ran into Aimee while back there, who was with Steve’s wife, and Aimee told her, “This is our fan club. We love them.” Awww. Then we were left in the backstage area and we frolicked around the vineyards. So pretty!

Joslyn in vineyard
There was a TON of stuff happening in the bay area that weekend, so we didn’t stick around for much longer, as we were afraid of getting stuck in the traffic of it all. It was another beautiful drive down into the city, including a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (which I had just traveled UNDER the weekend before with the TMC ladies) and through the hilly areas of SF.


Scars was doing their own set at Aloft Hotel, just outside of the San Francisco airport. We went and had lunch/an early dinner before the show. Well, I ate a cupcake. I had ordered something at Panera Bread, paid and everything, and then they put up a sign saying they were out of it, without even saying anything to me! Um, hello? I’m standing here waiting for that exact thing? I got annoyed and basically just asked for my money back. That is ridiculous! Enter cupcake. It was carrot cake, so it was nutritious…


We played a game of Battleship at Aloft while we waited for the band to start their set. The band is hosting battleshots on The Rock Boat, so we thought we’d be funny and bring the game with us. The band commented as they set up, “Are you so bored that you’re playing board games?” and we asked if they even knew what they were hosting come February. They didn’t. Steve said yes for the band. Haha. We warned them that we were going to beat them, so they better be prepared. I beat everyone I played, so they better watch out for me!

The show was announced semi-last minute, and as we’re waiting, basically no one shows up. Well, the only other person to show up was Yvonne, who Tara and I had met at the Summerthing show a few months prior, so the 5 of us enjoyed a “private concert” (according to Aimee.) Our 1 year anniversary of the first time we had seen the band was coming up, so we considered it our gift.

Since we were the only one’s there, Aimee asked us if we wanted pizza. Considering I ate a cupcake for dinner? Yeah. We accepted.

band feeds fans
After the set we ended up chatting with the band for probably…2 hours or so? They were all staying at the hotel, and they were drinking, and I can’t even tell you all the stories they told, or what happened because there was just SO MUCH said that night. Just know it was pure shenanigans and I was pretty much laughing the entire time. Stu showed up in the middle of it all; he had been flying in from England the entire morning, since it was his daughters birthday the day before. Poor guy was jetlagged extreme and told us he’d been awake for close to 48 hours.I think he asked me the same questions 3 times and I kept saying, “You just asked me that…” awww…

Scars SF
Scars Aloft
Tara and I decided we needed to get going, because the next morning was my race. Okay, whose smart idea was that? I should have been sleeping at that point! Tara and I had taken her car, while DawnL and Tracy rode together to SF, (hence me dropping it off in Fremont the night before) so we drove down to pick up my car, before she followed me the rest of the way to San Jose, where the race was being held the following morning.

Since I had such an early start of a day, we stayed at my friend’s Cindy Lou and Jaelyn’s place not far from the start of the race. Tara was going to be my partner in crime for the day, although she was only going for the after race festivities and not to run.

A 5am wake up call when you went to bed after midnight to run 5 miles is not a smart thing to do. But it is what I did.

I didn’t always enjoy running. Being overweight for half of my life, it wasn’t something I ever saw as possible.  After dropping the weight, I had wanted to start a running plan, to actually try conquering running. In 2010 I started and completed the Couch to 5k program and ran my first 5k. It’s actually where I met Cindy Lou at! But from then on, I always had a love for running. I’ve completed three 5ks now, and was looking to bump up my mileage.

When I got a text from a friend asking me if I was running the half because Matt Nathanson was playing the finishers show (!!!), I knew this was my chance! But by the point I had found out, I realized logistically that 2 months was not a safe amount of time to train to run 13.1 miles. I thought running 13 miles was stupid anyway (Says the girl who is now training for a half marathon…eat your words, kid.) There was a “mini marathon” which was 5 miles, and I knew I could train the shiz out of that distance.

The week before the race when I was with the TMC girls in San Francisco, I was running the treadmill at the hotel and my left leg just cramped up. It hurt on and off for the next few days so I was afraid if I’d even be able to run 5 miles. But whether I walked or ran the 5 miles, I was going to get that damn medal I had been training for.

Tara and I took Lightrail into downtown San Jose (weekend full of public transportation, what up) and I headed towards the start line, while she headed towards the stage to hold down the fort while I ran.

corral 5

I ended up in the corral with all the super fit people. They were stretching and flexing their six packs and I was standing there, alone, with frizzy morning hair and sleep still in my eye, hoping I wouldn’t die.

After the national anthem was performed, we were off! I told myself to take it mile by mile, and to not push if my leg started giving me trouble. The first mile my leg was tight, and I was wondering how far I was going to get. As we passed the first mile, I noticed my pace was slightly faster than I normally run, and my leg had loosened up, so I had hope for the rest of the race.

The Rock N Roll marathon series has a band playing every mile of the race. This is awesome. Just when I thought I’d be dying at a certain mile, a band would be rocking as I ran by and it kept me going for another mile. Beth had texted me good luck that morning, and told me to just think of Matt at the finish line if I felt like giving up, so that was humorously in my mind as well. Even though it may seem to look like I was dying…HA.
Finally mile 5 came up, and I busted my ass towards the finish line. 5 miles, without stopping. That’s right, bum leg! I own you.  I walked through the finishers exit and took every free thing they handed me after taking the obligatory finishers photo.

Um…worst photo ever, and I had way too many beverages?

I found Yvonne and Tara at the stage. I somehow had way too much energy and danced to a cover band for two hours. Our friend Cheryl showed up as well, and celebrated my victorious run.

matty crew
I drank my free beer, and finally at 11am, Matt came out to play. He noticed me in me work out clothes and I still had my bib number pinned on and pointed and mouthed, “You ran!” Cute.

He was his normal hilarious self despite still being a little early in the morning. Aaron and Matt graced us with an hour and 15 minute set. At one point during the show, Matt was telling a story about Bruce Jenner. I guess I had some sort of look on my face, because he says to me, “You’re looking at me like “that’s so mean!” I didn’t do it to him!” and cracks up. He kept giving me faces the entire set, as usual. As Tara calls it: I’m his work wife. Ha. After the set we walked over to the side of the stage and he came over to chat with us for a bit.

We talked about a slew of different things. Nothing important really, just our usual bullshitting. Scars on 45 had told me to pass along their hellos the night before, so we talked about them. I joked to Matt I was cheating on him with them, and he replies, “Oh that’s okay. They are all much better looking and more talented than me.” HAHAHA.

Conversation with the man flows easily from subject to subject, and at one point he was talking about how he was somewhere the day before. He looks at me and asks, “Where was I yesterday?” (like I just know where he is 24/7?!)
“Um…you tweeted about Houston?”
“Yeah! I flew there for a day. To play some guys birthday.”
“What?! You can play my party anytime you want.”
“OKAY! Done.”
“Want to play my library?”
“Your library?! That’d be awesome. OH MY GOD! Because you’re a LIBRARIAN!!!”
Oh how all my boys in bands love that I work in a library…

He told us then about how he had a whole “slew” of new songs, and he’s just been writing day after day. I asked him, “What happened to you playing a new song last weekend in San Francisco? You lied to me!” and he said “I know, I know.”

I was asking if he had titles for any songs yet that he’d be willing to share, just to hold me over. “Titles. Yeah, yeah. There are some. Let me think of one that might spark excitement…” then he kinda looked into space and I don’t think he wanted to really share so I said, “Oh there’s that one called ‘Joslyn’…” and he shot back, “How’d you know about that one?! That’s a really good one. You’re gonna like it.” and gave me this adorable grin. Ugh. It is stupid how much I adore him.

We talked about running a bit. He was saying something about how he was offered to run the mini and he thought about it. He asked how I did, and I was telling him about it and my time. “47 minutes?! That’s good right?! That’s less than 10 minutes a mile! Duuuude!” was his cutest response ever. Then we talked about the people who won the half marathon and ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes. What. The. Fuck. Way to make me feel like a snail.

We talked about next weekend, and how I was seeing him again. He was playing a festival show with Josh Radin, and we may have discussed why we both think he is a douche. Sorry to any of his fans, I’m sure if Ellen Degeneres had him play her wedding, that he has some sort of good to him. We also talked about a college show I was seeing him at again in November, that he didn’t know he was doing or at least forgot about. “It’s good to know you know my schedule better than I do.”

matty nay
There were other people waiting to talk to him, and I greedily was keeping him to my crew and I’s self. We took a quick group photo, and did the multiple goodbye hug thing, and I didn’t even feel bad about it because we were equally smelly for once. Said our “see you next week!” and then Tara and I headed back to Cindy Lou and Jaelyn’s place. We showered and then the 4 of us headed out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoe for lunch. I think I ate a salad the size of my face, multipled by the width of my hair (that’s big.)

Tara and I then parted ways, and headed back home. Good weekend.


2 Responses to “Run right into you.”

  1. twistedmacsista January 3, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

    Can we relive that Saturday again and again and again?! I loved having Scars all to ourselves for a day! lol Rock Boat, here we come! #WCM

    • Joslyn January 3, 2013 at 10:37 pm #

      I know, right?! It was seriously one of my top 10 days in 2012. Cannot wait for the boat.

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