The Top 5 Albums of 2012 you really should have been listening to.

30 Dec

I can’t believe I published the 2011 version of this post a year ago. Holy crap, where’d the year go?!

2012 was yet again another year of great music. These were my top 5 spins you should have been singing along to.

5. Kelly Clarkson – Greatest Hits: Chapter One

Ok. Is this cheating? Having a greatest hits album on my list? Well I don’t care. Seeing as I got to meet the girl again twice (!!) this year, my love for her is at an all time high, and I just can’t seem to get enough of her music.

This album does have 3 new songs, plus a Christmas track, so those count as something new. Besides those, the album has all the biggest hits and singles from Kelly over the years. I love every second of this album!

Personal favorite tracks: Since U Been Gone, Stronger, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Catch My Breath

m5 overexposed
4. Maroon 5 – Overexposed

I wish I could have put this higher up on the list, or even just labeled it number 1 since I have them tattooed on my body but…I’m going to be real and say I was just was not that impressed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still drove to three stores the day it came out just to find the deluxe album. Yeah, this is a good album. Yeah, I bounce around my room or car or during Zumba anytime the songs are played. But Maroon 5 has had much more solid albums in the past. This feels a tad too over-auto tuned and filler track-ish to me.  I was expecting more, I suppose? Meh. I still can’t wait for the Overexposed tour in March, though! The band is a thousand times better live as it is.

Personal favorite tracks: Sad, One More Night, Daylight

3. SafetySuit – These Times

This album came out the first week of January, and I still haven’t gotten over it yet. I just mentioned them in my blog a few days ago, and I will again express how much you NEED to see this band live. You also need to buy this album. I am so in love with their first album, that I didn’t know how These Times would hold up as  a second album. Um…amazingly?! Just see them live, and you will know what my obsession is. I love this band.

Personal favorite tracks: Let Go, Crash, You Don’t See Me

2. Lifehouse – Almeria

Lifehouse. My loves. I had been counting down months, weeks, days, seconds until this album came out. And yes, it was only released on the 11th of this month, so I am still in the newlywed honeymoon stage love.

This album takes a different approach from the past 5 albums the band has released. It took probably a solid week for me to just be able to listen to it without going, “hmmmm.” It has a bit of a country feel to it, which is not what you expect from a pop/rock band. But once you get it, you get it.

Jason Wade is one of the most talented songwriters I’ve come across. I find myself seriously holding my hand over my heart while listening to their music often, because of lyrical brilliance . Or that might just be me swooning. Um, hello picture of perfection of man.

Do yourself a favor and pick up the deluxe version of this album. The bonus tracks really round out the album, and they have more of an “old” Lifehouse feel to them.

Personal favorite tracks: Aftermath, Only You’re the One, Barricade, Always Somewhere Close

1 . Scars on 45 – Scars on 45

I know you’re not surprised. How many blog posts have you read about my crush on this band by now? This album is amazing. I find every chance I can get to play it for people who have never heard of the band. I thank Matt Nathanson silently in my head every time I see them live for having them open for him, because otherwise I’d probably be one of those people oblivious of their talent.

The album got pushed back a few months from its original release date, and it was torture. But it was worth the wait, and you must, must, must buy the deluxe version of this album, because those tracks are some of my personal favorite songs of life. Yeah, we’re getting serious here. I cannot wait to see where this band goes in their career. You can say you heard it from me (thanks, Matt) first.

Personal favorite tracks: Change My Needs, Don’t Say, Beauty’s Running Wild, Promises and Empty Words

2 Responses to “The Top 5 Albums of 2012 you really should have been listening to.”

  1. twistedmacsista December 31, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Very nice list……I especially love your #1 choice! It’s mine as well 😉

    • Joslyn December 31, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

      You like so45, too?! I had no idea! 😉

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