Stitch Fix.

22 Dec

You guys. I think I just joined what could become my most favorite thing ever.
Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service, tailored straight to your likes. (!!!!)

If you decide to sign up, (referral link for a invite at the end of this post) you fill out a pretty lengthy questionnaire about what styles/colors/fits/outfits you love or dislike. Then you schedule a date for a “fix” and a stylist picks out 5 pieces and sends them to your home.


This is amazing, because you can take your time trying on each item, and mixing and matching with pieces you already own that are in your closet!

Each fix “costs” a $20 stylist fee, but if you decide to keep any pieces, it is credited towards your order. If you decide to keep all 5 pieces, your entire order is discounted 25%. When you initially fill out the styling questionnaire, you choose how much you’d like to spend on each piece, so if you’re willing to put in good money for great pieces of clothes, 25% off can quickly add up!

For any pieces you decide not to keep, you just place into a prepaid postage envelope and drop it into the mail within 3 days of receiving your box. Simple! I just dropped my returns off yesterday, and it couldn’t have been easier. Seeing as it was 4 days until Christmas, the last thing I wanted to do was wait in a line at the post office.

Each fix comes with a small, fun, gift as well. I got a pocket mirror, a nail file, and these hair band things I am current obsessed with at the moment for some odd reason. I literally exclaimed, “Ohhhh! I love these!” (There’s was another hairband already in my hair when I took this photo…)


I got 5 pieces that each varied from one another. A dress, a blouse, a jacket, a pant & a scarf.

Each piece even comes with a tag that gives you outfit ideas. Smart, smart stylists.


I ended up only keeping the pant (I really wanted the dress and scarf too, but I own multiple LBDs and dozens upon dozens of scarfs, so I honestly just didn’t need ANOTHER of either) but the pant is the most amazing things I have ever tried on. They fit my odd shaped body perfectly and are so freaking comfortable. The price tag shocked me a little at first, but I buy $10 jeans at Forever21, so I think I need to add some classic pieces to my wardrobe anyway. Plus, they can be dressed up or down, and they really are fabulous. I would never have even looked at these in a store, so a huge thank you to Stitch Fix! I can’t wait to wear them! Plus it came with a cute little charm.

So, fun, right?! Stitch Fix is just a start up company still in Beta form, so you need an invite to join. Luckily, since I am now a member, I get to share invites with you. Click the referral link below to join (it’s about a week and a half wait after you send the invite request, so patient, grasshoppers), and then tell me all the fun stuff you get sent your way! The surprise element is honestly the best part. If Santa was a stylist…


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