New York, Part 2: the tourists

26 Nov

Obviously waking up at 4am, when you still haven’t adjusted to east coast time, and you only went to sleep a few hours prior was rough. NYC was awaiting us though, so despite being exhausted, we were all excited! We headed to the small Syracuse airport, for the short flight to JFK.

Besides being overly tired, we were being extremely loud as usual. We were still making fun of the Lights fans squealing at the band, and were saying that’s how excited to be heading to NYC. We were laughing and probably being super obnoxious, and at one point before boarding, a flight attendant said, “I knew there were teenagers coming; I could hear you before I could see you!” Uh…we’re all late 20’s and older?!  Way to go.

We all talked about how we were going to pass out once boarded, but I think the adrenaline won, and we all stayed awake. Flying into NYC while the sun was rising was really special.

Then, finally the moment I had been waiting for a long, long time began. NYC.

We took a shuttle to our hotel, ate a quick breakfast, and then got ready to head out for a taste of the big apple.

We stayed in Queens, and just finding and taking the subway into the city was the first adventure of the day. We must have looked like total tourists; each time we got on a subway, we were the happy and chatty group, and everyone just stared at us. I guess you have to be quiet and grumpy on the subway to fit in?

Our first stop was Times Square. When we walked out of the subway and onto the street, the first thing we saw was the David Letterman building, and it hit us all that we were in NEW YORK CITY. We all group hugged and giggled, and then headed off to the Square. We stopped a few places along the way, like the M&M’s store and the Hershey’s store. Holy calories we avoided, Batman. (But ate them later, anyway…)

The next stop was the NY Public Library. Oh my God, geek dream! I of course signed up for a library card after jumping up and down everywhere. Haha.

I love library. ❤

After my major geek fest, we found ourselves wandering, passed through Grand Central Station, and ran into a street fair. Then I accidentally found Crumbs Bakery, where we had a cupcake tasting party.

Back in February on The Rock Boat, I met a new friend who lives in New York. Riz and I became opposite coast best friends, and of course we HAD to meet up since I was in his city! He met up with us at Crumbs and he became our fabulous NYC tour guide for the rest of the weekend.

From Crumbs, we headed off to window shop at a few places, then we decided we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. Riz recommended we take the ferry to Staten Island because it passes close by the Lady. We enjoyed the view and the lovely lady, and by the time we got back to land, we were all ready for dinner.

Riz lead the way, and we walked to Brooklyn to have dinner in China town. I’m not even kidding when I say, BEST DAMN Chinese food I ever ate.

Then we went to Little Italy and I ate the best damn gelato I’ve ever had. No pictures of that because I am a fat kid and ate it all before I thought about taking a photo. Good thing for all that walking!

Riz then put us back on the right subway to Queens, and we headed off to sleep. We gave ourselves the next morning to sleep in, because we needed it, then got ready to head out for NYC day number 2! Sam had to leave us that morning (enter super sad face here), and the realization of it almost being time to go home was setting in.

Our first stop of day two was Central Park. We got lost about 8 times trying get there, but finally made our way to Strawberry Fields.

From there tour guide Riz showed us around the park for a bit, then we headed to find the big LOVE sign and FAO Schwarz and Rockefeller Square.

I am a big giant kid. A big giant perverted kid. Haha. The giant piano called my name. I loved every second of it.

I am a HUGE peanut butter fan. HUGE. You can find at least 5 varieties of PB in my cupboard at a time. Peanut Butter & Co is my all time favorite brand, and they have a PB shop in Chelsey. You KNOW I had to go there while in the city. So we caught the subway and headed over and all my dreams came true. Yes. I was in HEAVEN. I even bought a few jars and checked my bag on the flight to bring them home. Serious obsession, kids.

After stuffing ourselves with peanut butter, we went to Junior’s to get cheesecake. Really? This is why I gained weight in New York, people. Haha.  While eating, we saw the naked cowboy! Then we saw him drive away fully clothed! Betcha can’t say you’ve seen him wearing a shirt. 😉

We then headed to Bowery Ballroom for a show, where we sadly parted ways with Riz. Rachel Platten’s drummer, Craig, was playing drums for a musician named Brendan James so we went to support him. I had a few drinks and think I had a little too much fun, ha. 😉 Lelia Broussard opened, and she blew me away! She was on a few episodes of The Voice this season, which I was excited about it, but didn’t make it that far into the competition. Boo.

We chatted with Craig for a little bit after the show ended, then found the Subway to head back to our hotel. We decided to stop at the World Trade Center first, because honestly, when would we be back again? So at midnight, we visited. It broke my heart. 9/11 was just a few weeks later, and this year it just had more of a significant impact of my life.

It took us almost an hour and a half to get back to the hotel, and by this point, we only had 2 hours to sleep until we had to wake up and go to the airport? Why do we do these things to ourselves?!

We dropped Amber off at JFK, and then Amanda, Beth & I headed to LGA. Sitting in the terminal waiting to board was heart breaking for me. New York definitely stole my heart. I am glad I got to experience it with my girls, and be showed around by another great friend.

I will be back for you, East Coast. You wait.


2 Responses to “New York, Part 2: the tourists”

  1. Rizky Ridwan November 26, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    Dear Joslyn,

    I suggest you move to New York City, get a job at the New York Public Library, and close this best friend gap here. kthanks!


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