Let’s get odd, and live life at the bottom of the sea.

14 Nov

I’m usually up to date on my Matt Nathanson semi-stalking skills. But somehow, I slipped that he was playing a San Diego show until after the fact that it went on sale and sold out. Um, what?

On my birthday, I was joking around on Twitter if anyone could make the show unsold out so I could go. And who messages me? Matt. “You’re hilarious,” he says, “Just remind the day before the show.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Thanks, homeboy.

So a month goes by, and show time is coming up soon. I tweet Matt to not forget about me. He messages me asking if he had my last name correct, and if plus 1 was okay. Okay…you know you’ve seen your favorite musician a few too many times when they know you on a first AND last name basis. I should be embarrassed, but I am not.

I invite Lisa as my plus 1, because she’s always been my Matty partner in crime. We get to Birch Aquarium a little early to hang out, and also meet up with my friend Linda who I was staying with that night. Who I apparently didn’t take photos with either of them? But I did run into Astin, a cool gal I met through Matt shows, and we took an adorable picture:

The whole time we had been there, I was not even excited because I just had this pit in my stomach about the guest-list for some reason. So finally the people come out with the list and I tell Lisa I’m scared. I go up and hand them my ID and guess whose not on it? I give Lisa the “I f’n KNEW IT.” look but stay calm. So the guy helping is still looking and this lady bumps in and asks who put me on the list. “Um. Matt. Nathanson.” Then she gets all snooty & and looks at my ID and says “Oh. Well he only left 11 tickets and you are definitely not one of the names. Do you have his cell phone number?” She said the last part like I was lying! Like I’d go to a sold out show and say the artist guest listed me when they didn’t? Bitch, please.

We walked off to the side to figure out what to do and send Matt an SOS message. I hear snooty bitch tell these other 2 ladies they’re not on the list either, and we were in the same boat. I forgot what I said to them, but one of them replied, “Oh, I’m his AUNT.” and she seemed annoyed. Matt was going to be in so much trouble with us. Haha.

At the words, “I’m his aunt” the bitchy lady practically runs backstage. She comes back out with a post it with names on it and tells his aunt and her friend they’re good to go. Then she says, “And what’d you say your name was again?” and when I tell her, she snottily says, “Alright.” HA! I told you! I felt like yelling in her face. I may be young and you didn’t believe me, but my homeboy wouldn’t fail me!

We got to go through the aquarium a bit before being lead outside where the stage was. Built over the TIDE POOLS.

Amazing. To your left was the ocean. Matt played as the sun set and it was gorgeous.

When he first walked out he was scanning the crowd, and when spotted me he gave me one of his typical looks. This one read, “There you are. Why the fuck were you freaking out and sending me messages? You’re in.” I pretty much shook my head & rolled my eyes at him. I’m glad we have this odd relationship.

His voice was spot on. Sometimes I miss him so much and don’t realize it until I see him again. This was one of those times. He kept giving me stupid smiles all night and I wanted to push him into the tide pool for it.

During the show, these obnoxious girls got WASTED and wouldn’t shut up, so Matt literally told them to. Burn.

After the show Lisa had to leave right away, and Linda and I headed off to find food because neither of us had eaten literally all day. We had dinner at Rubio’s, because it was the only thing still open around that hour, and this creepy guy sat next to our table and listen to our conversations. Then he creeped to his car the same time we left. Thank god the hotel we were staying at needed a key to get in anywhere, even the parking lot, because we were only 2 blocks away and we honestly thought he might follow us. Serious creepster. We joked about him later though, and I nick named him Rubio.

While at dinner, I noticed next door was SPRINKLE’S CUPCAKES. Um, if you’ve never had a Sprinkle’s Cupcake you are missing out. I have traveled an hour and a half to eat them on my birthday. So the next morning before I drove home, what do you think I did? I got cupcakes for breakfast. Fat kid always.

I think the sugar kept me alive, because the 7 and a half hour drive home seemed to go quickly. I even went to Zumba an hour after getting home! I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: I’m crazy.


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