The right to happiness.

21 Oct

Two years ago today, I met Jillian Michaels for the first time.

If you know me in person, you are quite aware of my huge “girl crush” on her, and how I sing her praises all the time…I know, I know, shut up already.

Anyway, two years ago today I stepped on board of Jillian’s Ultimate Wellness Cruise and…my life changed. I can’t explain it any better than this blog I wrote 2 years ago, after coming home.

its 9am, on saturday morning, october 23, 2010. i’m laying on my back, palms up towards the sky, on the lido deck on board the norwegian star. we are docked in nassau, bahamas. jillian michaels has just worked us out to what feels like near death. i am bawling my eyes out.

i hadn’t realized until that moment that i was holding in such suppressed negative emotions for years. when i was younger, i was overweight. i was always the fattest kid in class. i came in last place in everything. i got picked last for sports. i was the butt of everyone’s jokes. i got teased relentlessly. i kept this mostly to myself.

i was extremely shy as a child, and i think this may have been the fact that i had no self confidence in myself. if hardly anyone liked me, why should i like myself?

as i got older, and wiser, i figured it was time to take charge and change this. one summer in high school i went on weight watchers and came back the following year with a hell of a better attitude about life. i felt so much healthier, and proud, and that was the beginning of a new and better me.

even though i looked and felt different, deep down i was still holding onto those emotions, whether i realized it or not.

laying on the lido deck, taking deep breaths.

jillian is talking. “be proud of yourself. this is your moment. we have 10,000 thoughts run through our heads everyday, and 80% of them is the same bullshit over and over again. you are safe in this moment. you are here with friends and family. this is your time. let go of all the negativity. if someone has an issue with you, that’s THEIR shit, their problem, not yours. for all the times someone has told you you can’t, know that you CAN.”

in this moment, with the tropical sun hitting my face, sweat dripping on every inch of my body, i let it go. with each tear that streamed down my face, i let go of every negative thought i ever had about myself. with every breath i took, i got stronger, and breathed in positive energy. i made a promise to myself that i would never think badly of myself again. if i ever thought poorly of myself, i will think of all the great things i HAVE done, CAN do, and WILL do with my life. and hey, jillian said it best, “just think, if i got through that crazy bitch’s workout, i can do ANYTHING.”

i can’t even explain what these 4 days on board did to me. i came home the most sore i’ve ever experience (and let me tell you, it was painful) but as my muscles healed, so did my soul.

thank you, jillian. THANK YOU. i know that this was all inside me, but you just helped the sun break through from the clouds that has been hiding behind all this time.

Yeah. Jillian is amazing. Many friendships were formed from the cruise. Unfortunately, a second cruise never happened, but a few months after it I got to meet Jillian again. I drove 5 hours to LA to see her debut her workout clothing line at Nordstrom, and attend her book signing. I had some great moments with her that still makes me laugh thinking back on today.

Now, a year and a half later, I am still madly crushing on her. I still buy all the magazines she’s on the cover of. My DVD collection is getting outrageous. I am still thankful every day. So thank you again, Jillian. You change lives.


2 Responses to “The right to happiness.”

  1. agzym October 23, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    What an amazing experience 🙂 I adore Jillian, despite the fact that she brings me close to tears on a regular basis!. The thing that’s special about her is that despite being such a tough trainer, she seems like the nicest, most compassionate person, at least that’s how she seems on Twitter. If I ever met her, I think I’d struggle to explain how much she means to me 🙂

    • Joslyn October 23, 2012 at 10:58 am #

      thank you. it definitely was an amazing experience. on the cruise jillian had 3 hour + long “lectures” where she answered so many questions, joked around (took shots of tequila!!), and we all felt like we got to know her in a way. she truly is one the most caring and heartfelt people i’ve ever gotten a chance to meet. i adore her.

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