Next stop, Vegas please.

15 Oct

When I heard that Matt Nathanson was playing in Las Vegas on a weekend, I didn’t even blink an eye at the fact that its an eight hour drive. Or that I don’t even live in Nevada. I am crazy to the point that if its within a 12 hour radius, I will heavily consider driving somewhere before thinking its ridiculous.

My group of gals all looked into it, and decided to fly in for the show. Reunion! Trouble! FUN.

Before the fun started though, I had to experience the quite opposite. You know those days where you have everything planned out, and then it ALL goes wrong? Well, that was my drive to Vegas.

Let’s start with the fact that I woke up TWO HOURS after my alarm was supposed to go off. And the fact that I was running two hours behind, I was rushing and forgot half of my stuff at home. So I stopped at a Target to buy the necessities. And then I hit traffic, hard. I think my original ETA was 2:30pm, and I didn’t get to Vegas until 7:30pm. Kill. Me.

The moment I pulled up to our hotel and I parked, things changed. Beth and Becky ran out to hug me. I walked into the hotel lobby where Sam, Amanda & Amber were waiting, with a drink for me. I was drunk within a half hour of arriving. Vegas.

We went out to dinner with one of Beth’s friends who live in town. She picked us up, and I think there was a total of 7 girls squished into a 4 person car.

While we were out at dinner, Lisa arrived. Soon after, Emily and Ashley arrived. There were a TON of us.

The next morning was Record Store Day, and Matt had an exclusive EP out that we were determined to get. So we split up into two groups to get all the copies at 2 stores carrying them close by.

Early that morning, I had tweeted something along the lines of attending Record Store Day in Vegas and going to see Matt later. Matt stalks my Twitter (not really, but he knows my handle name) and he tweeted me back this gem:

I laughed. And of course I will do whatever the man asks me to, so we game planned.

I never realized Record Store Day was such a…big deal. We got there a little over an hour before the store opened, and there was a line of at least 20 people! Woah.

Once it was officially opened, it was a shit storm. People rushing, grabbing records. It took a while to find the Flaming Lips album, but once I did, I felt successful. Amber grabbed all the Matt EPs and we divided them up.

From there, we headed over to the Stadium where Matt was playing. It was an all day event. Outside. In the Vegas heat. It was in the high 90’s that day, and I think we all were sweating out our sanity.

Matt played last unfortunately, and by the time he went on we were all giddy and laughing at nothing. Hopefully no one noticed.

Right before his set ended, we put the record on stage. When he saw it, his whole entire face lit up. It was literally like a kid on Christmas morning. He said, “Record Store Day!” into the microphone with this big grin and then mouthed to me, “I’ll get you money!” I would have said, happy birthday enjoy, if it wasn’t a $40 record, so I was like hell yeah go get me some money! Ha.

So out comes Aaron to pay. I felt like it was a drug deal. You get me the goods. I got the goods. Now I send you my guy to pay you for the goods. Haha.

After we dealed out the Jacksons, Lisa parted ways with us (booo) and we headed to In N Out for dinner. More than half of the group had never eaten at In N Out. Blasphemy! Midwest is missing out!

We headed back to the hotel to refresh, and then we headed out to take on Vegas for a few hours. While getting ready, Matt tweeted this:

I have a posse, y’all! It became the joke of the evening. I was now the fearless leader. We hit up the monorail, and headed to the strip. Our first stop was Serendipity’s for Frozen Hot Chocolate. Holy. Effing. MOLY.

Amanda’s birthday was a few days later, so we secretly ordered a GIANT piece of cheesecake and surprised her. It was delicious!

And we ate it all.

We wandered the strip for a bit before exhaustion hit us all. Half of the posse was flying out super early the next morning, so we said our goodbye’s then. I love this group of people so much, that saying goodbye just breaks my heart. I even got teary eyed and cried a little. I love you guys!

The next morning the remaining girls and I had breakfast before hitting the road. It was a long drive, but luckily this round there was no traffic. I caffeinated myself heavily and took on the road.


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