You and I wouldn’t change a thing.

20 Aug

Just 4 days after getting off of a plane…I got back on one. This time, it wasn’t quite so across the country. It was a short 2 hour flight North into Seattle. Once landed, I rented a car, and then picked up Megan who flew in the day before to visit a friend in the area. From Seattle, we drove 4 hours to Spokane, Washington. For what? Must you ask? Matt Nathanson. Duh.

Back story to this insanity: I had been looking on his website and noticed that for this particular show, another musician I adore, Tyrone Wells, was opening. Automatically my mind starting scheming ways of getting to Washington (fly! drive! train!). Oh but hello, $99 flights. How’d you like to be purchased? From there I sweet talked Megan into going (not so much; she was pretty much on board right away) and we planned the short little weekend trip.

On the way to Spokane we stopped at a Five Guys (delish!) and I played in snow. SNOW! How I went from 90 degree weather in St Louis to snow all in less than a week…

When we got to the Knitting Factory, we were pleased to find out that if you are over the age of 21, you got to hang out in the bar area and not have to wait in line. Hooray!

So we ordered the most delicious drinks & got a little tipsy and enjoyed not having to freeze. I also sweet talked my way out of a parking ticket but batting my eyes and using the, “But I’m from California!” line when I went to add more change to the meter. Thanks, parking dude. P.S. You’re were pretty cute, too.

I had not seen Tyrone in a few years, so when he walked onstage I swooned a little. Gotta love a tall bald man who can yodel and sing his heart out.

When Matt came onstage, it only took about 45 seconds of him being at the microphone until he spotted me.  I got a “holy shit” look, then he shook his head and laughed. Not kidding….he pretty much sang 25% of the show staring right at me. At first it was awkward but then I started making weird faces at him and it was almost like a game. It became fun.

The set list this night was awesome. A lot of my old favorites were on the list (Suspended, Sing Me Sweet, Amazing Again) In the middle of Amazing Again, Matt sang a whole VERSE of a Lifehouse song right to me and then majorly cheesed grinned. He knows how to win me over and over again.

One thing I laughed about: his current single at the moment, “Faster” wasn’t on the setlist, or played. I was confused until Matt tweeted the next day that he forgot about it, and another one of his favorite songs.

After the show, we talked to Mark, Tyrone’s drummer for a bit, then headed back towards Seattle. We got a hotel at the halfway point, but it was pretty sketchy. I’m glad we woke up alive, and the car was still there.

We finished the drive in the morning and headed into the downtown area to have a little fun day before seeing Tyrone play a headlining show. We walked around Pike’s Place and had lunch, visited the gum wall, all the fun touristy things.

By the time we got to Neumos, I was SO exhausted and I’m not sure how I stood the entire show.

After the set we chatted it up with the big guy, and I think my eyes were slowly closing.

Luckily I have friends everywhere, so my friend Leah let us crash her couch after the show. My flight was 9:30am, so we slept a very minimal amounts of hours due to having to drive to the airport, dropping off the car, and checking in for our flights. I attempted to sleep the entire flight, but the boy next to me was NAUSEOUS the whole flight and I was afraid that if I closed my eyes I’d be spewed on. Ewww.

Eventually I landed in San Francisco, and was picked up by friends who drove me back to San Jose. Then I headed home and crashed early, because it was already back to work the next morning! Life, why do I make you so crazy?


2 Responses to “You and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

  1. monica August 21, 2012 at 1:21 am #

    Music is life, the rest is just details! Can’t believe he “forgot” to play Faster! My couch is always available in PHX!

  2. Jeanne August 22, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    What fun – mostly.!

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