Dazzling, so dazzling, like the neon street sign.

18 Aug

Apparently I didn’t want to spend any time at all home in March. Apparently I also do crazy shiz to get to my bands. For example, on what was only my ninth day spent at home, my day went a little like this:

Work 8am – 5pm. Shuttle pickup at 6:45pm. Dropped off at San Francisco airport at 9:30pm. Board plane at 12:35am. Arrive in Saint Louis at 8:30am.

OK. What? I know. Insanity. The worst part of this longest day of life? My flight left LATE. And I missed my connecting flight in Texas. Which put me back 2 hours, and I hadn’t even slept yet. Oh man I was dying.

But, every minute of sleep I missed was worth it. On the other end of that plane was a van full of ladies I love. Beth, Becky & Amber picked me up and we headed back to Beth’s place so I could shower and make myself more presentable. From there we met up with Mark and Amy and all piled into a van and headed to Columbia.

I’m pretty sure this whole day was conversations of deliriousness.

I pounded coffee. I ate fro yo for lunch.

We took photos by a pillar.

We took photos with animal band statues.

We took photos in a keyhole.

I was crashing slowly.

Once the show started, things were better. I was stoked. Rachel & crew loved us all singing along to her set. Matt sang a song for us that we requested. Love.

After the show, we chatted with Rachel, Bess & Craig in the lobby for a long while. Those are some good people.

After our epic chat sesh, we piled back into the van and headed back to Beth’s place. The next day, we didn’t get out of bed until 1pm. I’m glad, because I think my body truly needed it. Beth worked that morning, so when she got home we all headed out to lunch, and then came back and made cookies.

Only we would make baking look insane. HA. And yes, I wear my sunglasses inside.

Soon we were off to The Fabulous Fox Theater for a Kelly/Matty show. This venue is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. The crowd? Not so much. We were standing during Matt minding out own business when the douches in the crowd started yelling for us to sit down. Seriously? It’s a concert. I didn’t spend over $100 to SIT during my favorite musician. Long story short, we eventually had to sit, we were pissed, but we got over it. Lets just say during Kelly’s set, I made sure to jump up and down and wave my arms around half the time. Can you see NOW, jerks?!

After Kelly’s set we said hi to Matt who I think loved that we were all a group.

Then we stayed out way too late for having to wake up at 6am the next morning, but I wouldn’t have changed a single moment of the evening! Driving around in a van, singing acapella…I love these people!

The next morning, we got up WAY too early for my west coast self. Pretty sure I mumbled, “I hate you, Matt Nathanson.” to everyone as I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom to shower.

In the van for 6 hours, and we arrived in Omaha, Nebraska. We didn’t see much of Nebraska, seeing as our hotel was a few miles away, but yet in Iowa!

We checked into our hotel, and wandered around downtown near the venue for lunch. Then the hanging happened.

And the drinking.

Oh yes, drinking. It was St. Patrick’s Day and we had drunken gummies and sparkling campaign. I almost got us busted, seeing as I was standing on the street chugging out of the bottle and some guy working the venue asked me if it was alcohol. “No. It’s sparkling cider.” I said instantly. Wow. Drunken Joslyn is a great liar.

Craig came out and hung with us for awhile. I don’t know how he put up with our shenanigans that day. I’m sure everyone thought we were idiots.

Beth and I ran into James during some part of my drunken stupor, and I’m sure I said really ridiculous things. Oh, dear. Sorry, JF.

Soon we were let into the venue and we took up the entire front row and rocked it in our best St Patty’s Day gear. Matt dedicated a song to us. “This song was requested by good people, and they deserve to get what they want.” OH HELL YES.

Afterwards we said goodbye to Rachel & Craig, who let us know that they appreciated us singing along in the front row all the times, and that it was the first time they had a connection with fans. Oh, adorable.

We headed down the street for some food. I made everyone play the “phone stack game” since it was out last night together. (Everyone puts their phone in the middle of the table and isn’t allowed to touch it while having dinner. If anyone checks texts/emails/internet etc. you are in charge of paying everyone at the table’s tab.)

Mark, Amber & I ordered a veggie pizza and DEMOLISHED it a matter of minutes. I guess we were hungry?

OH! The best part of the entire dinner: this girl came up to us to thank us for requesting the song Matt dedicated to us. Then she turns to me and says, “This is going to sound odd, but your hair totally gives you away: I’ve read your blog.” DUDE! What is up readers in NEBRASKA!

The next morning we headed back to St. Louis. We tried to convince Amanda to take an impromptu trip to Des Moise to see Rachel play a headline show, but she was our voice of reason and said no, haha.

We made it back to Beth’s house and Amanda had to leave. The remaining of us all went grocery shopping, bought a lotto ticket (we lost), I experienced birthday cake Oreo’s for the first time, and spent the evening relaxing and having dinner together. Mark cooked. Us girls gossiped. It was awesome.

The next morning my flight left extremely early. Like 7am early. Which is 5am California time. I made it back to Cali Cali Cali by noon, and then went to work at 3pm. Wtf. Crazy. But I found a Dunkin’ Donuts in my airport terminal, so all was well.

Then I got back on a plane 4 days later…


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