The Rock Boat XII.

25 Jul

There is much anticipation stepping on board the rock boat. The high five. The first free drink. The friends you haven’t seen in months, or even years. The bands you love. The bands you’re about to discover. The family you missed.

I could seriously write a huge review of my time on the boat, but honestly so much happens over a 4 day period of time, I’d rather just let the photos speak for itself.

And then, you get off the boat. This year was particularly sad for me, I’m not sure why, but when Andy was standing around giving everyone their last high fives, I just pouted. “Thanks for coming, Joslyn.” And then I almost cried. I literally did cry later that night when my connecting flight home got canceled and I was stuck in LA for the night and was at this point just purely exhausted…but I prefer to not have to rethink or tell that awful part of the story!

I am course booked for next years boat, and I can hardly wait. Only something like 215 days until we set sail…


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