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12 Mar

When Matt Nathanson announces new tour dates, my mind does…stupid things. This tour, it schemed into ways I could go to shows instead of just patiently waiting until the end of March to see him, when he was going to be in California. My mind always does this; I’m used it. I assume everyone else is as well. So I go with it.

When I noticed he was playing in Illinois & Indiana a few days before I was already going to be just 12 hours away in New Orleans (just 12 hours? Did I just write that?), you bet my crazy ass bought some tickets! Luckily, in the past year, I’ve met my match in a lovely group of people, who do the same thing I do, so they don’t judge me. 🙂

The first show was in Champaign, Illinois. To get there, I first had an plane/bus/automobile adventure.

I woke up on a Friday at the godly horrendous time of 3:45am. I have an amazing friend who lives a few blocks up the hill from me, who offered to pick me up and drove me to the airport at 4:30am. Thanks, Joanne! You’re a trooper. 🙂

My flight took off at 5:35am, and after a layover In Denver, I arrived in Chicago at 2. Hopped on a shuttle bus at 3, and sat/slept on that sucker until 6:45. FINALLY! I was in Peoria, where Amanda came and picked me up. Holy exhaustion. From there we dropped my stuff off at her house, and Amanda and her hubby, took me out for a bad ass sushi dinner. Thanks, guys! 😀

The next morning Amanda and I rocked the gym while we waited for our friend Mark to arrive from Michigan. We then headed out for Champaign!

After a short 1.5 hour drive, we arrived, to The Spaceship.

OK, fine. It was called Assembly Hall, but it looks like something straight out of outer space!

We had 12th row seats for the show, and besides the one time I sold merch for Matt and stood in the back of a venue, this was probably the furthest back I’ve ever been. Sad? Or did this just mean I got to sing extra loud and not have to fear anyone onstage hearing me? 😉

It’d been over a year since I had seen Kelly Clarkson, so I was stoked when her set started. I am in love with her new album, so hearing the new songs live excited me probably more than it should have, ha. A few songs into her set she appeared in the middle of the crowd, and as she passed down the aisle headed back onstage she grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze! I screamed to Amanda & Mark jokingly, “OMG GUYS. Never washing my hand again! Kelly DNA!” Dork. I love that bitch.

Matt was doing a m&g when the show ended, so during Kelly’s encore we headed to the merch so we didn’t have to wait in a super long line (sorry homegirl!)

When Matt saw the 3 of us together, he asked what we were doing there. “Um, THEY live close.” I said. And then I think he realized just whereabouts we were. “Look at you!” he said. He seemed super excited that the 3 of us were together, and said, “let’s take a picture.!” while holding his arms out for us.

While we were waiting our turn, we had decided to think of something fun to do in our photo. Thus, the YMCA idea was born.

“We’re gonna do the YMCA.”
“OK. I’ll be the C.” Matt says, and automatically stands in the C stance. Here’s the problem. We already picked our letters. We were going to give Matt the M. I was the C.
“I’M the fucking C!” I say and push his arms down. (Seriously? I had to get pushy? HA.) “You were designated the M.”
“Oh…I don’t know how to make the M.” whaaaat?
“Uh…it’s like this.” I say, making a M with my arms in front of me.
“Ok!” Matt says. His arms are in front of his chest.
“Yeah. But..over your head.”
“Over my head?”
“Yeah. Like this!” Did I really have a M making tutorial with the Nathanson? Yup. HA.

Finally we all get into position and I know it must have looked ridiculous/awesome because people watching near by start laughing. I’m trying not to crack up in the picture. This, my friends, is the greatest Matt photo ever.

We say our goodbyes, got additional hugs, “You guys are coming tomorrow, right?” and headed back to our hotel. We laughed at the photo for probably the remainder of the evening. It was awesome.

The next morning I could not sleep for the life of me, so while Amanda and Mark still snoozed, I headed down to the gym to bust out a short workout. Once I was finished I showered and we headed downstairs for free breakfast.

This Marriott was WEIRD. They kept all the food locked up, and you had to ask for what you wanted. Uh…every hotel I’ve ever been to has just had it out? It was odd.

After breakfast, we got on the road to Indiana. There’s a whole lot of NOTHING in that state. Once we arrived to Bloomington, we checked into our hotel and met up with Sam and Ali. We hung out for a bit, and then headed to the venue, because Becky had drove in early and was already there.

A few hours later, Beth & Amber arrived, and our group was complete! Reunion!

We were, once again, in a state none of us resided in.

We spent a few hours in line probably being obnoxious. I just remember screaming “LIBRARIAN!” eight hundred times. And singing stupid cat songs.

We had a not so good moment of people being let in before us, and me almost beating some bitches down, but we all got into the venue and claimed our most deserved front row spots. The only bummer was that our group got separated into 2. 😦 The stage was rounded, and we could see each other, so this just means we yelled across the distance to one another.

The show was spectacular. Rachel Platten opened, and I heard she was all “rainbows and puppy dogs and sunshine”. Which was true. But she’s super talented and gorgeous as hell. I’d hate her if she wasn’t so nice.

Matt. Oh, Matthew. This may have been my favorite set on the All Night Noise Tour so far. He busted out some old school, which he needed lyrics for. 😉

The venue was EXTREMELY HOT though, and we were EXTREMELY close, so I got a little Matt sweat bath towards the end of the night. NOT hot. Eww.

After the show, we chatted up Craig, Rachel’s drummer and I’m pretty sure he fell in love with us. Hahaha. We’ve planned to hang out at the next show we’re all at together. He’s adorable and I want to squeeze him. He’s probably one of the only people who didn’t think the group of us were crazy for going to so many shows (Calculated, its about 320 between us all) or that Becky and I have Matt lyric tattoos. You rock, Craig!

We headed out, and decided we needed dinner. It probably took us about 1.5 hours to figure out just where to go and what was still open. So, hey, Denny’s at 2am!

It was Amber’s birthday the day before, so we had cake! Um, I won’t even tell you the story about the cake. It’s NOT what Beth asked for, but if you know, you know. It’s hilarious. Sushi dance, for life.

After cake, we headed back to the hotel and headed to bed for a short amount of sleep. The next morning we had breakfast together in the lobby. Becky was about to leave, and then noticed that Matt had written a new post. It said,

it’s not really my speed to write something like this, but… playing the show last night in bloomington, i was reminded of how fortunate i am to have such an incredibly supportive and loyal fan base. the feeling of being listened to and of being invested in is something that, when i’m dialed into it, gives me a colossal sense of strength and confidence.

so i just wanted to take a second to thank you. thank you for coming to the shows, for buying the records and for making room in your lives for me and my music. it is huge.”

THIS is the reason I love the man. Thanks for making me love you even more, jerk. ❤

Eventually we all had to part our ways and say goodbye. BUT! We couldn’t be sad because we would all be together again in 3 weeks!

Beth drove me to Indianapolis, we had a run in with a cop (douche) and she dropped me off at the airport. From there I boarded a plane to New Orleans, and started a brand new adventure. That blog, coming soon…


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