Beauty’s Running Wild.

24 Feb
The date is February 24th, and I’ve only gone to two shows this calendar year. But don’t worry. By the time you’re reading this, I will either be on a plane headed towards Chicago, or already beginning a Matt Nathanson weekend, followed by The Rock Boat.I. Am. So. Stoked.

Both of my 2012 adventures so far have been shows of the ever so wonderful Scars on 45.
If you don’t remember who Scars are, they are the lil British band that opened for Matt Nathanson on his last tour that I fell head over heels in lusty love with. Accents? Amazing music? Done deal.They were also the band I shared a flight with on the way home from Nashville. So, you know, we go way back. Multiple states. Thousands of miles up in the air. Yeah.
The first show was on January 25. This happened to be Scars’ first headlining tour, and San Francisco was their first stop! So proud to have been a part of that, and to say I was there.
I met up with Dawn L, Tara & Megan at one of my all time favorite venues in the city, Cafe du Nord. I have seen multiple artists perform here. Its small, and intimate, and a perfect little nook for music lovers like myself.
Seeing as I had only seen Scars play as an opener, it was quite amazing hearing a full set. Some songs I had never heard live yet were played (including some songs that they played live for the first time ever!). At one point several songs into the set, Danny said, “Ok. I think its time to introduce everyone. So, what’s your name?” and points at Tara jokingly. “Tara. Nice to meet you.” he looks at me. “I know your name, we’ve seen you before.” HAHAHA. I literally hid behind my hands. Sometimes being called out is embarrassing. And that wasn’t even the only calling out I got that night!
The morning of the show, I had requested a song that I absolutely adore (Change My Needs) to be played via Twitter. Nova had said something to the likes of, “So, someone requested this on Twitter today…” and I was right up-front (duh) so I raised my hand and he exclaimed “I KNEW IT WAS YOU!” “Of course it was Joslyn!” Aimee replied back to him. Oh, god. They all know me, and by name apparently, and I’m right up front…I just set myself up for these things to happen, don’t I?
After the show, we hung around for a bit to say hello to everyone. Aimee joked around saying, “Well, hello. I’m not sick of seeing YOUR face! I’m kidding!” Cute.
Both Stu & Christopher both gave me the “How do I know you…?” looks when I said, “Hey! Nice seeing you again!” but as soon as I said, “Matt Nathanson. Ton of shows. Same flight from Nashville?” they both went “OH MY GOD, you! I knew you looked familiar!” Haha.
Stu and I had a really long conversation about all things Northern California. Seems the band had 10 days off in San Francisco a few months back, and they had ventured down to my city and he was telling me how beautiful it was and how lucky I was to live here. Truth. He also told me about how Aimee had gotten my tweet and basically told everyone an hour and a half before sound check that they were playing Change My Needs, thus causing him to freak out. It was such short notice, and they hadn’t played it in a long time, so it hardly gave him time to practice or prepare. Whoops?
Christopher was hilarious. This is pretty much how our conversation went, once he realized who I was. “OK. So this is going to sound creepy, and I’m not creepy, but I remember exactly what you were wearing at our last gig.” “Oh, you do?” “Yes. Green.” “Um. I was wearing black, actually…” then I sort of poked fun of him and asked what him what color my pants were (red) to which he replied, “Nice purple trousers.” Oh little Charlie Bucket…
We ran in Nova around this time, and Chris said, “Do you remember her?” and Nova was like, “Yes! She went to 4 Matt shows, and we were only the same Southwest flight from Nashville to San Francisco!” (Good memory, despite the fact that I went to SEVEN Matt shows…) Nova was astonished by the fact that I’m “always in the front row! And you know the words to all our songs!”
When I finally found Danny he exclaimed, “THERE you are!” and I swooned a little, because well let’s face it: I secretly have a crush on him. It began when he came to talk to me during our layover in Denver, and he gave me this little shoulder squeeze…it’s like he squeezed the crush into me?! I don’t even remember what we talked about really, besides him exclaiming, “YOU’RE A LIBRARIAN!” after he asked where I worked. Haha…
After chatting it up, I dropped Megan off at home and proceeded to get home at 3 am. Not so good, considering I had to be at work 5 hours later. Ouch. But, lack of sleep will always be worth an amazing show!

The second show of the year was just this past Monday. Luckily it was a holiday (‘sup, President’s Day!), so I had the day off to venture to Oakland to see the show.

The typical crew met up with me at The Fox Theater: Dawn L, Tara, Tracy & Megan.

It was a frenzy of people when doors opened to get to the front row, but as always, we were right up front. We actually only stayed in the front for Scars, then headed to the back to watch The Fray. While I like The Fray, I didn’t want to stay up front and take an actual fans’ spot, you know? I’m nice like that.

The set was about 40 minutes long. I had been spoiled with the headlining show last month, so it seemed much too short this time around. I’m pretty sure our little group was the only one singing. We represented well, though. Almost instantly I was spotted by the band, and I’ll always have the instinct to hide once I’m gawked at, or pointed out from onstage. Ha…

After our loves played, we rocked it in the back to The Fray. Some of the Scars kids came up to say hello, and after the show was over we headed out to the lobby to say I proper hi and not yell over loud music.

Typical shenanigans, happened.

Nova was his normal entertainingly hilarious self. He told Chris’ girlfriend we were “special fans, record them!” & we ended up being recorded on the spot for their tour diaries they put up on youtube. Pretty sure we all stood there like deer in the headlights going, “Uh…yay Scars on 45?!” I will not be sharing that video if it makes the light of day

Chris yelled “GREEN!” at me when I said hello (hahaha). Danny is still amazed I keep driving to shows. “How far did you drive for this show? 2 hours? I wouldn’t drive 2 hours to see us…you don’t work tomorrow morning, do you?!”

Aimee was talking about how she doesn’t understand sometime why people keep coming to see them. She’s totally appreciative, but I’d get where she’s coming from too, if I was in a band. She gave me this extra long hug, and I decided we are going to be home girls. Love that little lady!

After we said our goodbyes, the group parted way, and I was home late, let again. I’m good at going to bed at 2am. Its the 6:45am wake up call that hurts…speaking of, my flight today left at 5:35am. AH. Early bird, I am not.


3 Responses to “Beauty’s Running Wild.”

  1. DawnL Jones February 24, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Love this!!! Sums up those two shows perfect!

    Although you left out the little tidbit that Scars continued to play “Change My Needs” on the rest of their headlining tour….and apparently it went over well with the crowd EVERY night! All thanks to YOUR tweet! 😉

    Guess you know them better than they know themselves! Kinda scary, isn’t it? lol

  2. Tara Eason (@tarajan98) February 25, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    I agree, you captured our two nights perfectly. I had so much fun. I can’t Wait to see Scars on 45 again.

    I hope you are having a good trip. I look forward to reading about what adventures you find your self in.

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