Parachute in my backyard.

25 Jan

It’s not everyday that one of your favorite bands plays less than a mile from your apartment.

But, a few weeks ago, that was the case when Parachute came to town!
Technically, it was just Johnny and Will, but any variation of those boys could have shown up and I’d take it!

Lisa drove up from down south the previous night to visit for the weekend, and to come to see the show. She arrived on Friday night, and we chatted and hung out for a bit catching up, then headed to bed somewhat early.

The next day we had a full plate on our schedule. After we woke up and had breakfast, we headed out to have a little “photo shoot”.

Lisa is an amazing photographer, and it seems every year or so we do a shoot when she’s in town, just for fun. I had been wanting to do some pictures on a railroad tracks someways on the other side of town, so we headed over and snapped away. It was close to a Costco, and people kept staring, but whatever. I’m cool. You can watch me work it. 😉

After embracing my inner model, we headed back home for lunch, before heading over to the venue. We met up with my friends Kelly, Jessica, Matt, and Megan. I froze in line for a little bit as the temperatures dropped because I never changed out of my dress, and hello it was December, before we were let inside.

I didn’t realize how many teenagers lived in my town until this show. Oh, wow. And they were all dressed…I won’t even finish that sentence. Let’s just say I wouldn’t let my kid out of the house looking like that.

It was a cute little acoustic set. Even though there were only 2 of the Parachute kids, my heart still was happy.

After we said hello and goodbye (“Wait, you live HERE? I knew we were close to your hometown, but I didn’t realized it was HERE, Joslyn!”) Lisa, Matt & I headed back to my apartment to meet up with my other friend Cheryl to have a Wii dance party. I kicked everyone’s ass, FYI. I am a dancing machine.

After we got our workouts for the night & said goodbye to friends, Lisa and I were old maids again and went to sleep pretty early. Before she was leaving to go home the following afternoon, I was taking her to the aquarium and we wanted a good nights sleep.

Sadly after our visit to the jelly fish and seahorses, Lisa had to leave me and my perfect stay-cation was over. I need more weekends like that. I just need to find a way to make all of my favorite bands come to me…hmmm. I am seeing Scars on 45 again tonight in San Francisco, so maybe I can talk them into it sometime soon! 😉 Ha. Blog on that, soon!


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