Welcome to Music City, Nashville TN.

27 Dec

A knew a few friends who went to Matt’s Chicago show. While having dinner, they “checked in” on Facebook, and I commented that I knew almost everyone together.

One friend commented back, “We just talked about you! We’re all going to the Nashville show, come!”

I jokingly looked at flights. Yeah, jokingly. Why were flights extremely cheap? Why did Nashville sound amazing? Why was I PURCHASING a flight?

So, a few weeks later, I was on a plane. To Tennessee. Three days after driving home from Arizona, and the day after Parachute in San Francisco. What the.

At least I got to fly out of the new SFO terminal. I may have had Pinkberry for breakfast, because at 7am it was the only thing that sounded appealing to me, and which didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just an arm. Paired with a bottle of water I still forked out $9. Lame. But hello, pumpkin fro-yo.

I arrived in Nashville on a Friday night, and took a taxi to the hotel. My friend Amanda, and her friend Mark arrived a few hours later after driving in from Illinois and Michigan. I had spent my first few hours in Nashville alone. I may have caused a commotion in a Waffle House (ew) eating dinner solo, just because I was “pretty” and some crazy dude thought the waitress was paying more attention to me for it. Ummm…

Saturday morning we woke up and enjoyed free breakfast. Yes, this marked the third weekend in a row at a Holiday Inn Express. Yeah, buddy. Amanda’s friend who lives in Nashville joined us, and we had fun conversations.

Some really fun gals, Beth and Samantha, met up with us at our hotel after breakfast. We hung out for a bit, and then started to get ready for our day.

We headed over to the venue and met up with even more awesome people. Amber and Becky, what up! Some ladies I had met a few years prior at a Lifehouse & Matt show in Texas were there, too. It quickly became a large, fun group. We’ve dubbed everyone the “Nashville Crew”. They are honestly some of the best Matt fans out there, and I’m glad we all met! The funny thing about this entire group: none of us even LIVE in Tennessee! Talk about a dedicated group of Matt fans, huh? Or crazy. Hmmmm. I obviously came the furthest, so I still win the title of Queen Crazy Pants.

We got in line a few hours before doors, (which is so not like me) so we had awhile to wait around. Having a few hours to kill, we ended up with multiple inside jokes of totally random things that happened. Sushi dance! Meat Popsicle! Organic cleaning supplies! Don’t go around the corner alone! We ordered the pizza…no really, we did! You probably had to be there for any of those to be funny… OH, and John f’n Oates walked by us multiple times! Only in Nashville…

Eventually the doors opened, and we claimed our well deserved front row spots.

The show was amazing, as always.

Being the last show on this leg of the All Night Noise tour, both bands played well. Every show always felt like it was the first. I can’t believe how long you wait for tour to begin, and then how much more quickly its over! Waaah. The venue was PACKED (sold out, that’s my boy!) but Matt is really good at  drawing you in to feel like he’s performing for you alone.

I had made a sign that said “hit me!” with an arrow after my face was abused by his pick throwing in Phoenix, that I thought was totally hilarious, but then I didn’t feel like being a jerk so it never quite left my bag. I think Matt felt guilty enough, so it’s cool. I think I gave him enough shit in Arizona 😉

Once the show was over (sad), I went to say what I thought would be goodbye to Scars on 45. Aimee was asking me where I was flying into the next day to go home and I told her SFO. I knew they had a show in San Francisco on Monday, so I asked when they were flying out. They told me they were flying the next morning, and I joked around that I’d probably see them in the airport.  Danny jumped in,

“What are you flying?”
“US TOO! What time?”
“Layover in Denver?”
“Um…I guess we’re on the same flight. I’ll see you guys in the morning, then.”

Hahahaha. Only me. Only me…

Afterwards the Nashville Crew all hung for a bit in the parking lot, then we headed back to the hotel. I didn’t see a whole lot of Nashville, but that just means I need to get back out there ASAP for a proper visit!

Sunday morning I woke up to what felt like 4am. (Oh wait, it was daylight savings time, my body never adjusted to CST, and I still had West Coast brain…) and stumbled into the lobby for breakfast and as many ounces of coffee I could chug without burning my mouth. I groggily made my way back to the hotel room to wake up Amanda and Mark, who graciously took me to the airport so I wouldn’t have to pay $20 for a cab.

Inside the airport, I dodged Matt crew members because it was far too early to be seen, plus I don’t look all that cute at eight AM, plus I just needed a nap and was probably had my grouchy face on. Eventually saw the Scars kids. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one sans-makeup and “cozy pants.” Thanks, Aimee. Girl after my own heart.

I sat next to an older couple on the plane who sweetly held hands the entire flight. I’m pretty sure I want that to happen in my life. I wanted to squeeze them, they were so cute. They even recognized my text notification ring on my cell as Harry Potter. Squeeze!

During the layover, we didn’t have to deplane, and Danny came to talk to me for a moment as he walked the aisle. His accent is so adorable and I just wanted him to sit and talk to me forever. Oh, Brits. I love you.

Once in SF, I called Megan to come pick me up, and I went over to say goodbye to the band. I got multiple hugs and cheek kisses, and I’m sure I just had a goofy grin on my face when I was picked up.

A quick trip to Starbucks, then a two hour drive home, and I promptly threw myself into my bed and cuddled with my cat. The not knowing of when I’d see Matt or any of my crew next was sad, but I was sure glad to be home after 5 straight weekends of weddings and concerts!

Oh life. I wouldn’t change you for a thing.


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