Homemade Christmas Gifts.

25 Dec

Happy Birthday to my homeboy, Jesus!

If you’re like me, you never quite feel like your ever finished Christmas shopping. I luckily only had to shop for my mom and sister this year, and made gifts for friends.

My mom is super picky so she’s ending up with a bunch of random gifts I hope she’ll like.

My sister gave me a list, and I based my gift for her off of those.

Somehow, I still wanted to add that homemade touch for the fam. Store bought gifts are great and all, but I’ve been totally crafty lately, and I always love receiving and giving personalized gifts.

I’ve had this idea for years, yet have never gotten around to putting one together.

Thanks to cute holiday canisters, half of my baking supplies in cupboard, and a need for one more last minute gifts, this is what my sister and mom will be getting in a few hours:

Cute, right? Just fill the jar with all the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie or brownie recipe. Add an index card with instructions, and presto. You’ve got yourself a pretty awesome gift if I do say so myself. C’mon, who doesn’t love dessert?

This is now my go to for gifts. If I love you, watch out. Birthday or any holiday, you’ll be getting one of these.



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