Hit me with your best shot, Phoenix.

24 Dec

The morning after San Diego I was supposed to go home. I woke up, and decided, “It’s Halloween. I have the next 2 days off. I don’t want to go home.” So…I drove to Phoenix for Matt’s show. I KNOW. I’m crazy. You don’t have to tell me!

The night before, in San Diego, I had met Leah. I may or may not have persuaded her to bring a friend and to come to the show, also. I have that affect on people. I’m easily everyone’s bad influence. Or best idea influencer. I’ll take either title. Winner.

San Diego to Phoenix is a little less than 5 hours. It was extremely hot, and I was extremely exhausted. Why didn’t I just go home? Insanity.

I eventually made it to Arizona, and it was over 90 degrees! In October! Friggin’ desert…

Luckily I had an extra dress packed, so I was able to keep cool. I met up with Leah and Alicia, and later Monica met up with us. Monica lives in Phoenix and was letting me crash her couch that night. It’s good having friends everywhere.

Sadly, it being Halloween and all, no one in either band dressed up. Well, Matt came out with a Elmo head on which lasted for half a song. It stayed on the stage for the remainder of his set and freaked me out by staring at me. I don’t do clowns or fuzzy things. Nope.

Now, onto what may be the most hilarious thing that has ever happened at a Matt Nathanson show…or painful?

After Matt rocked “Faster” he threw his guitar pick into the crowd. Into the crowd it flew…and hit me in the EYE. I was oblivious of flying pick headed towards my face, otherwise I would have ducked, or held my hands up for protection, or something to divert the sting of plastic!

When the band left the stage for the encore, it took them a really long time to come back out. Once they finally did, Matt almost slinked across the stage, with his back towards the crowd. He then turned around slowly and looked at me. He had this shocked looked on his face and then slowly pointed to his eye. Oh, he knew. I just nodded while giving him the stink eye.

After the show was over, Matt was doing his little m&g deal, so we stayed around to say hi. Or in my case, give him shit for nearly blinding me. 😉

While waiting in the forever long line, I finally met James. James plays keyboard for Matt. Obviously, I’ve been to a ton of shows since he started playing with Matt earlier in the year, so he knew who I was even though we’ve never talked. I had friends who even asked him at other shows if he knew me. Wow, that’s not embarrassing or anything. Ha. We’ve exchanged smiles and such from across the stage, but I guess our paths hadn’t crossed since that night. We chatted for a good while the line shortened. He’s a good kid. Hi, James! 🙂

When it was finally our turn to say hello to Matt, I let my girls go before me. Matt kept glancing at me while talking. I think he was scared. Hahaha.

When it was my turn to say hi, I just stood there with my arms crossed, giving him A LOOK.

“Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here” Matt says, arms opened.

I’m pretty sure he just walked up to me and embraced me, because I just stood there and didn’t budge. I was totally joking around, but as soon as his arms were around me, he just started blabbing. I was saying, “Matthew. After all I do for you; all the years I put in; all the miles I drive. You just go and throw shit at my face.”

While Matt’s going, “Oh my God. I didn’t even know I hit you. When we went back for the encore Shiben told me I missed hitting you in the face. Oh my god. I could have aimed at your face two hunded times and missed. I feel so bad!”

This is the most hilarious story ever. He hit me in the face and MISSED it? His band members had to tell him? No wonder he slinked back onstage!

“Did you get the pick at least?” he asked. Another funny story, we couldn’t find the pick after it hit me. (Leah found it in her purse a few days later. I guess it bounced off my face and into her bag.)

“NO. I think it disintegrated.”

“It’s just IN your fucking eye.”

“I’ll cry it out later, or something.”

Matt digs in his pocket and pulls out a pick.
“Here. I have a pick. I’ll hand it to you gently.”

Hahahaha. Oh Matthew. You are my favorite for a reason.

We said goodbye, and then we headed out in search for food. Food was side tracked, as we ended up talking to James outside the venue. I just remember the conversation being hilarious and totally random.”My front back. It’s connected to my lower back.” Um…don’t ask. You know if you know. We also planned the armor I should wear for the next show. HA.

While talking to Mr. Farrell, Matt walked past our group. I heard a sad sounding, “Joslyn…” I looked up, said “What up?” and Matt walks over while saying, “I just feel so bad I hit you in the FACE.” Buhahaha. Guilty, guilty conscience. We talked for a few more minutes, then actually headed out for food.

Monica took us to this 24 hour diner that was adorable. All I wanted was cheese fries, and by golly geez, I got ’em.

Alicia and I also may have embraced our inner child and played with hula hoops…

After dinner we parted ways with Leah and Alicia, and Monica and I headed to her house. I slept like a rock on her couch which I’m grateful for, seeing as I woke up the next morning with the dreaded 12 hour drive looming ahead of me. Oh, dear.

I seriously almost lost my shit driving home. After the eighth hour I was on my last straw. I started talking to myself. Like, legit conversations. I just wanted to be home and out of the car, and there was no other way to get there then to just drive.

Finally! my body screamed pulling into my parking spot, I was home in one piece. I promptly laid on the floor for an hour or so talking to friends that were at my apartment until I couldn’t keep my eye open any longer and crawled into bed. I don’t know how I went to work the next day. Or how just two days later I was back in my car…


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