Let’s move out of Los Angeles, and just drive until summer gives…

19 Dec

After the Sacramento show, I stayed at a hotel with Dawn L and Tracy. It made no sense for me to drive 3 hours home, and then wake up and drive 5 and a half hours to LA the next morning, when the drive to LA from Sacramento in itself is only 6.

So, Holiday Inn Express, weekend number 2. Oh how I love you, complimentary breakfast!

The morning of the LA show, I woke up, and yet again used the hotel gym. They had the most bomb ass treadmill, that plugs your ipod right into built in speakers. Oh, hell yeah! After rocking out some sweat and calories, I got on the road. I jammed to Kelly Clarkson’s new album the entire drive. Funny, because once I got to LA I heard a rumor that Matt was opening for her on her upcoming tour. Oh em gee.

I set the rumor to rest about an hour and a half later. My friend Lois had an extra sound check/meet and greet pass, so she asked if I wanted to go as her plus one. There were probably about 12 of us in the entire venue, and everyone pretty much walked up to the front barricade when we were let in. I stood a few feet back, because I just felt silly. Of course, as soon as Matt walks out, he spots me right away. He points at me and laughs.

“I feel ridiculous.” I say to no one, but Matt over hears.
“No, I love it!” he says into the microphone. Girls glare at me. I’m a little embarrassed.

Matt plays a few songs, then takes photos with people. When I walk up, I joke around, “Are you suuuure you’re not sick of me yet?!”
“Be quiet and get over here,” he says arms out stretched for a hug.
We chatted about a few things I can’t remember, and then I ask, “TRUE OR FALSE! Kelly Clarkson tour?”
Matt gives me a sly look. “That rumor might be true. Yeah, it sounds correct. But you know I can’t tell you these things, Joslyn…”
I died a little. OK, maybe a lot. Then I thought of what this means for my bank account and died a little more.

Instead of making the group of us go back outside, we were lead to the VIP lounge to wait in. Oh yes. Living life VIP style! We had our own bathroom and bar. I could have lived in that room. It was fancy. Fun.

We were lead back upstairs before the general line, so we were once again right up front. I won’t lie. I love front row.

My friends Steve and Charity met up with us once inside, and it was a crazy night of laughs. Lance Bass, what?

By this point of time, Scars on 45 could spot me blind folded. Its my always up front/curly hair that gives me away? Aimee said something about how the crowd will love Matt because he’s amazing live, and then she points at me, “He is, right?” Oh no! No more pointing! Hahaha…

Seeing as it was the Saturday before Halloween, the attendance was quite small. Regardless, Matt and band still played like it was a sold out show.

After the set, I pretty much booked it, because I was driving to San Diego to stay at my best friends place. Nicole is awesome and she doesn’t mind me waking her up at 1am when I get to her place.

So, if you’re keeping up, this means I woke up in Sacramento, hung out in LA, and went to sleep in San Diego. That’s a lot of California in one day!

The next morning I attempted to sleep in, and then I hung with the bestest and her cat. We took a walk to find me coffee, Lisa met up with us, and then we got ready and headed downtown to have dinner at House of Blues before the show.

It was happy hour. I may or may not have had 3 $4 martinis at dinner.

We may have saved a spot for our friend Steve and his cousin. Steve may have bought me another drink to “repay” me.

I may have giggled through all of Scars on 45’s set and most of Matt’s.

I may have regretted it later. Or not…even when band members run into you after the show and say, “Oh. Hi. I see you at EVERY SHOW.” Ah, shiz.


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