All Night Noise in Sacramento.

18 Dec

I hardly had time to blink an eye (let alone catch up on sleep) before I had to unpack, repack, and then head back out on the road for more Matty Nay shows. Like I’m complaining.

The first on the string of shows was in Sacramento. What up, state capital? This was a long day. An early shift at work, then a 3 hour drive to Sac-town. Add in traffic and it became a 4 hour drive. But awaiting me were a TON of people I know! The two hour wait in line went fast thanks to the company of Kaelyn, Tara, Dawn L, Tracy, Jenny, Liz, Therese…I think I’m even forgetting people?!

A funny thing happened during Scars on 45’s set. Kaelyn kept crouching down because she was tired, and after the third time I finally asked if she was OK. This is what she said to me, in the middle of a song, “Oh yeah. I’m fine. I’m just pregnant.”

Enter me freaking out, that my friend just dropped the baby bomb on me! I was trying not to be rude to talk since we were right up front, but I grabbed her, freaked for a second, hugged her tightly and then screamed, “You’re WHAAAT?! Oh my gaaaawd! Congratulations! How far are you? OMG! Ah! Wait, we’ll talk as soon as SO45 are over!”

This will probably be one of the most memorable moments in my concert attending history, for sure. After Scars was over, I asked a million questions and my mind was just boggled. I love when my friends have babies!!

Matt’s Sacramento set was so good. He seemed to be in an extremely great mood. I was in an extremely great good. When am I not in a great mood at a show?

Afterwards, we waited to say hi to Matt. Kaelyn had never met him before, so I “chaperoned” her because she didn’t want to say hi alone. I ended up getting pulled into her photo. One day I’ll seriously stop taking photos with Matt. Or he’ll punch me in the face from being sick of me. Either or. We’ll see which comes first.

I stayed in a hotel with Dawn L and Tracy that night, because there was no reason for me to drive 3 hours home, and then wake up and drive 5 and a half hours to LA the next morning, when the drive to LA from Sacramento in itself is only 6. Ya know?!


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