15 Dec

The draft of the this blog entry has been sitting here waiting for photos to be added and then published for almost two months now. I really need to stop being amazing and using my free time to working out and get back to blogging, shouldn’t I?!

I know you’ve all been dying waiting for my diary type entries of latest shows attended, so here goes! That was sarcasm. Don’t worry.

After weeks of waiting, it was finally my turn to get to see a headlining show (or 2, or 6…) of Matt Nathanson’s latest headlining tour, All Night Noise Tour.

I was too impatient to wait an additional week for the California dates, so I convinced friends of mine, Tracy & Dawn L, to make the trek up to Oregon with me to attend the Portland show.

I stayed with them in the Bay Area the Friday night before the show, and early that Saturday we started the 620 mile drive to the Sunset State.

This was the first time I had road tripped with Dawn L and Tracy, but I gotta say, we had SO much fun. You can talk a lot in 11 hours. I think we shared dozens of stories, and gained multiple inside jokes. All while highly caffeinating ourselves. Ever hear of Dutch Bros Coffee? Central California needs to learn to build these. I need more of this coffee in my life!

Once we finally arrived in Portland, we checked into our hotel. Dawn L & Tracy went to go meet up with a friend that Tracy went to high school went, and I was feeling anti-social so I stayed behind and used the gym for an hour and a half. (I’m not really anti-social. Anyone who knows me well enough know I have the loudest mouth ever. My legs just hurt from too much car sitting and I needed to run some mileage!)

I think we all passed out cold that night. Sleep is fantastic.

The next morning I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep. I took advantage of the complimentary breakfast (loves it!) for a pre-workout snack, then used the gym for another hour and a half. I was a workout beast. My body thanked me.

After I turned from a beast to a beauty, we all had a real breakfast, finished getting ready for the day and headed downtown.

Matt was playing an instore before the show that night, so of course we went to that. The instore was at Music Millennium, and I have to say the set up was…odd? I scored some awesome used records on vinyl for 50 cents each though, so I gotta say I was happy.

After the performance, Matt did a little m&g, so we went to say hi. I mentioned something about driving, and Matt looked at me like I was crazy. “You DROVE here?!” Well, duh. Don’t you remember your last headlining tour where Lisa & I went to 13 shows in 7 states, all of which we drove? THAT was crazy, Matthew…

After we said our quick hellos, we headed to the downtown area for lunch and to explore. I think I geeked out when we drove past Powell’s Bookstore. A million books in ONE store?! Oh my library loving heart! We browsed for a bit before I got overwhelmed by the shear amounts of literature surrounding me, and then ordered coffee to go. Super strong coffee that Dawn L and I were probably more caffeinated then needed. Thanks, Powell’s! I’ll never forget you!

While there, I bought this. Its paper. Made of panda poo. Seriously. Poo. My mom collects panda stuff so I bought it for her for Christmas, but we made so many jokes about it while waiting in line for the show to start that I think I might keep it for myself for sentimental reasons, haha! It was also freezing! I think we almost died.

The wait in cold was worth it though, because the show was bomb.

Scars on 45 opened, and they were amazing. They’re from England, so they could have stood onstage and talked in their adorable accents for 45 minutes and I would have loved them.

Matty. Oh Matty. I don’t know why I love the guy so much, but I am glad I do. His shows never disappoint. He is so f’n good. Gah.

After the show, we ran into a few of the Scars kids, so we were chatting with them for a bit. Dawn L said something to Aimee (one of the lead singers) about how she’d be seeing me quite a few times in the next few weeks.

She asked what shows I was going to, and as I was naming them off on my fingers she goes, “That’s so many! Are you Matt’s wife?”

I just start laughing. It was hilarious. “Oh, you just WANT to be then, don’t you?”

“He’s already married and I’m not a home wrecker!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, look at you. You’re a good one.” Ha! ❤

After we were finished chatting, we headed out to go to Voo Doo Doughnuts.

I don’t eat doughnuts, but I somehow love their doughnuts so freaking much. I’m glad they are only located in Oregon, otherwise I’d probably get pretty chunky. No joke. 24 hour doughnuts? Dangerous.

After we sugar highed, we went back to the hotel to settle down and get a good night sleep before our long trek home the next morning.

We left Portland at 8:30am. I got home after 11pm. Wow. Tell me again why I repeated the insanity the following weekend?


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