In your wedding dress, to have and to hold.

1 Dec

Everyone has one of those friends, that no matter how long its been since the last time you’ve seen one another, you pick up right where you left off. Tiffany is one of those friends.

We were best friends through middle school and part of high school. We had the same obsessive love for *NSYNC, and I won’t even tell you the embarrassing things we’ve done to attempt to meet them. (Although between the 2 of us now, we’ve had encounters/met the entire band now.)

It had probably been months since I had last talked to Tiffany, but when she had called me out of the blue about a year ago, to ask if I’d be a bridesmaid in her wedding, of course I said yes! I love the girl with my entire being.

Fast forward an insanely quick year, a wedding shower, a debauchery of a bachlorette party, and the big day was finally here!

Tiff and Mike got married on October 8th, in Saratoga. The afternoon before the wedding I drove up for the rehearsal and dinner with the wedding party and family.

The next morning was the big day, and we all got ready in Tiffany’s hotel suite.

I felt like we were part of a reality show, because between the wedding photographer and videographer, everytime I turned around there was a camera in my face.

Before the wedding, we did things a little backwards and took the wedding party photos. So much fun. I am a camera ham, so I could have smiled for hours.

My lord. The Saratoga County Club is beautiful. We lucked out, also, in the fact that it had been raining off and on all week, but by the weekend, it was in the 70’s. What a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding!

I, being a girl, tried my best not to cry during the wedding. Of course I failed at this. I’m pretty sure I made “ugly face” attempting to hold back my tears. When we see the wedding video, I’ll most likely laugh at myself! Ha! We all had fun though, and while we walked up the aisle, we all most definitely danced down it.

After the ceremony, there was a reception in which I danced and shoved my face with banana wedding cake (oh holy dream come true!)

The true fun came where we took a limo to downtown San Jose and had the after party. Celebration everywhere! I was sober, seeing as I was driving to my friends house afterwards to spend the night, but to see all the other guests at their drunken best (or worst?) was entertaining in the least.

All in all, bad ass wedding. I am so honored and happy to have been part of Tiff’s big day! I love you, girl. I wish you and Mike all the happiness in the world ❤


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