What happens in Vegas…

1 Oct

…stays in Vegas.

So, end of blog.

KIDDING. I’m not one of those crazy girls gone wild types. Even though I did tackle Heather on the bed. And consumed almost an entire bottle of chocolate wine to myself. And wore a short skirt…

After arriving in Vegas after out horrendous drive through the night, Heather, Sahra and I were luckily checked into our hotel room 5 hours early. (Thank you, Palms!!!) I took what I thought seemed to be the best shower of my life, due to the fact that it was hot, and I was disgustingly gross from the drive. Life on tour isn’t all glamorous, kids!

We met up with Joy, Morgan & Kim awhile later, who were all sharing the room with us. Party at the Palms, what!

We all split to do our separate lunch things, then met up later and started getting pretty for the evening. I may or may not have started drinking at 3:30pm. The bottle of wine may have been empty by 5…

After prepping, we headed down to the lobby to get in line because it was a general admission show, and I live by the “front row or no row” motto, and I was determined to fulfill it that evening. Success.

The show was being filmed (in 3-D!) for MTV, so there were HUGE cameras everywhere. It was a bit of a trip to watch it being taped. Or having the camera shoved in my face as well. Like, EXTREMELY CLOSE. I swear the dude was going to poke my eye out with his lens a few times. Hopefully I look good in 3-D? 😉

When Matt started his set it was bittersweet. The last show of tour is always sad. I never wanted him to end, but alas, it had to happen. Heather says we “eye sexed” half his set, ha! I blame this on the fact that I told him I’d be drunk (semi-joking…) and I think he was just trying to figure out if I really was or not! Or he just loves me and he’ll miss seeing my face every night. Yeah. Lets go with the latter 😉


After Matt, Maroon 5 played. I’m pretty sure once they got to “She Will Be Loved” Heather and I were about to cry, so I grabbed her and we had a hug/sway fest during the entire song. Pretty sure the camera men loved us during that song. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or not…oh wait: not.

Sadly, the show eventually ended. We waited in line to say goodbye to Matt, and I’m pretty sure I pouted once I walked up to him.

“Its over Matt! My dream tour is over!”

“It’s not over, its just beginning. I made this happen, just for you!”

We chatted for a moment, said our “See you in October!” and then were on a mission for food.

Have you ever had cheese fries from Nathan’s? OMG. I hadn’t. I wish there was a Nathan’s near me. It’s probably good that there is not, because those were the best damn fries I’ve ever had.

After food we were off to use our $20 credit towards drinks & gambling we had from booking our room through Groupon. Sweet. Thanks, Groupon!

I hit a wall around 1:30am, and had to go to sleep.

The next morning we had 2 free buffets as well (Free $18.95 buffet? Hells yes!) So I ate as much as humanly possible so I wouldn’t be hungry on the 10 hour drive that loomed ahead of me & Joy.

After saying our sad goodbyes to Heather, we were off. The drive way long, and hot, and miserable, but somehow I got through it. I promptly showered and crawled into bed as soon as I walked through my apartment door.

This tour was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. I had SO MUCH FUN. Not just because my two favorites of all time were touring together, but because of everyone who I hung out with as well. I know some amazing ladies, and I am thankful that these bands have brought us together! I love all of you. Thanks for the memories! Until the next tour! 🙂


One Response to “What happens in Vegas…”

  1. Elizabeth Weinstein October 1, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    You can thank ME for the Groupon deal. I told Heather about it! haha

    Glad you had a great time 🙂

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