“This is like Sex and the City…California style!”

30 Sep

Last night I discovered one of my new favorite hang outs.

Post No Bills.

Hidden in a business area, PNB is a small craft beer house tucked cutely between art studios.  Opened by brother’s who run an annual Beer Fest at our local fairgrounds, the high hopes of it being amazing was up there. Oh, it is. With over 100 beers on tap or bottled, wine, & craft sodas, everyone is bound to find something to their interest. Ours below:

Walking into PNB, my first thought was “Woah, cute!” Actually, it was “How do women WEAR HIGH HEELS?!” because I was wearing a pair for the first time ever and was hobbling around. But, cute feet, cute building. There’s a few couches in a corner for your lounging needs, and two large TVs mounted to the wall. A few tables with chairs surround the “bar” and along a side wall is an entire wall of refrigerated beers.


I am not a beer drinker. I am a girl who will choose any other alcohol before I grab a beer. But a PUMPKIN BEER? Oh yes, my friends! You know I’m all over this. (Now do they make a BANANA beer anywhere…)

The one thing I didn’t like about Post No Bills is its BYOF. Bring Your Own Food. If I had known that I would have packed a dinner. By the time we had left it was well past dinner time and I was near starving. Beer is not equivalent to a nutritional dinner, kids. Go home and eat a PB & J like I did. 😉

There was big graffiti splashed across two walls that while amazing, yes, just didn’t seem to quite fit in.

Other then that, AWESOME. I enjoyed the ladies I went with, we had good conversations and laughs, and it was an all together fun Thursday night.

Have a good Friday, everyone!

Where’s your favorite hang out place?


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