Humming, all the way to Reno…

28 Sep

Reno, Nevada. “The Biggest Little City in the World”

Reno is…special. Especially the downtown area. I always feel like I’m going to be robbed or something. But, I continue to come back time after time, because wherever good music is, I follow.

Heather & I had a few hour drive from the Bay Area, so after breakfast, it was off to the Silver State!

Once we arrived there, we headed to the airport to pick up Sahra.

We were totally classy and got ready in the airport bathroom. Then, we headed towards the venue.

Once there, we got lucky and someone (no name drops here) let us into the Maroon5 meet & greet because they were feeling generous. OK, lets be honest: between the 3 of us we’ve gone to 294 (!!!) Maroon 5 shows and we deserve it. Wait, does that all of a sudden make us sound insane? Um…

When we walked in, all the boys greeted us sarcastically with, “Who are you? Oh its so nice to meet you.” Handshakes and introductions and all. Dorks.

Usually they sit behind a table and sign autographs and take photos sitting. When we walked up Adam said, “I’m not signing SHIT for you guys!” Buhahaha. I had nothing on me anyway, and it’s not like I needed another autograph! I’ve gotten plenty of those over the last 10 years, thank you very much.

After chatting about how many shows we’ve been to (“96 shows? You’re not putting enough time in…”)  it was photo time! Adam said, “I’m going to stand up and we’re going to take a REAL photo. You guys deserve it.” When he came around the other side of the table he put an arm around Heather and I and said, “My ladies.” Oh God, I love him. When Jesse came around the table, I promptly grabbed him so he’d stand to my right, because I’ve been slightly infatuated with him since the age of 16. No, I don’t pick favorites…

Note James hiding behind me. This is because “I don’t want to be seen in my shorts!” Psssh! We’ve all seen those legs of his before!

This was the first show we attended that Train wasn’t at. But lets be honest: Matt Nathanson & Maroon5? The bands I have tattooed on me? Yeah, OK. Dreams are made of this. I was totally fine with just the two!

After the show, we once again went to say hi to Matt so Sahra could get a photo taken with him.

“Are you sick of me, yet?” I asked Matt. His eyes got wide and he looked at me like I had seriously offended him.

“Am I WHAT?! You know I love you.”

He continued to answer something that Heather had asked him, then turned back to me. “Am I sick of you? Psssh. You’re the best.” Homeboy – YOU’RE the best. ❤

This photo is ridiculous looking.

After Matt-chatting, we headed to Denny’s to once again pancake and caffeinate it up. My poor body.

Then, the God awful 7.5 hour drive to Vegas. I drove from about 1am to 6am and then pulled over in some random parking lot about 2 hours outside Vegas because 1) the sun had risen and 2) I felt as though I was going to die. There is NOTHING between Reno and Vegas. NOTHING. If there were sites to see, maybe I could have kept myself going but I’m glad I stopped when I did.

After a horribly cramped 2.5 hour “nap”, I was awoken by a phone call, we grabbed some coffee and continued our way to Sin City…


One Response to “Humming, all the way to Reno…”

  1. Jeanne September 28, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    Loyal fan! The band is lucky!

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