Save Me, San Francisco.

25 Sep

After a day off at home to unpack and repack, we continued the fun.

Show number three was in Concord, California (in the East Bay of the San Francisco area).

Before we left for Concord, we finally found some M5 Snapple in stores!

And of course, I caffeinated myself. Okay…when I say “Joslyn” how do you get THIS?

Oh Starbucks. You wonder why I never visit you unless you have Pumpkin Spice…

Somehow when buying tickets online, I ended up scoring the best motha f’n seats in the house. Front row, dead center. Gotta represent the NorCal love with bomb seats, ya know!

I think Matt’s newer band members started giving me the “WTF, creeper” stares at this show. They will learn. I promise I’m not creepy. Sometimes I come to show baring homemade gluten free cookies. You will love me, just wait.

I love when my favorites sing my other favorites. Whats up, Dog Days?

I was honestly in love with our seats and never wanted m5’s set to end. At the end of their set they always take a bow as a band. They all looked at Heather & I in appreciation. Adam blew us kisses & Jesse handed me guitar picks. I love them with my entire being!

After M5’s set, Heather & I headed to find Joy & Eliza, aka the other half of MOSLZ! MOSLZ is a name we made up for ourselves back in 2003. Long story, don’t ask. Anyway, the 4 of us used to go to EVERY SINGLE Maroon5 event together. Over the years we’ve gotten more responsible and have to act like adults, so we can’t always all be together. This was probably the first time all 4 of us had been in the same place together in YEARS. I love you ladies!

Train’s set seemed extra fun this night.

I caught an autographed Train beach ball that Pat tossed into the crowd!

And we were all over the big screen! Haha.

Even though it was the last show we were going to that Train was going to be at, we once again skipped out on the last few songs to go say hi to Matt. Sorry, Train. I have Matthew priorities.

While in line, I hung out with way too many awesome people I know! Heather, Dawn L, Tracy, Jenny & everyone else they were with…there were quite a few of us! Can’t wait for us all to be reunited in a few weeks at a Matty show! 🙂

Matt mentioned the Vegas show, and I told him I was going to be drinking and I was afraid of how I’d act, because in all of my 60 Matt shows I’d never consumed alcohol at one of his. “Its OK. I’ll protect you.” Um, what? OK…haha.

Afterwards, we headed out to stay at the graciously hosting Therese’s house. I love free beds. PLUS! She made us breakfast in the morning (drool worthy omelets, mmmm)  and she made coffee! (omg, yes.) You are fabulous, Therese! Fabulous! Totally know your way to this girl’s heart.


One Response to “Save Me, San Francisco.”

  1. Therese Meuel September 25, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

    My pleasure Girls! You always have a bed at my house!

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