Sleepless in Seattle.

21 Sep

Seattle started out amazing.
I scored a free $305 hotel room in the downtown area. Oh hey, Renaissance. Your beds are amazing.

Heather & I woke up, showered (in the coolest bathroom ever; only half the mirror fogs over. What kind of magic is THAT?!) and then headed out to do Seattle-y things.

We were about a 15 minute walk away from Pike’s Place Market, so we headed down there first. Heather had never been to the Gum Wall, so I lead the way to the delightfully disgusting wall. Sadly, they were doing construction in the alley, so access to the wall was limited. Boo!

After we got our dose of breathing bubble-gum scented fumes, we walked along Pike’s Place. I drooled at all the fruit & pastries, but decided not to buy anything because I would have had to pack it into my carry on for the flight home, and that didn’t seem like such a bright idea. Or I could have just eaten it all. Duh.

One goal of my Seattle day was to get coffee from a local Seattle cafe. I found one, and was totally giddy when I realized I got COFFEE ART! So pretty. I almost didn’t want to drink it (but you know my caffeine addicted self inhaled that beverage ’til the cup was empty, right?)

Another goal of mine was to find the Fremont Troll. You are either familiar with the troll or not. I didn’t realize it was in Seattle until my last visit in the city, but by that time we were leaving and I couldn’t look into its living space.

Once again, they were doing construction! Argh! Seattle why must you taunt me with your limited fun?! Regardless, I still got my photo taken with Mr. Troll. So awesome.

After we dusted ourselves off from the troll, we headed down to Auburn for the concert.

When we arrived, they were handing out free Maroon5 Snapple! I was stoked, because I hadn’t found it in stores yet. Way too excited.

Show number two was magnificent.




Remember how I said I wanted to dance onstage with Train again? Yeah. I did. Haha!

After Train’s set, Matt was signing stuff, so we skipped out on the last of Train’s songs to wait in the forming line. (Which was a smart idea, because that sucker got to be over an hour wait! Woah, baby.)

Matt was happy to see us, and I was happy to see him. Love was shared. “I feel like a douche bag being the only one standing during your set!”

“No! Don’t! I love having you guys up front rocking out.”

After our Matt love, we headed to the car.

Getting out of the venue was INSANE. I mean, pure craziness. We sat in the car for an hour because no one was moving and just chilled. Finally, we made our way out almost two hours later and went to indulge ourselves in pancakes and coffee at Denny’s.

After caffeinating myself with way too many cups, we headed back up to Seattle to sadly drop off the rental car. I seriously pouted. I want that car in my life. I’ll miss you, car that costs as much money as I make in an entire year! Sigh.

Then, airport. It was only about 3am, and our flight didn’t board until 6:20am. I made the decision to just not go to sleep and pull an all nighter. Thankfully I had my laptop and SEA offers free internet, so I just plucked away online for awhile to keep myself entertained and awake.

Finally 6am came, we boarded and I was passed out before we even took off the runway! Slept like a baby on that flight! Sleep is so underrated. It may be one of my favorite things in life. Besides coffee. Or Matt Nathanson. Or Maroon5. Or food…


3 Responses to “Sleepless in Seattle.”

  1. Mariann September 21, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Great pix, Jos! Love the story! Wish I could’ve been there!

  2. thebarbarianlibrarian September 21, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

    1) how did you score a free hotel room?!?!

    2) looks like you had fun! I’ve never been to Seattle but totally want to go. Jeallllllous!

    • Joslyn September 21, 2011 at 10:37 pm #

      You totally need to go to Seattle! You’d loooove it!
      I have a CC that racks up points when I use it, for free Marriott hotels. 5 years later and I finally had enough points and they sent me a certificate, booyah.

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