Canada, eh?

20 Sep

Hi CB-readers!

I’m back from my week long trip of semi-stalking Maroon5 + Matt Nathanson 😉

FUN is unqualified for describing my week. BEST WEEK EVER is probably more like it. Even though, you know, that’s still not very descriptive or anything…

The first show on the list was in Abbottsford, BC. Canada, what up!

Sunday night, I had gone to stay in San Jose at Cindy Lou and Jaelynn’s place, since my flight was at 6:40am Monday morning, and CL was being amazing and taking me to the airport. Its God awful awakening before the sun does!

After probably looking like a freak sitting in the airport alone and giddy giggling for awhile, we boarded the plane, I tried to stay awake but decided to take a little snooze. When I woke, we were landing in the wondrous city, SEATTLE. I love Seattle. I’m moving there when I retire. You and me, Seattle. Four decades. Get ready.

I took a shuttle to go and pick up my rental car, (holla, free upgrade to a Ford Fusion! That baby drove smooooth) then swung back by the airport to get Heather. Then, we were off! AHH, dreams come true!

From Seattle, it was about a two and a half hour drive. There was a lot of nothing to look at. Trees. Round-a bouts. Cows.

Highly caffeinated, we arrived, after having a really rude woman ask us twenty questions at the border. I understand its your job lady, but you don’t need to be snippy and roll your eyes at me. Whattabitch.

We headed over to the venue and realized it was at a college. We literally had nothing to do so we drove to Wal-Mart because Heather had forgotten to pack some stuff and we had a few hours to kill. Enter more rude people here.

Afterwards we headed back to the venue and had a “sit on the trunk of the car and try not to look creepy cause we’re parked really close to the tour buses” photo shoot. Pure boredom at its finest, kids!

Finally it was time to go in and start the magic. Oh my heart, be still.

When Matt walked out onstage, we were literally the first thing he saw. The look on his face was almost priceless. I love that man. I love his music. I love his live shows. Love! Everything! Oh, except for a douche bag security guard who asked during his set, “Do you girls have seats? Why don’t you learn to use them, right now” because we were standing and singing and enjoying ourselves. Eff. Yew. Guess who didn’t sit? 😉

Train went on next. I definitely had more fun watching their set this time around, because after seeing them in July I obsessed over their CD so I was familiar with all their music. Pat Monahan…you are a strange little man but I enjoy you nonetheless.

Then, Maroon 5 time! Enough said. I freakin’ love them.

After the show we were going to stick around to try to say hello to the boys, but I was disappointing. Tired, cranky, hungry, and having to drive back to Seattle to our hotel I just wanted to bounce. At least on the way back into the US Border we had a nice person! God Bless the USA!


One Response to “Canada, eh?”

  1. Therese Meuel September 25, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Love it!

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