How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 4.

7 Sep

Like I’ve mentioned before, Matt Nathanson pretty much holds my heart for the title of  “favorite musician ever”. So of course, a weekend chock full of Matt shows makes me happy!

First up on the list was a private radio show in San Diego. Yes, within a two week period I drove to Diego, twice. Might I add its a 7 hour drive? My poor car. She’s a trooper!

Heather, Lisa & I headed downtown. Matt played on the rooftop of the W hotel in the “beach” area. Man made beach? Sun? Free show? I’m down.

After a few songs they gave out a rad prize – a guitar and a private lesson from the man himself…and Heather won. Heather, who has only seen Matt live once. Myself, who has been to over 50 Matt shows & friggin’ has his lyrics tattooed on me jealously really wanted this for myself,  obviously. I’d be lying if I didn’t push Heather playfully and jealously call her a bitch, but I’m glad one of my ladies won at least, because we all got to sit in on it!

We were escorted to “Matt’s room” and we sat and talked for a bit about the upcoming shows we were seeing him open for Maroon 5 & Train in September, and other shenanigans. Then, it was lesson time!

BOMB. Sorry for my extremely lame comments. Someone please learn how to play this and then come and serenade me. I have no talent in the guitar playing business.

Afterwards we kept running into Matt. In the hallway. In the elevator. Outside. “Are you stalking us?” I joked. (Then we talked about real stalkers; someone got his phone number and kept calling him, I had a creepster starer at my library.)

We said our goodbyes, and then we were off to find a taco shop that Lisa and Heather had seen on Man vs Food.


There was also this cilantro sauce that I just wanted to bathe in. Honestly, I could have probably just drank it straight up.

If you ever find yourself in San Diego, you MUST find this place! I dream about going back.

Next on the Matt weekend list was a taping of Jay Leno. Between SD & Leno, there was lots of hang time happen-in’. A trip to the gym, a walk on the beach, this might have happened:

Hells yes, blueberry bread stuffed french toast! And coffee. Lots of coffee…


Leno day was SO. LONG. Heather and I woke before the sun did, to hop in line at 6am to get tickets at 8am. It was hot as balls (Heather’s words) and I think I nearly died waiting in line. Once in the studio we froze thanks to the killer AC, but otherwise it was fun! Ryan Reynold (holy hottie!) and Sheryl Crow were the other guests. It was fun seeing Matt play Leno for the first time! Good job, kid. Way to rock it.

The next morning, Matt played a show for myFM 104.3 in Los Angeles. I had gotten sick sometime between waiting in line for Leno and that morning, so I was feeling a little miserable, but once Matt started playing I trooped it out and acted perky (when in reality I wanted to nap in the room they had the show in…the floor was full of pillows and I layed down during half of the show, haha!)

We went to say what up, and have our obligatory photo taken. Honestly, I don’t know why he lets me take photos with him still…I have way too many!

“I’m seeing you later, right?” Yes, sir.

When we were in San Diego, I had asked Matt how long he was playing in LA. He thought I meant a taping of George Lopez they were doing, which I wasn’t even aware of!
“I don’t have tickets to Lopez…”
“Don’t worry about it” Matt says, “you’ll be on the list.”
Thank you, Matty Nay!

So, I ended up going to Lopez alone (what up, repeat of my solo Kimmel trip!) but I still had a ton of fun. Lopez Tonight has an awesome staff. The warm up guy was AMAZING! He juggled, balanced things on his forehead, was comedic, made fun of me, made me sing KISS songs into the microphone for the whole studio…it was the greatest time I’ve ever had at a TV taping. And I’ve been to DOZENS! Sadly, Lopez Tonight got canceled two weeks after I went to my taping, so I won’t be able to go to another. Wah!

I ended up being on the “VIP” list and got seated front row dead center. Ah, my homie George. You are wonderful. Kathy Griffin was also on the show and I love that crazy bitch, so I felt I got my comedic dose for the day.

Afterwards I was crazy once again and drove the 5 hours home. I think I passed out the second my head hit the pillow. I ended up being sick for about 2 weeks after this trip. Too much fun? Never!


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