How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 3.

4 Sep

Maroon 5.

I could write an entire novel about Maroon 5. They were the first band that I started to travel far distances for. The band I met my best friend through. The band whose logo branded I myself with (what up, m5 tattoo?!)

Maroon 5.

Almost ten years later, I am still just as madly in love with them as I was in year one.

This summer marked a new tour for Maroon 5, this time co-headlining with Train.

The first date of the tour was in Chula Vista, CA and I was there, a smile plastered on my face and lungs full ready to sing my heart out.

I went to the show with my friends Heather and Aveen. Before heading down to Chula Vista, we  stopped in La Jolla, to get SPRINKLES. I will always, always, always splurge for Sprinkles Cupcakes. ALWAYS.

I try to gracefully eat them with a fork, to make them last longer, otherwise I shove them in my face and they’re gone within seconds, like this:

My gaaawd, their black & white cupcakes are the most amazing thing I have ever consumed. And their Red Velvet…and the Mocha…Oh man. I’m gad the closest Sprinkles is 1.5 hours away from me, otherwise it’d be bad news bears for my ass!

ALSO! We met up with my bestest, Nicole, who I hadn’t seen since OCTOBER! Major best friend fail! But living 420 or so miles from one another is tough! After desert we went to lunch (because everyone knows that desert first is the way to go!) and hung out for a bit. Sadly she couldn’t attend the show that evening, but it was so good seeing her after so long!

I love her! ❤

After hang times, we headed to the show! Front row, bitches. Front row.


Gavin Degraw was opening for the first half of the tour. (Yes, this was pre-getting wasted and beat up in NY, them stumbling into the street and getting hit by a taxi incident. Oh Gavin…)

Then the loves of my life came on. M5 ❤

After my loves, it was time for TRAIN!

It was an awesome way to start the tour! I almost didn’t go to the CV show, but I’m glad I did!

After the show we were driving back to Heather’s house, and her warning light for low air pressure came on. None of us had ever put air in our car tires before (hey, we’re girls, we get it done for us!) so we had an adventure in the middle of the night at a random gas station…while wearing a dress. In the end, I think I did a good job, because the light went off! Yay, I fixed it!

We went to sleep soon after arriving home, because we had to get up semi-early and head out to Paso Robles for show #2!


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