How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 3.5

4 Sep

After awaking the morning after the Chula Vista show, we headed out the door and on the road for 5 hours to get to Paso Robles, CA.

This time around it was myself, Heather & our friends Joy and Morgan. (Love you, ladies!!!)

  The show was at the California Mid State Fair, so we wandered around for a few hours & did random fair things. You know, doing things like eating nasty fair food? More specifically a Cookies & Cream Coffee Blast Milkshake, which wasn’t worth the $5 I threw out for it? Yeah. Sounds about right. (Milkshakes are meant to be made with ice cream, not just ICE…)

We ran into Gavin while looking at rabbits and then stumbled into the path of Mickey & Jesse a bit later.

Since the tour is co-headlining, Train & Maroon 5 switches off who closes each night. Since Train had closed the show the previous night, Maroon 5 was the last act this night.

The line-up may have been a bit different, but one thing was not: another show, another front row ticket.

Yes, we are spoiled. 😉


During Train’s set, they always pull a few girls up during “She’s On Fire” to sing and dance onstage. This time around, Morgan & I got chosen! (See, it pays to be front row!)

It. Was. So. Fun.

Can I do it again, please?! I love dancing and singing and making a fool out of myself in front of 12,000 people!

Here’s a little video for your viewing pleasure:

Then, Maroon5 ❤

Afterwards I sadly said goodbye to my girls and headed home. It was only about a 100 mile drive, but I was on a major adrenaline rush, and didn’t go to sleep until nearly 4am. Yeah, what? Lets just say the next day I stayed in bed pretty much the day! Exhaustion!

Ah. Updating about these shows makes me miss the boys (and my girls!) a lot. Good thing I have a whole weeks worth of shows in about 8 days! Huzzah, roadtrip! Expect lots more summer M5 fun updates then!


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    […] show, he played not one, but TWO sets at the fair in Paso Robles. Yes, this is the fair where I danced  and sang onstage with Train for the first time a few summers […]

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