Easy Egg Creme

3 Sep

Forgive me while I may disgust you for a moment. One, for the horrible photos this post will have, and two, for what I’ve already consumed three of.

This, my friends, is called a Egg Cream. And no, it does not have either eggs or creme in it…

This is basically a chocolate soda.

A creamy, bubbly, chocolate cup of delicious. And it takes all of two minutes to make!

Easy Egg Creme:

1 cup sparkling mineral water
3 tbsp almond breeze
3 tbsp sugar free chocolate syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients well, and enjoy. Easy as that!

I saw this recipe somewhere a week or so ago, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had never tried this weird egg-less beverage called Egg Creme. It got so bad that on my lunch break one day I went to Trader Joe’s, picked up some mineral h20, and then ran home to make this.

I drank three within a 24 hour period. Now I want more. Gross? I don’t even like anything carbonated…except now?

Have you ever tried an Egg Creme? Were you aware of the ingredients?


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