How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 1.

29 Aug

I work at a library. We get heavy after school traffic. A few weeks ago, the new school year started. I was thinking back on when I was in school and we had to write those really lame “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” papers.

I’m having a really awesome summer.

I actually would have LOVED to write about Summer 2011.

So, lets pretend we’re back in school (hey, some of you reading this actually MAY be in school!) and share our summers! This might take awhile…

How I Spent My Summer Vacation…part one.

The scene:

Long Beach
Fingerprint Records
Matt Nathanson’s “Modern Love” CD release show.

Let me start off by saying, and you will learn this quite quickly…Matt Nathanson is my mother f’n homeboy. For real. I love this man more than any other musician. And, continue.

First off, I met up with my friend Danielle who I had not seen in FIVE YEARS. Holy, jeez. Its amazing how there are certain friends in your life who you may not to get to see everyday (or for half a decade) but you pick up exactly where you left off once you are reunited. That was this case.

I was doubly excited because HELLO! New Matty Nay album! and I was meeting up with a few other friends at the show.

Myself, Charity, Steve & Lisa. Danielle & Lois are not pictured. What’s up with that?!

I love these people. I love being around them, and their energy and the fun we have when together. Steve, you know I’m talking about you and your crazy ass laugh I love, right? Right.

Matt was spectacular. Hearing new songs being played for the first time always makes me super excited. Hell, any time I’m at anything Matt-related I get super excited, I can’t lie.

After his set, we stuck around for what felt like forever (it was just seemingly long because I had drove 6 hours to get to the show and had been awake at this point for far too long) to say “what up!”

Matt is opening for Maroon 5 on their summer tour, and they are my all time favorite band. I have both Matt & Maroon 5 tattoos. So there you have it. My fave band AND solo musician touring together? Shut up. So as soon as I walked up to Matt he said, “I TOLD you I was touring with your boys!” (in reality, he didn’t. A few months prior he had teased me by saying “I should tell you who I’m touring with this summer. YOU’LL DIE.” Then decided against it, and WALKED AWAY. Punk-ass…)

Anyway, we chatted for a bit, took pictures and I had him sign my CD for kicks.

Me, the CD & Danielle.

“Your summer tour?”
“Yeah, that’s what the m5 boys and I are calling the tour: JOSLYN’S SUMMER TOUR.”

HA! I love him.

After the show I said goodbye to my peeps, and then stayed over at Danielle’s place. We were classy and had pb & j and a cider for dinner at 11pm. That’s how we roll!

The next morning Danielle sadly had to go to work, and I left for LA. Matt was doing a taping of Jimmy Kimmel and I figured since I was down there, I may as well go, right?

But first off I hung out in Danielle’s favorite coffee shop called The Library. Ummm. Was this place made for me? I say yes!

Then I had lunch with friends in LA. No photo evidence, except for my food.

Hello, stuffed grilled cheese with a side salad from Swinger’s Diner. Aka, MY FAVORITE MEAL EVER.

I went home with one of my friends for a bit to see her kittens and wanted to steal them.


Finally, it was time for the taping of Kimmel! I couldn’t find anyone to be my plus one (lame) so I ended up going alone (lamer). I still had a blast though! See, look at my happy face on TV…

Afterwards, I was a crazy face and drove 5 hours home. Then I woke up and went to work the next morning. Each time I know its a bad idea, but I continue to do it anyway. Oh well. Fun times usually involve not sleeping.

That concludes the first installment of HISMSV. Look out for more posts like this one; I’ve been busy!


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